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Do I DIY my shoes?


I've just had my wedding shoes posted through the door and I love them! They look much different in real life - really sparkly which is what I love but I didn't think they would be so gorgeous! My plan was to DIY them and add diamantes to the whole shoe but now im wondering if I should just apply them to the heel or not at all?


Heres the picture:



My Dress is white with silver detailing!


What do you lovelies think?




  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    you could always just do the heal and see how you fee. i wouldnt loose the sparkliness comepletely

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626
    They're pretty! I almost think it'd be a shame to cover the whole shoe, but I really like the crystal heel look. I agree with nats, start with the heel and if you think it needs more then you can carry on x
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I wouldn't apply any as they are lovely as they are but it kind of depends how sparkly you want! 

    Diamnates on the heels would certainly make a statement! C

  • Thank you ladies! That has been a massive help!

    The diamantes are the self stick ones so I guess I can always try it and take them off if not! Plus they only cost me a fiver off ebay so I could always buy another pair!

    Ill post another photo when I've done one shoe and see what you lovely ladies think!


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