Copy of Birth Certificate

Hi there

With marrying abroad, is it okay to use a copy of your birth certificate from the registry office as I lost the original? Any ideas?



  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Hi you can reapply for birth certificae at www,

    For a small fee they will send as you will need you actual certificate

    Hope that helps
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    im marrying in cyprus,and we have to produce our full birth certificate ~ the one with parents details on..

    you get it from the registery office in your birth town

    JO X
  • Thanks that's great. Now onto finding the dress ..............
  • you may also need to get it legalised by the foreign office - this is just an attachment that says that the certificate is 'real'

    check with the british embassy in the country you are planning to marry in

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