Dress alterations GUILDFORD/SURREY


I wonder if anyone can recommend a good place where you can have your wedding dress altered, preferably in the Guildford area?

Not long to go and then im Mrs Austin!!!

Hope everyone's had a good christmas..


  • We used Jane who does a home call service in the Guildford/Surrey area for wedding dress alterations:





  • Jane at http://www.aperfectfit.co.uk was my Fairy Godmother!!!!! She managed to adjust my wedding dress with just 24hrs to go before the wedding :) 

    Unfortunately, I had originally paid a very steep sum for a lady in Sussex called Jacintha from 'Jacintha Fashion'. She was supposed to be taking my dress in from June. However, she did not complete the job and when I picked up the dress it was still far too big and completely unwearable. She went on a last minute holiday and didn't pick up her phone. I had to find an emergency seamstress and that's how I met Jane. In between dabbing my tears and and trying to stop me panicking, she measured me up and had the dress completed in 24 hrs. I paid a whopping £400 for the original seamstress and the job was not done. She refuses to believe she has done anything wrong or givING me any of money back, I feel totally robbed :( 

    So, I just wanted to offer both positive and negative experiences of two separate professionals in the Surrey/Sussex area.



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