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Choosing a date

Hi all I'm trying to nail down a venue and date for my wedding I've been given 2 dec dates - 14th and 21st I'm worried they're too close to Xmas?? 2 jan dates - 4th and 25th I'm certain the 4th isn't a good time for guests 1 feb date - 8th which might be ok I have no idea which to pick! Originally I'd wanted December. It would be nice if there was snow but can't control the weather. And others have said wedding pics might not be so nice in winter. Confused! Which would you pick and why?


  • ChucklesChuckles Posts: 163

    Wouldn't January or or February be better for snow? Who knows with the weather nowadays but im sure as a kid i remember more snow in the months after xmas than december itself. My h2b wanted a winter wedding but I was so worried about having a bright red nose in the photos! lol such a silly thing to worry about (AND not the only reason I didn't want a winter wedding!!)...  One thing to think about..I know my venue if we had it in december it would come with xmas decorations and a xmas tree and stuff and you couldn't not have them if that makes sense so thats probably something to bare in mind. Date wise its totally up to you and I think anyone close to you would be willing to come no matter how close to christmas it was, although personally I wouldn't go for the 21st - if anything its just more for you to worry about, a wedding and xmas in the same week! Good luck finding a venue xx

  • Think about when you would have your hen so and also where you fancy going on honeymoon.  Or perhaps February would be best as its after January pay day, particularly if you have a lot of guests travelling that need to pay for hotels and transport. 

    Weather wise you just cannot predict.  I'm having a winter wedding and am trying not to worry too much about photos as the day for me is the most important and the photos come second.  

    If you do pick December I'd go for the 14th unless all your guests are local.  People might not be keen to be travelling days before Christmas when they have family arriving/food to cook/presents to wrap etc. 

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I'm having a winter wedding too. The date isn't set yet but we have a tentative idea of 3rd Jan. we live abroad so have to do it between the 17th December and around about the 8th of January. I originally loved the idea of getting married before Christmas until I realised the stress of buying Xmas presents, getting Xmas dinner sorted and so on doesn't mix well with wedding nerves! For me anyway! Plus it could clash with people's Xmas parties and so on. I figured that a wedding early in the new year would give people something to look forward to after Xmas, but everyone will still be in the relaxed Christmas spirit.

    I personally like the idea of Christmas decorations and Christmas trees, and if the church and venue are decorated for Xmas then I could well save money by using theirs! But I know that's not to everyone's taste. I also have been thinking of brightening up wintry wedding photos with bright umbrellas, ear muffs or wellies.

    But having said that, a February wedding could also be perfect. It would give people something to look forward to, after Christmas, and give people the chance to earn a bit more money first.

    I'm sure you'll come to a decision for what is right for you.

    Good luck! image
  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139
    Thanks everyone. Leaning towards feb 8th. I know already some close family not happy in case the weather is bad for travelling. Can't please everyone! It's cheaper in winter which is a big thing for us. If it weren't winter we would have to spend a minimum of ??3500 just on the food. I'm trying to keep costs down as much as possible!
  • Sarah thats why we are going for winter too our venue does a good discount plus we fancy skiiing on honeymoon or maybe the Carrebean and winter is best for that part of the world. 

    I know someone getting married on December 29th this year and it doesn't seem to phasing anyone so just shows you should do what suits you. 


  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139
    Yeah I'm fancying Hawaii at Easter! We are both teachers so must fit into holidays at school but summer too pricey for flights etc

    It's hard to pick and hopefully not regret date and venue choice. I'm sure I should shop around more for venues
  • I think Feb 8th would be lovely. People don't tend to have much going on then - and their New Year health resolutions are over so they will eat drink and be merry! My friend got married in Feb this year and it unexpectedly snowed which was fabulous for photos image

  • As a planner I always remeber that for the last three years we have had bad snow around the 14th February xx Although the pics are fab guests might not be able to get to you xxx

    I have just decorated a venue for a wedding on the 7th December it was a beautiful sunny (but cold day) I am also doing one on the 22nd December which will be the same as we hardly get rain in December its just freezing but nothing a good shawl or shrug wont sort. Easter is very popular next year xxxx

  • Hey! I love December (maybe because of my b-day,lol), so 14th sounds good. It's not too close to Xmas, you'd still have couple of weeks. 

    Also, talking about winter pictures, I think that the most essential thing here is a professional photographer. Those guys can do magic! And maybe, if you're lucky there'd be some snow as well. 

    All in all, you should pick the date that you want the most.  

  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139
    Thanks everyone gone for feb 8th 2014!
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