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Anyone recommend any internet sites for dresses

Hi, Can anyone recommend any internet sites? Or has anyone brought from Ebay? I have seen nice red bridesmaid dresses under £100 from ebay but they all from china and not sure how reliable they would be or the quality. I also saw bridalwearcompany, and weddingdressonlineshop. But again unsure about the quality of these dresses.

Any help would be appreciated image


  • i havent had any personal dealings with online companies but a few friends have ordered from china before and thought they were getting a bargain until the dresses arrive and customs and excise deliver them along with an invoice charging them taxes and other additional charges they were not expecting so be careful you dont get stung also china tend to use cheaper fabric so what you see online may not be what you receive... im thinking of ordering online but only going to uk companies that have an address on the website so i have some back up just in case x

  • Hi, I did see one site on ebay that was based in portsmouth, but they were chinese so bit nervous of using them in case the quality is poor x

  • whats the site called hun my sister lives in portsmouth so could have a word see if she has heard any reviews about them x

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