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Hi quick question. I am hoping to take out wedding insurance with debenhams or insure for you. If I take it out today and pay the deposit on my venue tomorrow, is that ok? Or is there a sort of cooling off period like there is with pet insurance?


  • Need to check the t&c's... Some even cover deposits that you paid before taking out insurance.
  • Mine covers stuff booked before the insurance (luckily - I'd already booked most of the big things!) so definitely read the T&C. I used because I wasn't really sure what I was doing, so it helped seeing all the options in one place.

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    Thank you. Which did you use littlelovenotes? I'm finding it hard to find those specific details in the policy!
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    I used debenhams and am pretty sure that they covered the deposits that we had already paid. If I were you I would give them a ring in the morning to check, just to put your mind at ease.

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    I used E and L and they cover deposits made before you take out the insurance.  I think most do tbh.

  • I went with InsureForWeddings in the end - can't totally remember the reasons why, but it seemed like a good option!

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    Thanks everyone, insure for weddings was who I wanted to go with originally, so think I will go for them.
  • Hi,

    Do E & L definitely cover payments made before the insurance was taken out?
    I just took a policy out with them a week or so ago and read in the Terms that they DONT cover payments made previously..

    Now that I know there are companies out there offering this I'm going to try and cancel my E&L and take out a different one as we had already paid our venue deposit and my dress deposit!

  • We took out E&L but ours DOES NOT cover deposits prior to the insurance policy.  I took out the policy online and then once they emailed over the confirmation (within 30mins) I then went and paid the deposit on the venue the next day.

    MrsW2b13 you will obviously pay more for a policy that covers deposits already paid, and check the cancellation policy for E&L as you may not get much back.

  • Luckily, we've managed to cancel our E&L without losing any money as we did it within 14 days!

    We'd rather pay an extra £20-30 and know the chunk of money we've already spent is covered, thanks for letting me know there are those policies out there!


  • Hi,

    What policy did you go for? I've just booked mine with debenhams but now seen they don't cover what I've already paid.

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    I booked with Ecclesiastical after lots of research into it and recommendations.

    They cover deposits already paid.

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