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honeymoon destinations and spiders

I'm really worried about the honeymoon cos of my fear of spiders. I want to go somewhere tropical like the carribean for a week combined with a city for another week. But I'm really worried that there will be loads of spiders on these tropical islands and it will be hell not honeymoon. All these brochures look fantastic with straw roofed rooms and villas but surely theres spiders living in them?! A family friend went to Maritius and stayed in someone house and they had a straw roof and all they could feel all night was spiders falling on them. I'd book the first flight home. HAs anyone got any ideas and suggestion about where to go and what the spider 'situation' is actually like in these tropical places like the carribean or the maldives??

Would be good to hear others thoughts on this too -anyone else worried or am I just being rediculous??


  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    I wouldn't go for a hut type room or open plan bathroom!

    We went to Jamaica last November and didn't see a single spider. See way more in our house here - bloomin Hertfordshire Hairies. Seriously don't think I would have moved here if I had been warned beforehand...!

    You would be best going for hotel block style accommodation where there are less ways for the nasties to get in. I also always ask for a room as high as possible.

    For honeymoon we have got bungalow in Maldives with outdoor bathroom! Hmmmm - may need to spend the entire honeymoon extremely drunk! H2B has got quite good at dealing with them for me though so he will have to go on bug patrol everytime I need the loo!

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  • katiespencekatiespence Posts: 415
    Don't worry about it. Stories like that are usually vastly exaggerated.

    I have a spider phobia and when I was going out to Australia, someone told me they were hanging from all the electricity cables out there. I nearly cancelled my trip. Yes, I saw some spiders out there but no more than over here and far less in the houses rather than in the parks. I even went bush camping out there. I've also been to Africa and camped and stayed in straw roof buildings... never had a spider go near me.

    I know how you feel cos I think about it too, but don't let something like that put you off the honeymoon you want.

  • tazjazbagtazjazbag Posts: 71
    I know how you feel, we are booked to go to Meeru Island in the Maldives on 24th Sept for our honeymoon and we are staying in a Jacuzzi Land Villa which also has the outside bathroom. I have a real problem with spiders and am very worried about it, as i have never been anywhere tropical before so dont know what to expect! My H2B thinks its highly amusing and really its not.

    I have looked up pictures on the internet and some of the spiders pictured look huge. Not that it matters whether they are large or small i would still run a mile. Think we will be sleeping with a mozzy net over us so will keep spiders out too.

    When are you going away? I will let you know what it is like in the Maldives when i get back in October if you like.

    Good luck with the preparations.
  • OLLIE44ukOLLIE44uk Posts: 82
    Hi bethtub,

    I am the same as you and have a real fear of spiders. I went on holiday to Jamacia a couple of years ago and was really worried about the spiders and other creepy crawlies before I went, but the good news is I didn't see anything the whole time I was there. LOL still checked the bed for spiders every night before I got in, but I do that at home too!x
  • Bethtub81Bethtub81 Posts: 69
    Thanx everyone!

    It's not the sort of thing that you hear about when people are discussing honeymoons and the travel agents certainly wouldn't tell you!! Glad I'm not the only one worried about it!! I'm getting married 3 may 08 so it'd be great if you could let me know how you got on Kelsnluke!! I'm sorry -I don't mean to have put the spider issue at the forefront of your mind and make you end up looking out for them the whole time you're away!!!! I hope you don't and that you have a fantastic time. I'm sure you will!

  • sjm85sjm85 Posts: 29
    oh my god, i know exactly how you feel - i ruled out about a million honeymoon destinations because of spiders! i know it sounds stupid but at the end of the day, i know what i'm like, and i didn't want to be spending 2 weeks screaming or frightened to go into the shower! although having said that- we are still going to antigua so fingers crossed we won't see any creepy crawlies, or i will freak OUT!

  • katiespencekatiespence Posts: 415
    LOL still checked the bed for spiders every night before I got in, but I do that at home too!x

    Oh I'm glad it's not just me then! xxx

  • fraulinemariaukfraulinemariauk Posts: 1,648
    i'm the same I cry and shake if I see one...but we were in barbados for a week last year..didn't see one...and have booked 2 weeks in antigua for honeymoon...not too worried!
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