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Need opinions/someone to make me focus my ideas!!!

Hi ladies, my venue is booked for July in the local golf club.  we've decided not to pay for someone to decorate the venue as we're on a really really small budget and although I want the room to look pretty....I'd prefer to spend on a photographer and (hopefully!) a family holiday and have an intimate meal, followed by a big knees up!

I keep seeing all of these fab DIY ideas but I need someone to help me focus on what will look good, OH listens for a while then tunes out image   I'm thinking a pink and ivory colourscheme possibly with some pale green thrown in and probably a bit of a vintagy feel.  I love lace and hopefully will be wearing an ivory lace dress with a 50's feel.

The tables are round with white tableclothes other than the long top table, the chairs are the standard issue red and gold ones, initially I was going to get covers but have bumped that expense on the head since they won't really be visable once people are sat down anyway.   We've only about 5 tables for the buffet meal but more will be coming for the cheesy disco image

So, I was thinking (per afternoon table) a cream moroccan style lantern in the middle with dyed pale pink and/or green doillies (not decided on paper or crochet yet, will need to test paper ones for colour runs...) under them, then i'm asking family to save jars and i'm going to try covering them in lace with some strands of pearls at the top (and possibly pink and green ribbon), i may have to add some mini votive holders depending how much jam is eaten!   Also, i like the look of these tissue paper flowers/pom poms to add a bit of colour to the table which i'd do with green 'leaves' then try and graduate between dark pink, light pink and cream and i'd kind of scatter them around the tables?   for the night tables, i'd probably do the same but minus the lanterns, i'd just group the jars/tea light holders in the middle instead......   Here's some of my inspiration pics....  what do you think??? too much? bit rubbish?  gimme constructive feedback taking into account the budget!












  • MsCEMsCE Posts: 169

    Forgot to add!! i'm thinking for the top table, 3 lanterns spaced along it with led tealights (little fingers!)  maybe some bunting along the front with pom poms like the paper flowers and some empty clear beer bottles with paper flowers in them?

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I think it sounds great!

    For me, I'm not sure the morrocan lanterns work with the rest of your theme..........I personally (I have been known to be wrong before, so please feel free to completely ignore me!) think a pretty hurricane lamp would work better maybe image


  • I agree with jodielou, it all looks lovely but perhaps a hurricane lamp or birdcages instead of the Moroccan lamp image xx
  • MsCEMsCE Posts: 169

    I like the hurricane lanterns too but it worries me that they tend to be thin glass and i've got to get them to the venue on my (heavy handed) lonesome!!

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Bubble wrap is your friend!

    I have a lot to take to venue too............I'm hoping my sweetie jars all make it in one piece- I am known to be quite clumsy image

    Meant to say earlier that the hurricane lamps are from The Range- around a tenner I think x

  • MsCEMsCE Posts: 169

    Hmm, maybe birdcages!!  any ideas where I can get some for £6 max though??

  • Matalan have some for ??8

    You might be able to find a promo code for them image
  • Or places like wilkinsons and amazon x
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Your wedding sounds exactly like what mine is image

    Have a look at my planning thread, I've made my own invites and doing my guestbook etc.

    I got my birdcages from QD for 5.99 each!

    I am also having green pink ivory and a splash of gold in my colour theme!

    Hope this helps x
  • jadeylouxjadeyloux Posts: 551
    Oo and I also got packs of gold tissue paper from tesco in their Xmas aisle sale for 67p as I'm making pompoms image x
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I have a couple of the ones MrsBrown2Be2013 posted- they're lovely but not very tall................

    The Range have some (not online, in store) that I'm sure were around £5 or £6



    The ivy and foam roses have obviously been added to the stand part but the birdcage itself is lovely  x

  • MsCEMsCE Posts: 169

    JadeyLou, loving your planning thread. Drooling over the flower inspirations, i'm in love with the idea of having big blowsy roses and peonies but i'm struggling to find silk ones that I want.  Have found these but shipping to the uk sounds more than a little complex at first glance!

      Also love your birdcages.  I like the matalan ones but would rather have something more symmetrical with them being round tables....will keep my eye out for bargains!   x

  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    store 21 near me had little boord cages for £4 each. i think all of this looks lovley! the tissue pom pons are easy to make in dif sizes i made them with a 6 children at a time with my class (year 2s) so its a good one to get friends roped into! x

  • Try dunelm mill for bird cages . I got a large cream one ( im using it for cards ) and decorating with flowers / pearls .

    It was only ??10 and im sure they had medium ones for ??6 . Also store 21 definetely had them x
  • In sure i saw hurricane lamps in asda for ??4 each too x
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