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Swindon Brides??

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone was getting married in 2009 in the Swindon area? Me and hubby2B are getting married in Highworth but Im not sure about where to hold the reception. Any ideas?

Helen xxx


  • LJukLJuk Posts: 293
    Hi We have booked Marsh Farm at Wootton Bassett for the Reception and evening. The wedding co -ordinator (Lorraine) is a dream, she cant do enough for you the wedding day has been tailor made to suit our budget and the overall service is superb! They are not overly expensive either, give Lorraine a call - bet you will be impressed! Hope this helps - any questions give me a shout! Good luck LJ1
  • HI Helen

    I am getting married in faringdon and the reception is going to be at STANTON HOUSE HOTEL in stanton fitzwarren, a few miles from Highworth. It is absolutly stunig and Lisa our wedding planner comes highly reccommended.

    Some reviews are on:

    Hope this helps. Good luck with the search.


  • hmcgowanukhmcgowanuk Posts: 49
    Hi ladies, thanks for the replies.

    I was looking at stanton house but i dont want my wedding breakfast there and they were going to charge me stupid rates just to have the reception there. I have been to a few weddings there and they are amazing so ur gonna be very happy.

    Off to look at Broome Manor tomorrow so fingers crossed!

  • Hello ladies, another Swindon bride here. We still dont have a venue but are considering Stanton House if we can get them to play around with the prices a little bit. Deborah gave the impression that they might be able to accommodate our budget, especially as were are not having as many guests that their packages are designed for. I like it there, have been many times but not yet for a wedding so its nice to hear that it favours well. If we get married there, I guess we will have to go to Japan for our honeymoon image

    We have been to Chiseldon House Hotel, Marsh Farm Hotel and Stanton House. Nearer Chippenham, Stanton Manor (off J17 of the M4) is also very reasonable and comes highly recommended by MrsSW!. We were just there again yesterday actually, we turned up completely out of the blue because my mum was up for the weekend and the girl on reception showed us around there and then.

    Blunsdon House hotel also do receptions. In fact, check out for more ideas but I would avoid Roves Farm. The barn they were offering is most corrugated iron and hessian, not the stone walls and timber we were hoping for!

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  • Helllo,

    I am getting married 2008 in swindon - we opted for the Marriott Hotel for our wedding recpetion and evening. So far they have been excellent - prices are good and offer lots of nice little extras that many of the other places we viewed didn't eg. our room and rooms for both of our parents for the night are free, flowers for the top table (in your colours) are included, you get to taste the menu beforehand, toastmaster is included etc....

    I would reccommend them so fay anyway if you haven't booked yet image
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434

    I'm not officially a Swindon bride as live in Oxfordshire but live in Bampton and Faringdon just up the road! Have you looked at Grittleton House near Chippenham, amazing there and not really expensive. MrsSW! gave me some really good recommendations which I think have already been mentioned. Unfortunately Grittleton too far away from the church in the end but I would recommend it to anyone! Good Luck!
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