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Early Pregnancy Assessment


I've had some bleeding and cramps and so GP has referred me to the early pregnancy unit for an early pregnancy assessment.

Does anyone know roughly how long the appointment lasts and what happens? I'm already frought with worry so if I know whats going to happen I'm hoping I'll feel a bit better about it.

Im going to the Princess Anne early preg unit in Southampton if anyone has been there before.

My fingers are crossed so much - I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow if everything is well

Rach xxx


  • jarkmessjarkmess Posts: 751

    I had bleeding when I was 5 weeks and went to the EPU. We were there for about 4 hours, we spoke about what was happening, they took a pregnancy test and then took a blood test (they wouldn't do a scan unless my hcg levels were over 1000). I had my blood pressure taken, temperature taken and they checked my cervix.

    I had a phone call later on to say that my hcg levels were 1639 so I could come in for a scan. We went and they couldn't find a heartbeat. 10 days later we went for another and the little heart was beating!

    It is a stressful time but early bleeding is quite common, I was told mine was due to further implantation.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks, that has really helped. At 7 weeks I assume a heartbeat would be audible, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed!!

    Glad your pregnancy is progressing well image xxx

  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    I also had early bleeding but they only did an internal scan (most placed wont do external until you're 8weeks).

    Yes at 7weeks you should be able to detect heartbeat so fingers crossed its pumping away nicely for you!

    I've not had experience of princess Ann personally, but being born and bred in Soton I was born there - and have only heard one bad review of the place from a school friend (but that was down to complications during labour) xx
  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    I have been to the EPU at Princess Anne Southampton. I had some pain at 7 weeks so they sent me there to rule out ectopic. They did an internal scan and I saw the heartbeat.  Thankfully everything was ok and they thought it was just ligament pain.

    The ladies there were lovely and professional. They even gave me a picture of the scan to take away so i had something to keep, not something they have to do. They were happy to spend the time with me and answer my questions and offer reassurance.

    Being pregnant is such a worrying time, but now after having my daughter I wish I had cherished it more as it goes by far too quickly!

    Good luck for your appointment, I hope all goes well for you xx


  • littlebearlittlebear Posts: 392
    How did it go?xx
  • Went for the internal scan today, I was so nervous. Hubby was unable to come, he was so upset but my SIL came with me so I wasn't alone.

    I saw the little heartbeat!! I wanted to nearly start crying there and then due to relief of all the pent up emotion and worry, but managed to save it til I was alone! Apparently it's small for 7 weeks, but they aren't changing my EDD just yet, will wait and see what it's like at 12 week scan.

    Thank you for all your help, think I will probably be having the baby in Winchester hospital, but that's purely because we're moving in June and it'll be closer. At least I can stop worrying as much now, and just stress about my separated parents being childish over my graduation. Aargh lol!!!

    Thank you all again so much xxx
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    So glad to hear scan went well pink lady image

    You sound very similar to me what with moving away from home (I'm now living in Berkshire) and childish separated parents!! Although mine do get on - at times - just not currently as they have started divorce proceedings and my mum wants more than she should be entitled to! x
  • littlebearlittlebear Posts: 392

    Thank goodness, I had bleeding at 10 weeks (when I thought i was 7) - I know it's scary. So glad you saw a little heartbeat though, hope everything goes smoothy now! xx

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