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getting married later in the day ?

ello im new to all this lol getting married the 1st june 2013 and just wondered if anyone is getting married later in the day im thinking about 3pm missing out a sit down meal and having a kinda cocktail reception with appitizers then an evening hog roast buffet has anyone else got similar ideas would really like to know if this would work or how other people are doing it x


  • Were having a later do but ours is at 4pm. Were having ahot buffet at around 7 which I think should be fine I just told everyone to have a good lunch after all they are there for the wedding not a good nosh up
  • We're getting married at 5pm, followed by a drinks reception, then a 3 course meal from 7pm. So long as every one has lunch before they can hang on til 7pm image
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    My wedding is at 3pm and then we are eating sit down at 4.30pm , I am getting married and having the reception at the same place .

    I wouldn't leave it too long to give people to wait to eat if they are drinking!!!!

  • thank you how is everyone working there speeches and formal things like that im thinking if we have appitizers being served around by waitresses on plates etc then tables set up if people wanna seat then a buffet were not a a formal sit down bit so i dont know how to work the speeches and gift bit x
  • Were doing the speeches first to get it out the way but we are having formal seating arrangement and a table plan
  • maybe when everyone is mingerling we culd just stand on a box with one those fog horn things and shout at everyone lol haha all this wedding stuff makes my head hurt lol
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    ooh I'm also getting married on 1st June 2013 at 3pm! We're having a 'vintage' tea party at around 4.30ish and then fish and chips in the evening. Perrrfect.
  • Im getting married on the 15th June. Im not sure what time yrt, but it will probably be in the afternoon (around 3 i think) Im hoping to have a finger buffet around 4:30/5 then have a hogroast around 8 on the evening
  • 3pm for us too. We're having a sit down meal at around 5pm with the speeches etc, and then the evening guests will come around 8 with a buffet at around 9.30pm.
  • We are getting married at 4pm, then after pictures and room change around (ceremony and reception in same venue)which maybe about 90 mins,we are inviting guests back up to the room and going straight to speeches and gifts. The buffet will be served aprox 7pm. We are debating on what to do with drinks tho with not having a proper sit down meal. With the cost of the buffet for about 90 people we can't really afford to dish out too much free alcohol as well. was just thinking that as they will be buying their own drinks in between we would just provide a glass of fizz for the toast. With only having the one buffet we don't want them drinking too much early on! not sure if this is the norm, but as one lady said, they should be here to celebrate our marriage, not just what they can get for free!!
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    I originally booked my wedding at 3pm but then decided to change it to 2pm, just gives us more time for photos and getting to reception venue, not made a decision on whats happening for the wedding breakfast or evening reception, need to find a venue and take it from there, panicing already and got ages yet lol image
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    Hi MrsThrone I'm also a 1st June at 3pm bride! yeyy! We're having a tea party at 5.30ish followed by fish and chips in the evening!

  • Our wedding is booked for 4 pm. We are having canapes and cocktails straight afterwardsas I know I'll be starving while the hotel changes the room around, and then at around 7 we will be having a bbq and buffet. We are not having speeches, and I think we might give gifts out in the morning of the wedding, as I think they will include stuff for bridesmaids to wear on the day!

  • We're having a civil wedding at 4pm and having mini cream teas and Pimms straight after the ceremony. OH and I didn't want a big sit down meal so we're having a buffet at about 7. Have also said no to my Dad putting on a free bar, he's very kind and very generous but I don't want loads of people taking advantage of this!

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    We're getting married at 4.30pm and having a hot buffet about 7pm after cutting the cake (using the cake as desert after the buffet).
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    We are having ceremony at half 2 so I can have lovely relaxing (ish) morning with mam n sis. This means meal is 5, buffet is 9. Estimated times by venue image hope this helped.
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