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Budget for ceremony and evening reception nightmare

I have figured out a budget for our wedding, and I have allocated £2000 for the wedding ceremony and evening reception, this does not include the cost of flowers, food, music etc but would include decorations. The reception would need to be around teh West Sussex and Surrey border area for ease of access to all guests.

I cannot find anything for my budget!

I didn't want to get married at the registry office as quite frankly the local ones are not particularly easy on the eye, and as it is our sepcial day I would like it to be a bit more special. We had considered a church but not being religious or ever attended a church this option seems to be on the backburner although we are keeping an open mind.

I thought perhaps having either exclusive use of a manor house or a wedding package at a manor house would work out cheaper for what we had in mind but this option is still taking us a few thousand over budget, we are pretty stretched as it is.

Am I looking in all the wrong places?


  • cornishwedcornishwed Posts: 353
    have you considered a resteraunt? we are having exclusive use and are able to get wed aswell as reception there for under 1000. xx
  • Unfortunately it is an expensive area! I'm getting married in Kent and found prices to be higher than some other counties. I can't suggest a specific venue, but a couple of ideas:

    Have you considered getting married mid-week, or on a cheaper day/time of year?

    Don't forget to haggle a bit - you may be able to get other bits cheaper, such as a food package instead. Sometimes you have to shuffle the budget a bit! Our venue cost more than anticipated so we spent less on other areas (flowers unfortunately, but it had to be done).

    Keep an eye out for deals at wedding fairs

    I wouldn't recommend a church wedding if you are not religious at all though

    Restaurant is sometimes a good idea, like cornishwed suggested. When looking for my venue, I went on the council website and looked for every venue registered with them that had a licence for doing weddings. I ruled out a lot based on distance and then went from there.

    Hope this helps a little bit!

  • Thank you, I thought I must have been going mad as I thought I had budgeted enough for something half decent. The best I have found so far is around £3000 and I imagine that will be bumped up per person per head for the evening attendance.

    Unfortunately locally there is not any restaurants we would consider, we mostly have places such as Nando's and Harvester around here, sadly there isn't any big enough more intimate or unique places that we would consider, but it is a lovely idea if you have anything suitable locally.

    Thank you for your views on a church wedding, we would have looked at it for the scenery rather than the religious side of things, and from what I can see that is absoltely fine, I think we would both feel it wasn't the day we hade hoped for.

    I think it has been especially money consuming as most venues insist on catering.

    I am going to take your suggestion and head over to the councils website and narrow it down, get brochures, book viewings and I guess get my haggle onimage I hadn't realised that weddings could be stressful over things like venue but on a budget I can see why now.

    Thank you x

  • Yeah it can be a bit of a nightmare. The other option would be to have a buffet rather than sit down meal as the price per head is cheaper then allowing more money for the venue hire, or a lot of people hire a marquee if you have access to a big open space (means a lot more hands on work for you then cos of providing heating, chairs, linen etc but means you can get cheaper caterers in).

    Good luck! X
  • Do you have big chain hotels nearby . Our local holiday inn has a deal on 40 day guests /100 evening . 2 course meal , buffet . Wedding ceremony . Dj and some table decs for ??1000 x
  • Louise MLouise M Posts: 141

    Not sure when you are getting married but if its in the summer then you could go for an outdoor wedding and hedge your bets by getting a marquee in. For example you could try the grounds of  De Vere venue. There are 3 in Surrey.

  • Hi you can visit and find a venue with in your budget. This might help

  • IShmooWedIShmooWed Posts: 142

    I'm East Sussex based and it took us an age to find something as we're both photographers and wanted to find a venue that didn't feel like we were going to work. We finally found somewhere, however, these came up in my research that may interest you , don't know what the prices are like though.

    You could always get married at a picturesque hotel then have your main 'do' at lovely little village hall / dry hire venue like

    Logistically these were a bit of a nightmare for us, but we settled on a church wedding with a dry hire venue about 20 mins away to allow us some flexibility and to keep an eye on costs. If you do go along this route, I can recommend  after seeing her (and only her) for a tasting  last Saturday, we were sold! Great food, a lady who clearly loves what she does and well-priced too. Put it like this - my H2b has already added her to our website link love! lol x

  • We are in Kent and know of two venues in your budget here.

    A 16c kentish Hall set in 6 acres with beams and bags of character etc

    Where you can get married, stay the weekend with your guests exclusively!


  • how may people are you having  -  i was looking i this area but gave up due to my numbers 

  • MrsWood2014MrsWood2014 Posts: 221
    Don't know whether its worth a look but I'm getting married at Clandon Park in Surrey.

    Depending on what time of year you want to get married the venue hire seems quite good value and you get exclusive use of the venue. Maybe worth a look as we were really struggling to try to find a venue we loved within budget! Only downside is you have to use their caterers but the food seems lovely image xx
  • @[email protected]

    Where, where where? I'm hunting for a reasonably priced venue to get married in August next yer and like teh OP, I'm struggling.

    I will be having around 200 guests - suggestions for a dry hire venue gratefully received!

  • How about this? Just found it on

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Just to throw a bit of a your families/ friends all live nearby?  If you're looking to have the ceremony + reception all in one place you could get married anywhere in the UK- you'd have a lot more options if you looked a bit further afield! x

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Sorry- just read your post again, properly this time!!! You could still look a little further afield- it might work out better/ cheaper to hire a coach or two and transport your guests to the venue and back!  Perhaps worth looking into anyway.......x

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    I'm a little confused by the the £2000 just for venue hire and decorations?  Places must be crazy expensive in the area, we're only paying £225 for our ceremony room hire in Swansea.

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