When to get dress?


I'm getting married in March next year, however my family and OHs family keep telling me to chill out and say "You don't need to worry about that it's a year away". So I feel like I can't plan anything...I've booked the Church and venue, but I want to get my dress and my MOH's dress, but being as my MOH is my SIL2b I don't want OH's family thinking I'm nuts :/

So, when did you all/are you going to get your dress?

It doesn't feel like it's far away to me :/ I want to buy stuff because we don't have much money so if I buy it now, I can't spend it on other things.

Thanks guyssssss xx


  • PV 2013PV 2013 Posts: 244

    You should start looking now! Some people find their dress straight away but it took me a full year, you can do it at a nice pace if you start now. Also, gives you time if you find one to ring around and find it cheaper or find accessories to match, keeping your eye open for those bargains.

    Also, its coming up to main wedding season so start deciding on colours and themes cos people will be selling stuff and it goes like hot cakes.

    Also, start getting 2013 quotes for things and pay for it in 2013 whereas if you get quoted towards the end of 2013 they will bump you up to 2014 prices.

    Plan away to your hearts content image find a florist and what you want from them, search for shoes - BM dresses, start looking in the early summer sales maybe or now in the sales for dresses this time next year . xx

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    I get married in May 2014 and have already started dress shopping, I recommend you start looking, I have been advised to wait until the 2013 collection is in store before I go back to make my decision. Which will be End of April this year. Most dresses are released by then with the exception of some in October, but it can take up to 7 months for your dress to arrive in store once ordered then you have alterations and fittings. So you want to be looking at choosing your dress by August this year unless you want an off the peg/sample dress.

    I have already got my Junior bridesmaid and Flowergirl Dress. But not looking to get my BM dress until Novemeber/December because she wants to lose weight but if I could I want to get it now. I like being organised! lol.


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    I would def start looking, I got mine in Novmber for wedding in September and went in to a couple of shops that said their average bride was getting married 12-18months ahead of getting their dress. You will also find a lot of dresses take 6-9months to come in, then you need to allow time for alterations. Unless you are lucky enough to find what you want in sample sale but you  might not want the last minute stress and pressure of that - still look at sample sales now though you may get a bargain!! I got my BM dresses in January and they still aren't here so that gives you an idea that things can take some time. when I had 12 months to go everyone commented "you still have ages" with everything I did but now with 6 months to go "have you not sorted that yet" or "I imagine you have done that by now!" I have found when it comes to arranging wedding things nothing is too early things just get booked super far in advance!!

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    I bought my dress in March 2012 for my April 2013 wedding. I'd definitely start looking now because it might take you a while to find what you want, and some designers take longer to come into shops x

  • My friend runs a bridal shop in Harrogate and she was telling me that brides are buying now who are getting married Christmas 2015! Xx
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    shop! I first went dress shopping to see what I liked in May last year (wedding August this year) and then went and chose and paid deposit in September.

    People were the same to me, still are to some extent, but just ignore them! For me it felt like it went straight from oh its ages away too early to do stuff to oh dear god the wedding is in 6 months and I feel so behind and overwhelmed!

    Money is an issue as you say, but I think its better to spend the money on wedding stuff now and have it out the way so if you have spare cash you can spend on other thing nearer to the wedding. If you spend on other non wedding things now you might struggle if there are unexpected costs closer to the day

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    Thanks guys! Glad to know i'm not insane!

    I can afford almost everything important now so really want to pay for it before the car breaks or something and I have to spend it on that!


  • I get married in March 2014 too, I have my first appointment to try dresses on next week but have made my appointment to have a bespoke one made in June but designer said try lots on first so that is what I am doing. She said that if you are having them made then it's often quicker than from a shop as that can take 6 to 9 months so probably best to at least start looking. I got totally freaked out by reading the forums of people getting married after me who had already chosen their dress so thought I best get a move on! Good luck image
  • Yeah,it's one year away,you don't need to worry. Preparing slowly,because there are so many things for you to do,which you will get tired of soon. 

    For wedding dress,I think you could look for your favorite types,but not made now. Because for one year exhausting,you might lose weight. Before two months of the wedding,you can search the dressmaker for making your beautiful wedding dress.

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    Hey! I would def say start planning & getting quotes for venues, photographer etc etc... By all means look at dresses, but I wouldn't buy anything yet. I say this only because I ordered my dress a year in advance, my dress arrived & I had changed my mind! I think chiding your dress 6-9 months is more than enough time. I have now chose a new dress with only 3 months to go! But I live it so much & feel much happier! Enjoy all the planning but don't feel you have to rush it! My sister arranged her whole wedding, dress etc within 3 months! Good luck! xo
  • I think you should def start looking for dresses now. I get married in May next year and apparantly it is now a good time to find a dress. Ive ordered mine and it will take 6-7 months to come in. You wont have your fittings untill 2-3 months before the wedding, so if you have lost weight etc, they can alter it.

    You need to really start planning your wedding, especially things like venue, church, band etc, because places are started to get booked up.

    Hope this helps, good luck xxximage

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