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Dress smaller than sample dress

Hi all - I tried my actual dress on for the first time today and it's too small!!!  The sample dress fitted perfectly and was a tiny bit too big on the hips.  My dress is too small all over and even though I've lost 7lbs I need to lose weight.  Believe it or not, I have gone down over a dress size and thought it would be too big!  In fact, people have been telling me I should've ordered my dress in a smaller size!

My dress is a Mori Lee size 14 and the measurements should be bust = 391/2 - waist = 31 - hips = 43

My actual measurements are: bust = 38 - waist = 29 - hips = 38!!!

Has anyone found this?

The shop seem to think the sample has just been tried on by somebody bigger and stretched the dress, but it is so much smaller!  They've checked the size and they definitely ordered a 14.

I'm a size 8-10 on top and a 12 on bottom now too! I felt so deflated afterwards!


  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Are the measurements not accurate? Did you ask the shop to recheck their measurements on your current body. How on earth did that happen? Sorry not much support but I would freak at them if they did this to me.

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    Tbh I'm quite lucky because the wedding isn't until August and I was worried I might lose too much weight.  They definitely ordered the right size so it's the factory or wherever it was made that must have f*cked up!  Just a bit annoyed.  You dont' spend over a grand on a dress for it to not be perfect!

    I can only think they've made a size 12 instead of a 14! Their dresses come up small anyway but still!

    I did freak amy-lou lol!  I was ok but very disappointed!  I'm sure it'll look fine once I lose some weight, it still did up but just bunched up around the hips. 

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417
    Ok so me being a dumbass just realised that my dress is a US 10 / UK 14 lol so the measurements are smaller than the ones I listed above. It's still much smaller though and by their measurements should be big on the hips but it's too tight!

    Still a bit annoyed because I don't think it looks the same anymore and didn't feel the same about it!

    Sorry for the rant!
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    surely the shop should be getting in touch with the manufacturer to sort out whats happened? 

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    I'm going to call the shop on Monday I think and might arrange to go in and get photos of me in sample dress and my dress to see if the difference is as noticeable as I think.  I imagine that because they are made to order there is always going to be some variation in size but still seems very odd.

    I think what made it worse is that my mum admitted it didn't look the same and wasn't as flattering. image Also, the top of it was so tight, the lace irritated my skin and made it bright red!!!


  • I tried on an 8 which had room in it, my shop made me order a 10 which i wasnt happy about at first but they knew what they were talking about!! It's tiny!

  • Oh no!!!! What a nightmare, are you ok LL? Really big hugs. Is there anything they can do? You shouldn't have to lose weight just because they messed up. Could they refund your money and sell you the shop sample at a discounted price? xxx

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417
    Thanks Mrs Chadwick - i'm glad to hear that just wish the shop had warned me ! they must stretch a lot in that case!

    I think it will be ok if I lose a bit round my hips - which is probably the fattest part of me and you never know, I might not have to pay alterations if it ends up being a perfect fit lol! Just a shame I didn't feel as good in it!

    Thanks Foxy, I've def had time to rationalise since yest but was a bit of shock! Also, it's not been steamed and pressed yet, straight out the bag so I didn't get the overall effect. I might give them a call to try on the sample but I think I'm probably just panicking and overreacting! X
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    see if you can get back in the shop fairly soon to see how you feel again. we're always up for some picsimage

  • LL, I bet it was, what a horrible experience and a let down image. Do try the sample on again asap, and get themto press and steam your dress and try it on, it may be that helps it fit better. What was the shop's explanation for ordering you a dress which doesn't fit?!? And you can't wear a dress which irritates your skin!!!
    Huge hugs, if there's anything I can do to help let me know xxx

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417
    They said that the other dress had stretched because it had been on the hanger and someone bigger must have tried it on. They also said they can sew some lining under the straps to stop it irritating. The sample wasn't tight enough to irritate so didn't have that problem.

    Thing is they didn't take my measurements when they ordered because the 14 was such a good fit!

    Thanks for your advice ladies. I'm going to ring them tomorrow!
  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    They should always take your measurements! That's the reason your in this position! Hmm sounds like it's the shops mistake here. If they knew dresses stretch with time, surely taking measurements is key to finding the exact sizing you need.

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417
    Agree they should've known. The girl yesterday wasn't too helpful so I'll ask to see someone else when I go back. Also, my mum pointed out that the stitching didn't look right, it's got lots of pleats over the bodice and skirt yet you could see the stitches in between as if it was made in a rush and hadn't been finished yet! Def going to have to complain! I've got a lot of time if they need to send it back at least!

    Just didn't look as good quality as the sample but hoping that's because it hasn't been pressed yet! X
  • I've started fearing this happening to me! it may also be that your body shape is different- so your hips sit higher or lower that the hip measurement on the dress- hopefully it will be ok!

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417
    I've phoned the shop and they've compared the 2 and have even had a member of staff try them on. They said it's only slightly tighter which would make sense given it's new. Also, because they were so busy on sat the girl rushed me into it and put it over my head whereas last time I had stepped into it so it could be possible that the lining was bunched up underneath making it tighter and uneven. I hope it's just that. They said they can send it back if I need a 16 but that there is absolutely no way I should need that!

    Little red I'm really scared that's what happened. I've gone for a mermaid dress to show off my curves but I don't have a beyonce bum anymore lol!

    It's still far too tight on the straps tho and I'm worried about the rash it caused! I guess they'll see it for themselves when I go in!

    Have made the appt for thurs and will update then with pics.

    Fingers crossed!
  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417
    This is why you should take a photo at first fitting!!!

    Meant to say first time you try it on!
  • LL, glad to hear you've had some progress, I've been hoping it went ok. The lining can make a big difference, it might fit like a dream once it's all straightened out. There is no way on this planet you should need a 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do they have any explanation for the rash or any solutions?! Hugs xxx

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    Thanks Foxy, I really hope so. Not solution yet but the fitters will be in the shop too on Thursday so that should settle everything and I'll be able to 'create' the shape that the sample dress gave me (dress is also baggy around the knees instead of pulled in to make the hour glass shape).  They will press it and have it all ready for me to try on. But no idea what they'll do about the straps, they were very tight! I needed wishes (chicken fillets) in the sample but they wouldn't even fit in my dress!

    They did apologise for not having the time to do all that on Saturday and said that don't normally do 'retries' on a Saturday for that reason.

    Thanks for all your help ladies, wouldn't have had the confidence to phone them otherwise.  Was scared I would come across as too demanding!

  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737

    Hope the dress fits better next time! It isn't very good on the shops part that they ordered a size based on the sample. My dress shop ordered my BM's dress in the sample size as it was a brand new sample and they said it had only been tried on a handfull of times, but they explained that normally they wouldn't go off the sample as they do stretch, especially if they've had the sample for a few years. Fingers crossed for you!

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417
    Thanks Joey. When I ordered it I had mentioned that I might lose weight but wasn't trying to and tbh after losing half a stone it seems ridiculous that it's sooo tight!

    I think they should def have measured me but then you would never look at me and think I was a 14 let alone a 16!

    Will keep you all updated after Thurs.
  • LL, well at least that sounds a bit more positive, I'm keeping everything crossed for you that it goes well on Thursday, let us know how you get on xxx

  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    Sounds awful.

    Just a thought about the rash you got, could it be that you were stressed, flustered etc when you tried it on & it was this that caused it? I guess until you try it on again you wont't know.

    Good luck, I'm sure it'll be fine.


  • aaerawreawoehga Just replied and that bloody oh crumbs thing came up


    in short Beyonce bum= squats and weights. Seriously like 30 a day will seriously give you a very good bum, at home I use a 8kg kettlebell and in gym a 25kg bar which isnt that much.

  • LL, thinking of you and really hoping it goes ok today, let us know how it goes, really big hugs and sending positive thoughts your way image xxx

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    Hi ladies, well good news - I tried on the sample dress and it was quite a bit too big and still looked stunning.  I then tried on my dress (now it's been steamed and pressed) and guess what it fits!  Not just fits, it's slightly too big and will need to be taken in on the waist, hips, knees and the straps!  On Saturday it was so tight, I couldn't even move.  Seriously can't work it out, think they were a bit baffled too.  It was as if they had swapped it for another dress (which of course they haven't).  We are all so baffled.  Can only think that steaming it has opened up the seams and allowed some give, it's bizarre!  Also, the lady who put it on on Saturday put it over my head and before I stepped into it so it might be that the lining and netting was rucked up as well but not sure how the straps could have changed so much.

    So in all, a very happy ending. 

    Thanks for all your help ladies, still can't believe it.  So, so strange!

  • Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!! So happy to hear that. All sorted then and a dress that'll have to be taken in. Hope it looks beautiful on you xxxx

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    Thank you!  Still can't believe it, defies logic tbh!!!

  • Wooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image image image. LL, I am over the moon for you, that is absolutely fantastic news image image image. Huge hugs xxxxxxx

  • KellySKellyS Posts: 40
    What style number was this?
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