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Save the Dates for Reception Only Guests

Hey peeps,

Not that I'm trying to save money (!) but should I be sending save the dates (just tried shortening that to STD's and then thought better...) to guests I am only inviting to the reception? Whats the 'corect' thing to do? 





  • I'm only sending save the dates to people coming to the wedding breakfast, but I am sending out the invites 6 month before for all guests as it is a Wednesday in the summer holidays xx
  • I had the same question!!! I thought about only sending them to the day guests, but im having to send my invites out just under a year to go as a loy of my friends work in the NHS and will have to swap shifts and get annual leave in time as mines a bank holiday!!! xxx

  • Haha, i love the STD as well!!! I think i'm going to have to!!!

    Yeah i want quite a traditional wedding with a few quirky bits in as well lol!!!

    How far in advance have you sent your STD cards and did you tell them whether they were day or evening guests?


  • As a guest, I wouldn't expect a save the day for an evening invite at all
  • MRMRS2014MRMRS2014 Posts: 1,279

    It depends on what kind of wedding you are having and whether your guests need to travel or are likely to not be able to get time off 4 months in advance. I am doing STDs (lol!) for day guests but not for evening guests. Our wedding is on a friday so i want to make sure all day guests can get the day off but most of our friends and others that are coming just to the evening dont work nights or saturdays so there shouldnt be much of a problem unless they need an excuse not to come!


  • We sent all of our guests a save the date card. For the evening ones it said to 'save the evening for the wedding reception of...'. That way they knew to keep it free but it was also clear that they were invited to the evening part of the day x

  • Ah thats a good idea!!! Think i'll put that on the ones for the evening!!

    Thanks guys! Everyone is so helpful on here!!!


  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    I sent out STD's to only day guests and found out a few people were complaining they hadn't been invited, even though they will be to the night. In hindsight I wish I'd done something like Lucy has suggested and sent save the evening invites x

  • We just found that as soon as you mention you're getting married people just assume that they will be invited lol just because they know you. This way it meant everyone who we wanted there whether it be in the day or the evening knew exactly and no-one should have any excuse for not coming image

  • I did Save the Dates for the Day guests, and Save the Evening for evening guests, so it was clear what would be going on.

  • hannahnanna669 wrote (see)

    I did Save the Dates for the Day guests, and Save the Evening for evening guests, so it was clear what would be going on.

    I think it's a good idea to be very clear, I think sending save the date without making that specific is just asking for people to get upset/annoyed to get an evening only invite, they might start making plans thinking they've got a full day invitation

  • We're sending STD's to day guests only!

    We are getting married on a Friday and so we have decided not to send them to our evening guests so they dont book off the daytime when its not needed.

    We're sending our STD's in November - Formal day and evening invites in April - we're getting married next September image xx

  • hi,  im only sending out to day guest , hope this helps x

  • Loving all this help! Thanks so much.

    Sending them out to 'save the evening only' is just right. Thanks a lot!


  • I get married abroad but i dont know whether to send save the dates for our reception when home. Its a sat. What do i do? Lpl

  • Caz7Caz7 Posts: 1

    We're getting married on a Sunday (what would've been my Mum & Dad's 40th wedding anniversary), we plan to send STD to wedding guests, but not sure if we should for the evening reception? As it's a Sunday people may like to book the following day off? Advice please. X

  • emzlooemzloo Posts: 53

    i have sent just to people coming to my actuall wedding day as its abit unfair to send to every1 and then just get a night due when they could of possibly booked of the day thinking they had been invited x

  • I sent save the dates to day guests only and sent them out a year in advance as its a Friday wedding and we wanted to make sure people could get the day off.

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