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29th march 2014

Is anyone else getting married on this day? Have you booked anything yet? image


  • im 21st hopefully althought not booked it yet but thats what we will be booking! Where are u upto? x x x

  • Me!!! We booked our venue and church in December! I wanted to book it early so that the dates would definately be available at the venue and church too! Very exciting! xXx
  • Me too! We've booked our venue and photographer. The first photographer we tried to book was already booked up.....couldn't believe it this far out!
  • Hello again ladies,

    Sorry I must have totally missed these replies. I've booked... Church, venue, got my dress, shoes, veil and headband, photographer, videographer, cake, hairdresser, band , wedding stationary erm and I think that's it haha. I should have started with what I didn't have. Rings, bridesmaid dresses, ushers outfits an favours! Please say someone else is as mad as me image xx
  • LouBLouB Posts: 1,129 New bride

    Wow you are so organised! We're getting married 1st March 2014 and I keep being told I'm really organised - we have booked church, reception venue, my dress, possible shoes, photographer and ordering bridesmaids dresses this weekend!

    I work in events, so I prefer being organised - I would hate to be planning everything in a rush! x

  • Hi, We got engaged 2 years before our 8th march 2014 wedding date and in 2012 I booked, venues, photographer, cake, catering etc.  2013 is all about the dress and smaller decor details so that Jan/Feb 2014 are the 2 months before to relax. 

  • I am getting married on Saturday 15th March 2014 and I have the Church and Venue sorted, Accommodation is provided at our venue for all guests and I am trying on wedding dresses next weekend which I am so excited about!!! I found my perfect wedding ring today too and im asking my best friend next weekend before dress hunting to be my maid of honor which is also very exciting!!!

    I have found a couple of photographers free who just want to expand on their profiles so I am doing that and having all my friends with D900 cameras come too!!

    Happy Planning!!!

    What is your budget and how are you sticking to it??


  • I'm also planning a 29th March Wedding! I have spoken to the priest and have an appointment with the venue this Thursday so we're hoping to book them then and confirm with the church. I have found a dress online but still want to go shopping for one with my mum and maiden of honour just in case. Me and h2b will be ring shopping during the summer and I'm making the favours myself, just need to practice.

    Lucy Perrin wrote (see)

    I have found a couple of photographers free who just want to expand on their profiles so I am doing that and having all my friends with D900 cameras come too!!

    My next step is the photographer and would like to do what you did Lucy Perrin, how did you find your free photographers? I'm thinking of advertising at Uni for photography students.

  • Tilly2Tilly2 Posts: 80
    For all the 29 March 2014 brides - call me unorganised but I have only just realised this is the day before Mother's Day. Is anyone having issues with florists? Have florists realised that its Mother's Day weekend and quoted higher?
  • I had realised its the day before Mothers Day, but it hadn't occured to me that this would have an effect on florists!  I haven't even thought about contacting a florist yet but maybe I should!

    Anyone booked their florist this far in advance?


  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    I hadn't realised that! I'm getting married on 28th March 2014...but my mum is doing the flowers so hopefully it won't be a problem!  Although I suppose flowers we buy from wholesalers might be more expensive as its on top of mothers day...ah well not much we can do about that everything is booked and sorted it's just saving money and details we have to focus on now

  • Tashika2Tashika2 Posts: 15

    I'm actually getting married on the 30th, so Mother's day. The venue never warned us and it wasn't until I started ringing florists that I found out. Ironically we chose the sunday to have cheaper rates everywhere - doh! We're having our first florist appointment exactly 1 year and a day before the wedding. I'd tried to do it before then but they thought it was too far in advance.

  • I have noticed some high street florists are doing offers for Mother's day, so I think I will take advantage and just twick the flowers to make them wedding-y as I'm doing the flowers myself.

  • Hope all 29th March brides had a drink to celebrate one year to go this weekend!

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560
    We gave notice on 28th, one year to the day! It's all so exciting! Now we're into less than a year...11 more paydays for me & 10 for OH, makes it sound even nearer!
  • RsmithRsmith Posts: 18

    Yeaa we have vooked for wedding venue and wedding singers. have heard from somewhere thatoffer an exciting, surprise entertainment service along with a real wow factor that is very much suitable and perfect for special occassions

  • My sister is getting married and we have booked venue for wedding, photographer and singing waiters for the enjoyment of the guests. They offer right set of music along with right choice of songs, expecting that the guest’s moods are always on maximum heights

  • 355 days to go girlies!!! Everything's sorted now apart from the wedding rings and men's suits (although my bridal shop is giving me one free hire after some negotiation) just a little tip as I see some of you are a tad concerned about florists. Until I read this I didn't realise it was day before Mother's Day. I typed in florists into Facebook and found this amazing woman who has her own business. She works for a florist out in the sticks on an adhoc basis but works from home. I was a little unsure about choosing flowers as although I'm a girly girl I hate fussy flowers?!? She came to our house with books of her work and we have managed to arrange my bouquet, 4 bm's, 1 flower girl wand, 8 button holes and 2 thankyou bouquets for less than 200quid!!! I would highly recommend a florist who works from

    Home. They are generally doing it as a hobby and the thought that goes into them is generally better than a high street florists who are doing your flowers plus a hundred hours xxx
  • Plus a hundred others that was meant to say!!
  • lemonlipslemonlips Posts: 91

    oh dear I didn't realise it was the day before Mother's Day ether, my friend is a florist and works from home, next time I see her I will double check if the wholesales will be more expensive...fingers crossed 

  • Danibride2bDanibride2b Posts: 141

    I hadn't realised it was Mother's Day either but it shouldn't affect any of us because we would of had our florists booked ages in advance.


    we haven't got a budget as such, just not going mad on things and I'm such a bargain hunter anyway. Got my bridesmaid dresses for £90 instead of £150 each in the house of Fraser sale. Love them! X

  • Our weddings booked for 28th March.  We decided to get married at the beginning of April (we've been together 10 years and have 2 dd's) and we've booked and paid deposits for the venue, photographer, cake and flowers.  We've bought my wedding ring and I've chosen and ordered my dress.  I wanted all the important stuff sorted quickly and managed it all in 2 weeks!

    I hadn't realised about it being Mothers Day weekend either until I rang my favourite florists, as soon as I said the date she said they wouldn't do a wedding that weekend as they're too busy.  I emailed a few others who didn't get back to me but luckily a great florist who my friend used for her wedding agreed to do it (she did say had I wanted a lot of flower arrangements she wouldn't have been able to though).

    I've been quoted £214, thats for my bouquet, 1 maid of honour bouquet, 2 flower girl posies and  2 buttonholes. 


  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    yey jill...we are date buddies! I haven't found one yet!

  • Hi MrsSabs! I will have a read of your planning thread.  I might try and do one, although I'm generally quite scatty and will probably forget to update it!

    I'm not a very weddingy person but I'm actually quite excited and have become obsessed with Pinterest, and this site.

  • Just read your planning thread MrsSabs.  You are so organised! Our budget is similar to yours, everything is coming in at around £5500 so far, excluding our rings and honeymoon (if we manage to get a honeymoon as I wouldn't want to leave the girls for more than a few nights).

    I might attempt to create a planning thread tomorrow, on iPad at min and I can't even work out how to add a profile pic!

  • Hello and Congrats everyone,

    I am getting married on the 2nd March 2014.

    I havent booked a venue yet for the Reception as i am still indecisive but i have booked the Church.

    I am self catering at the wedding venue as i have chefs in the family that do catering for big events so will be saving a fortune there.

    I have picked the style wedding dress i am wanting and i am having it made by my MOH's Mother.

    Having a day on 23rd June with my Bridesmaid's to try on different dresses to get a style that suits everyone so that they can be made too.

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    Hi Jill

    We've got our rings on that budget.  We used Goldfinger Ringmakers who were recommended to me buy a couple of recently married girls at work.  They are really good and reasonably priced.

    Being organised is a bit of an obsession of mine, I used to be a stage manager and now I'm a business support co-ordinator.  I also love helping out with friends and family members weddings so I've had a bit of practice!

  • I've just been today to collect my wedding ring, I love it, can't wait to wear it!  Dp knows what style ring he wants but we haven't bought his yet.  We ordered mine when we got my engagement ring as it matches perfectly.  It took me forever to find an engagement ring I loved.


  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    Me too, I had a one off designed by a father daughter jewllery makers in Geurnsey of all places! 

  • Your ring is very pretty MrsSabs, I think it's nice to have something a bit different.  I wanted something quite delicate and vintage looking, I found lots of antique rings I liked but they were too big and couldn't be resized.  (I've namechanged as I don't want any rl friends to see my plans).

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