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Ginger bride, beardy groom - happy day.

Hello folks...

Well, my nuptuals were a little over 6 months ago now - the 7th July 2012.  I hope I haven't missed the wedding report boat - I got some great advice from this forum so I'd like to share our amazing day with you.

I won't bore you with a really long story, but if anyone has any questions or anything, please do ask.

So... Mr H and I first met when we were 18.  I went to uni with his friend, and when we were all home in the holidays we were often part of the same group of people going to the pub, clubs etc.  However, it wasn't until we were 22 that we got together properly - we'd gone on numerous nights out just the two of us (I'd been waiting for AGES for him to make a move) when eventually I got fed up and kissed him.  Luckily, he seemed to like it and after 7 years we finally got engaged.  Lots had happened in the interim - career changes, family illness and death, moving several times, buying a flat together, becoming cat owners... we're still so happy together and that has only improved now we're married.

Anyway - here's the earliest pic of us I can find:







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    Anyway, we got engaged on fireworks night 2011.  Due to close family being very ill, we decided just to go for it, full steam ahead - plus, I did like the idea of getting hitched before I was 30.  I'd never really been a massive fan of plain diamond rings - I think they look lovely on others, just not for me - so I got a fabby sapphire.  Not the best pic:



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    We decided fairly early on that we wanted a Saturday, if we could get one.  I'm a teacher, so we thought if we could get married the first Saturday of the holidays, we'd have lots of time for a honeymoon.  With only 8 months to plan, we found a lot of places were booked up.  In a way, that made our decision easier, as we had less choice.

    One venue we had really liked only had Sunday 8th left - not ideal, but we were mulling it over.  Luckily, the venue told us that the booking for 7th had fallen through and offered it to us - we were more than happy to take it.  Our venue ticked all the boxes:

    - City-centre: we're both city people and liked the idea of passing our venue regularly.  Plus, it's easier for everyone to get to.

    - A bit quirky: you'll see.

    - Could have the ceremony and reception in the same place for family members who were not so mobile.

    Our venue was the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh - the ceremony in the gorgeous old Victorian part, and the reception in the sleek modern part.  Perfect!


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    We easily chose the wedding party - I picked 3 of my best friends (I'm an only child) and Stu chose his best friend as his best man, with other close friends as ushers.  It was a no brainer that the boys would wear kilts, but what about the girls?

    Well, first of all I had to choose my dress.  This was AMAZING fun.  I often wish I could pretend to be getting married again just to try on dresses.

    There were loads I liked, but one that I liked more than the others.  I didn't blub when I tried it on, but I did feel pretty awesome.  After that initial day of trying on, I had a few more visits to shops but I kept thinking of this one particular dress - so I went for it.  After I'd committed, I saw a few more dresses and wondered if I should have been less hasty - but when my dress arrived I still loved it, and I'm sure I made the right choice.

    I suppose I should show you it now, hopefully I won't be peaking too soon if I do!  Here it is, Ellis 11197:


     Well, I think it's bedtime for now, more to come...


  • Love it so far image


  • Sweet!  The dress is beautiful!  Love your title! image

    Keep it coming! x

  • Could not be more excited to read this! We looked at Royal College of Surgeons too!! just couldnt quite afford it!

    love to read another Edinburgh bride


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    Your Venue looks stunning! Can't wait to her more

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    Thanks everyone for your kind words so far! Jenny - peeked at your thread, Fettes is an amazing building!

    The next thing I decided on was what to do with my hair.  I tried on a tiara in a bridal shop and, although it was beautiful, it just didn't feel very "me".  Plus, I had already decided that I would have my hair coming over one shoulder to balance the dress, and I'm not sure if a tiara would have worked with it.  Still, I wanted some bling!

    So, I was at a wedding fair and found the fabulous Greypuss stall.  I picked up the below for about £60 - way more than I'd usually spend on something for my hair but much less than the £550 one someone at the PanPan Bridal stall tried to flog me... don't get me wrong, it was gorgeous, but come on - it was some crystals on a stick.


     I also chose my veil - fingertip length with a scalloped edge and some crystals scattered over it:


     To complete my outfit I got some lovely earrings from ChezBec:

     And, of course, the most important thing: shoooooooooes!


     They were bloody uncomfortable pretty quickly, but totally worth it, and I had sparkly flats for the reception image

    I didn't get all these things at once, it all sort of came together gradually - but I figured it made sense for me to put it all in one post!

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    So, anyway, after we'd booked a venue and I'd got my dress, what next?

    I'd never spent ages dreaming about my wedding as a little girl, so I was open to a lot of ideas for the day.  The one thing I always knew though was that I wanted yellow roses in my flowers.  My mum and dad had yellow roses at their wedding, and my dad grows roses so they're special flowers for me.  I also wanted them to smell gorgeous!

    Another thing was that I didn't want the table centrepieces to be in the way so that people couldn't see each other over the table.

    Planet Flowers were our florist and I can honestly say they were one of the best suppliers on the day - so helpful and came up with beautiful arrangements!

    Bridesmaid bouquet:



    My bouquet:



    I was really pleased with how they turned out.


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    Everything is looking lovely! More please!

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    Sorry for the delay! image

    So, it was around this time I started to think about a present for Mr H on the morning of the wedding. I wanted to give him something personal that he'd have fun opening, but that he could keep forever too.

    I had a look here to see what other people did, and loved the idea of making up a box of presents - who doesn't love having lots of things to open?  I got a box and filled it with the following things:

    - a letter from his favourite footballer congratulating him on our marriage - he LOVED this and it was free!

    - a box of cuban cigars for sharing with the ushers/best man 

    - a cigar cutter and a lighter

    - "Don'ts for Husbands"

    - "In case you get cold feet" socks

    - a handmade Sgian Dhu (this was the big one in terms of cost, but totally worth it I think, it's something he'll have forever)

    I wrapped it all up with labrador puppy paper - as manly as he likes to pretend to be he  loves animals, especially labradors image

    Finally, I comissioned someone to hand paint a card that I could write a soppy message on.  Now, this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but we both love zombies.  The artist even managed to get our 3 cats in the picture!


     He also got me something on the morning of the wedding - a telescope!  I was so happy to get it, it was an amazing present and we've done a fair bit of stargazing which has been just brilliant.

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    Loving this. Keep it coming xx
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    Loving it so far! Where did you get the card from? Very unique image
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    Hi Charlotte 1386 - thank you!  I was really pleased with it, I think I might get one done for out 1st anniversary too.  It was from a seller on Etsy called Cameoland.

    So... bridesmaids!  I originally thought yellow dresses, to match the flowers, but after trying a few on the girls we quickly discovered it's a hard colour to wear.  It washes you out easily.  Also, my mum chipped in at this point and said she really wanted the bridesmaids to wear long dresses - I had quite fancied shorter ones.  To be fair, this was the only request she made for the whole wedding and my parents had given us quite a bit towards the day so I was happy to cater to her wishes! I had 3 bridesmaids, all different shapes and with different colouring, so it was going to be a challenge.... or so I thought!  In reality one of the first dresses I liked fitted and flattered all the girls - Kylie from Ebony Rose.  We went for teal as it complemented yellow but flattered them all - and a colour scheme was born!

    Here are my beautiful bridesmaids in their dresses:



    I chose some beautiful shoes from Dune to match - the good thing was that they had very similar shoes in two different heights, so they all chose what they were comfortable with.



    I also got some "bridesmaid hangers" as a wee surprise - they were chuffed to find their dresses hanging on them on the day!



    Finally, I got them each a necklace - I went shopping with each of them seperately to get theirs - it was a nice thing to do and it meant they all got something they wanted.


  • OOO I love your matching shoes image 

    Really like your thread title too lol xx

  • Loving your thread.  How did you find out who to write to get the favourite football to write your husband a letter? Loving this idea.

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    Really loving this report - more please!

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