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Hello - are any of you ladies out there making your own bunting?  if so, are you doing it double sided!?  I'm not sure whether to bother or not!! any bunting tips would be fab! x


  • Hello, I made my own bunting and didn't make it double sided as it would have taken me to long and personally I think it looks fine I'm very happy with the result but each to their own x
  • hey, have you got any photos? x

  • Hi,

    I've made mine double sided, which has taken an age but I'm never happier than fiddling with fabric image

    If you don't do it double sided I would use pinking shears to give the zig zag edge and avoid fraying.x
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    I'm going to make mine too. I'll probably do double sided since I still have more than 18months to go so I'm not in any rush and otherwise I would just be spending all my time on here and pinterest anyway! If I start running out of time or get behind im amking my invites I might change my mind! I'm also making some paper flowers on strings for decoration too. I'm so excited to get crafting!

  • image

      this is the bunting i made....hope it helps x

  • Looks so pretty! Is yours going along a wall or side to side? Ie will anyone notice it's not double sided?? Thanks!
  • some are going around the outside and some are going accross the marque but because of the fabric i have chossen you can see it through the other side so it looks exactly the same. 

    I personally have had to make so much that double sideding it would have taken to long.

    Just depends whether you have the time and money. hope that helps x


  • I recently made bunting for a friends wedding. We just cut hundreds of triangles with the pinking shears - and sewed them onto bias binding folded in half (longways). We put it along the sides and accross the centre so both sides were seen.

    Its much quicker than double sided and looks just as good if you pick nice fabrics. image Its a good way to save time and money and looks just as good - every one said it looked amazing. image

  • hi im doing my own bunting and am doing it double sided - taking me ages but labour of love - once m finished ill put up a pic

  • I'm going to make bunting but I don't have a sewing machine... Wondering if I could cut loads of triangle and then glue them onto ribbon?

    I'm only using bunting to go round top table, cake table, buffet table and bar
  • If you're only doing short pieces I would just handset them onto the ribbon rather than glue as the glue can soak into the fabric and ribbon and look a bit naff
  • Can you borrow a sewing machine?? Making bunting by hand sounds very tedious!
  • I didn't do my bunting double sided it would have taken too long. My wedding cake also had bunting on it!!
  • Found out MIL has one, might bribe her to either borrow it or get her to make it!

    I know what you mean about the glue. Was going to use fabric glue, sought do a tester and see!
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