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Excited, but help!

Hello ladies,

I'm new to this site!  Got engaged on Sunday - very happy, but my fiance (feels odd saying that!) has suggested we go for a June/July 2012 wedding as his brothers who both live overseas are planning on being in the country at that time, so it makes sense to save them an extra trip (they're in US and Sydney, so no cheap flights)


Could you suggest priorities for me?  I'm getting excited by all the design bits like centepieces and hair styles and shoes, but I know I should be trying to tick off the big things first. 

Any advice would be really welcome!

Thanks, and congratulations to all you other newly engaged girls! image


  • Great advice, thank you!  Hadn't thought of the file idea, had planned to do it all on my laptop, but makes sense with receipts etc to do a proper paper one.

    I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!  Just went out and bought every wedding magazine in the local shop, and am googling frantically.... think I'm going to stop and make a list!

    Thanks again image

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  • Congratulations ! Definitely start looking at venues as they can get booked up years in advance now. Do you know if you want a church or civil ceremony yet? You should probably start looking at dresses soonish as they often need ordering 6 months in advance and then may need alterations too, if you're anything like me, it may take a few appointments to find the right one. Good luck with the planning.
  • First of all hello, welcome & congrats image

    I feel I must point out that June/July 2012 has already been & gone, but June/July 2013 is a lovely time to get married heehee image

    Wenchy's advice about lists is a good one I have lists for lists so I can keep track of everything heehee image

     We started with the 'ceremonies team' in our area & they were very helpful & suggested finding a venue then to contact them again to see if the registars were free for the date we wanted.  We then made an appointment to do the legal stuff with them.  After that we booked the ceremony venue, then found & booked our reception venue. Guest number's are good to work out, so you have a rough idea of how many guests you will have.  Are you planning on having a wedding breakfast? evening buffet? Drinks reception with canapes? 

    Obviously there is a million & one things to plan, but you can go into overload if you try to do/think about everything at once.  This is a nice forum & there are lots of ideas & gals ready to give advice when you need it, so don't panic & think you have to do everything now.

    One thing I would suggest though is work out a budget & try to stick to it, costs can spiral out of control if you don't keep an eye on it!!! They have really good planning tools on here too that really help to keep you organised image

    Enjoy your planning Good luck xx

  • Haha, oops, yes obviously meant 2013!  Thanks for all the advice.

    We have a budget, it's not huge but it's not tiny either, so I'm hoping that with some DIY bits and ebay etc we should be able to have the perfect day!  

    We're not actually decided either way on church/cicil - I think we'll let the venue be the main deciding factor, in that if it's licenced for weddings we'll do it there, but if not, we'll find a pretty local church.  Or at least I think that's the plan! 

    Numbers wise, we've done a first draft list and it's looking like 80ish.  I was reading a bit in one of the wedding magazines last night about the change in law regarding what time you can get married - might consider a late afternoon ceremony and then only have to feed everyone once?!  Probably needs more thought!

    Anyway, thank you all again image



  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I am getting married at 5pm (in 9 days!) and couldn't recommend a later ceremony enough.

    I agree with girls, definitely sort out venue (and the legal stuff). Other priorities would be photogrpaher - good ones get booked up ages in advance. I would suggest the same for hair and make-up people especially if you have someone in mind.

    Godo luck - the deciding and planning part is lots of fun!

  • Hi we've been engaged for 5 years but only recently started planning our wedding for July 2013.

    I have just started a wedding file and found a few lists that I am working off they seem to be really helpful if you want a copy of them let me know.

    We decided on our date first and then ceremony, we were going to get married in a church but unfortunately after looking into the vicar couldn't marry us on the day we wanted as it is a weekday, so had to change our mind to a civil ceremony which I think has worked out better anyway. We had decided on our venue straight away and are now getting married there aswell which will save us a bit on cars and flowers etc.

    The guest list was the hardest part for us we spent a few weeks trying to figure out what to do for the best, h2b wanted everyone there but with our venue that was not an option due to the price, we have now decided to have a small intimate wedding on the Wednesday with about 18 guests and we are having a party for everyone else at a different venue on the Friday. The best advice is to do what you want and not worry about everyone else.

    Also I got some books on wedding planning from our local library and they have been amazing,y helpful, the wedding magazine are great for inspiration but it is easy to get caught up on everything and feel like you have to have all the things in the magazines. Make a list of everything you want and what is most important to you, stick to your budget and you should be fine. Someone gave me some advice for a budget which I found quite helpful. Work out your maximum budget say 8000 and divide it by 10, then times that number by 9 so 7200, that should be the number you aim to spend on your wedding and the rest is contingency incase anything pops up you forgot about.

    Sorry for the long message but hope it helps xxx
  • Thanks MrsBrown2Be2013 Fab advice about the library books and divide by 10 and times by 9 rule!  Very good idea, can already see how the various costs can add up.  Yikes!  Would love to see the lists if you don't mind?  Welcoming any kind of help at the moment!  Haven't got a clue what I'm doing....

    SadSack83 that's great to hear that a later ceremony can work well, definitely going to look into it further - I think it sounds really romantic.  Lots of candles, sun setting etc!

    Luckily there's a few things already sorted due to having useful friends!  I've got a vintage corvette lined up as a wedding car, two of my friends are fanatastic photographers and my other friend is a make up artists - so that's a few things I don't need to worry about at least! x

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  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868


    Dont know if you knew but your local gov website will have a list of all the licensed civil ceremony venues in your area - quick list done for you!

    Let us know how you get on!



  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    TickleyJess wrote (see)
    Ceremony venue then reception venue. Photographer and florist afterwards, as they get booked up. Everything else will come easily after that and we'll all help if you post any questions! Congratulations, by the way! x


    Don't panic, but you definitely need to start searching for a venue as soon as possible, especially if you want to get married on a Saturday next June or July.  Going for a weekday will give you many more options and and save you lots too.

    Having a later ceremony so you only have to feed guests once is a great idea- just beware that some venues will have a minimum spend or expect you to have a wedding breakfast and an evening buffet for a minimum number of people on a Saturday during the summer months.

    Don't book a venue without checking thr registrar's availability and vice-versa- it's a bit of a juggling act and the best way is normally to ask a venue to provisionally hold a date whilst you check.  Same goes for getting married in the nearest local church- don't book a venue and assume you will be able to do this without at least checking with the vicar first.  Although the Church of England has relaxed its criteria in recent years, some vicars are reluctant to marry couples with no connection to their church and may insist you attend regular services for up to six months and/ or a marriage course.

    Good luck with everything x

  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    I got engaged on Saturday, and I can't get used to talking about my "fianc??" either! I'm assuming the first priority is the venue (we are planning to have the ceremony and reception in one place so only need one venue) and of course the registrar. So we have both been scouring the Internet. Viewing the first tonight! Very excited! Then I'm guessing other people who have to be booked, like a photographer (not so much of an issue for us as we have two professional photographers among the guests) a band, caterers etc. I'm assuming things like dresses, invites and decorations can wait a little while. Of course, I might be totally wrong, I've been engaged for 6 days so who am I to talk? image
  • Just spoke to my local council, and they said registered venues will book me in if they have availability and the council have to honour the booking? No idea how that works, but apparently it does!  

    So far today I've managed to find 4/5 potential venues but they're all being very slow in getting back to me - trying not to get too excited, I'm fairly certain they'll all be booked!  The kind of places I'm looking at are all self-catering kind of places, like private hire houses etc... so hopefully it'll just be a venue cost, and then bring our own caterers and put up some kind of make shift bar?!  

    Good luck with your first viewing MrsF2b2 and congrats!  You've been engaged a day longer than me, so that's an extra day of experience, every little counts! image

    Thanks so much MrsBrown2Be2013 I'll have a look now! x

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