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Save the dates

Hi all, I recently got engaged on 12.12.12. I have booked church and venue. Wedding is 3.5.2014. When do you think is right to send out save the dates?? Thanks all x


  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    I think generally its a year before the wedding date. I sent ours out later tan that but we only decided to get married in may this year although we've been engaged for 6yrs
  • Thank you x
  • Im sending mine out about13-14 months before because we have guests coming from abroad and the flights get released 12 minrhs before so it gives them enough notice to book and get the best rates x
  • I'm sending mine out about april/may time for a june 2014 but only because ours is a friday wedding.

    I was going to send them out around september time before everyone books holidays etc. but then I though if I'm sending my invites out around jan/feb '14 it'd be too close together!

    But as yours is a sat you'll be fine to send them anywhere from a year and under image

  • were getting married 14.02.14 its valentines day and a friday and have immediate family in the Isle Of Man so were sending ours out on valentines day next year. x

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