DIY Wedding Albums

Hi Everyone

I am just recently married and would like to do our own wedding album but not the one's where you stick the picture on the paper or behind some plastic. Does anyone know of any good options with out costing the earth?

Thank you



  • Was just about to post a similar question, so will keep my eye n this image
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    do you mean the kind of books that truprint do?

    they are very reasonable, often have sales on or reductions and I htink look really good for the money - my brother made on recently of his special family holiday in America.

    I am definitely going to make one after my wedding, possibly for my mum/mum in law and also, perhaps rather sadly, maybe one of the planningpics I have taken over the last year or so!

  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594
    Photo box or vistaprint do photo book stuff? My SIL did her pics thru photo box- turned out well!

    We do our calendar for the house every year with VP and theirs is always good quality xx
  • NJNJ Posts: 11

    imageThanks for the details everyone - I have decided to go with a friends recommendation where I will be able to get my wedding dress made into the cover of my wedding book. It is a great idea and one which I have heard of before. The company is and you will have to contact them as they have not launched the wedding album cover option yet. 

    I will post pictures on this forum when I have the album in my hands. Really excited!!image


  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046

    blurb did ours, they were really nice

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