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My DIY invites are FINALLY finished!


Well, i decided that to save some money i would make my own invites.  I designed them, printed them, cut them all out and put together pocket fold invites I bought from PDA.  It was a massive labour of love and it took me FOREVER (I'm talking 5 days solid i recon).  The most time consuming was cutting the inserts out and making sure they fit exactly. Oh, and i never want to see a roll of double sided tape ever again!  It drove me mad.

Well i have finally sent them out but now I'm thinking i wish i would have added some more detail to the main invite as it is a little plain and then i could have used that detail in other stuff like the menu and order of service but never mind. What do you think? Honest opinions please (I can take it!).









  • ok, its playing up and wont let me upload pics! sorry image

  • image




     yay! there we go!

  • Wow they look amazing!!! Never would have thought you had made them image

    Well done you! image xxx

  • wow they look fab!! xx

  • They look brilliant! You've even inspired me to make my own! x

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    Ooh! They are really pretty! Well done! Not plain and simple at all - sophisticated and elegant.

  • They're classic and lovely. My invites we're my most hated bit of DIY and I wasn't happy with them, but I resolved that they would eventually end up in someone's recycling bin! I ended up with lots of excellent comments about them which made me re-evaluate them and realise I did a pretty good job on a tiny budget!
  • There amazing thats what i wanna do is make my own image They look lovely really professional! x

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    they look great, i love the colours!

  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    AHhh they look Fab! Well done! I have been thinking about making my own, with hessian, but I think I might regret it once I start!!  What is PDA?

  • They look great, i've been looking into this style myself- did you use a template for the 'outer' bit of the invititaion? x

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    PDA is

    They are super-helpful, there's loads of choice (almost too much!) and it's a lot cheaper than many other places. It's where I'm getting all my materials from too.

  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    Thanks for letting me know image

  • Thanks girls!  I have been called today actually by people saying they looked nice. My OH thinks i am mad for thinking they needed something else... (i still dont know what i would have added!).

    I bought the pocketfolds from the PDA card website.  This website REALLY confused me.  It is not an easy website to understand but for those who want to know, i bought the coloured  pocketfold invites in a recycled card (although you can get pearlised and all sorts of other effects).  They come as a template thingy and you have to put them together but it isn't difficult, just very time consuming (make sure you use double sided tape for all the sticking as glue doesn't work very well).

    This is the one i bought... I bought the 150mmx150mm pocketfold in colour 'flint'.  There are loads of colours though.  I ordered so many before deciding the size and colour which i would recommend.  They didn't have lilac card in the colour i wanted so i ordered that separately off paperchase.  It was not an easy task but i got quoted prices ranging from £4 - £6 per invite so i saved a ton!

  • Backwardsbride can I be really cheeky and ask how much it cost you in the end for how many invites? Im getting so confused looking at different sites to do it myself n I just want something to be straight forward and cheap enough for 150 invites image feels impossible at the moment
  • Well the pocketfolds I think we're about 30p each. I think the cost of them all were about ??40. I bought double died tape and I bought white card and lilac card. The white from PDA and the lilac from paperchase which was more expensive but that's coz I wanted that exact colour. It is cheaper from PDA. I bought cheap envelopes from eBay too. I printed and cut all the details out which took forever. Basically I recon they all cost less that ??80 and they would have oys etween ??3-??6 each (according to 3 quotes I got!!!). Good luck x
  • Angie4Angie4 Posts: 55
    They look fab! Well done. I think that I need to try and be brave and do them as I just need to save the money.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! Xxx
  • Angie4Angie4 Posts: 55
    I know you are probably super busy planning our wedding but if needs be could I ask you a few things just like how you printed them, what font you used etc? X
  • MrskdsMrskds Posts: 396 New bride
    Wow they look amazing! After drooling over beautiful stationery at a wedding fair today but being horrified at the price, you have totally inspired me that making my own is do-able! Well done! They are lovely, my kind of colours too x
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