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Rustic vintage wedding items for sale

We got married on Saturday 4th may in cumbria. 


It was in a barn, rustic vintage theme.


we have so much to sell... 

90 chairs, all dark wood. Most 1930s style. Although some much earlier


60 metres of rustic/vintage bunting. Dusky pinks. 


2 leather suitcases we used for cards. Also a hessian bunting sign with 'cards' stitched on.


120 wine glasses


180 champagne glasses


120 water glasses


80 water glasses of different type 


2 large glass drinks dispensers (used for his and hers cocktails)


15 white table cloths. 120 inch. Washed and in good condition.


2 battery operated heart lights. 40cm. used to decorate each end of the gazebo at night. 


7 sets of battery operated pearl fairy lights used to light the gazebo at night. 


2 hanging wire heart tea light holders. 


Lots of glasswear we used for flowers. Perhaps you'd have to look at this. There is so much. Enough to decorate 11 tables



  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    Do you have pics?

  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594


    can I get pics of the suitcases, the fairy lights, the heart lights, the heart tea light holders, the drinks dispensers please? To [email protected] please?



  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13

    Sorry wouldn't let me add pictures/prices after posting... 

    Chairs - cost near £1000 would accept £500. Collection from chorley or cumbria.

    bunting - all handmade, cost £80 for material, plus time to make. Strung onto vintage string. £100

    leather suitcases £30

    glasses- job lot £200

    if you want to buy seperate- wine glasses £70, champagne £100, water 120 glasses £40, other water glasses 80 £30

    Glass cocktail dispensers bought for £90will sell for £60. 

    Table clothe. X15- bought for £175. Sell for £120.

    Heart lights battery operated £5

    pearl battery operated fairy lights x7- £20

    wire heart tea light holders x 2- £20

    i also have 12 glass water jugs we had on the tables- £20 


  • ambermacyambermacy Posts: 75

    could i get the battery operated pearl lights please- could you confirm the length to me?



  • Gemma GillGemma Gill Posts: 4


    I am also interested in photo's - please send to [email protected]. Particularly interested in: 

    2 battery operated heart lights. 40cm. 

     7 sets of battery operated pearl fairy lights used to light the gazebo at night. 

     2 hanging wire heart tea light holders. 

     Lots of glasswear we used for flowers.

    Thank you



  • ambermacyambermacy Posts: 75

    oh and the heart lights please.

  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13



  • ShowponyShowpony Posts: 115 New bride


    Is there any chance you can send a pic of the heart lights and the bunting please? I wouldn't be able to pick up as i'm in Kent so please let me know how much shipping would be please. Email address is [email protected]


  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13



  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13



  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13

    Oh sorry, I also have garden games... 

    Skittles (wooden)

    limbo (wooden)

    boules (metal set)



    bought for £130 and didn't use duse to weather. 

    £100? Offers? 

  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13



  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13



  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13



  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Would you sell the wooden skittles on their own?

    Also Glass cocktail dispensers x2, is it £60 for both?

    as luck would have it I am coming up to Cumbria this weekend

  • Aug13b2bAug13b2b Posts: 319

    could you take anything less for the bunting as our budget is a little stretched at the  minute?

  • Sawcy_89Sawcy_89 Posts: 105

    Could you please send photos of the suitcases, champagne glasses, drinks dispensers and the glasswear you used for flowers to [email protected]

    Thanks image x

  • Sawcy_89Sawcy_89 Posts: 105

    Forgot to mention Im coming up to Manc in two weeks so could pop up and collect from Chorley then! image

  • I am interested in the battery lights, do you have a photo?


  • Sarah C89Sarah C89 Posts: 368 New bride

    are the tablecloths plain white? would you part with 8-10 of them rather than all 15? How much would you be looking for for a smaller number? Thanks!

  • mouthscradlemouthscradle Posts: 189


    Please could you send me a photo and measurements of the 'Cards' bunting. And how much would postage be for that and the hearts lights? Is it £5 for both hearts or each? If it's easier, you can email me at [email protected]

    Thank you image 

  • Hello I am interested in the table cloths- can you tell me what size they are? 

  • Louise MLouise M Posts: 141

    Do you still have the fairy lights, what length are they?

  • Sophie MSophie M Posts: 13

    Fairy lights and hearts - sold**********

  • mouthscradlemouthscradle Posts: 189

    Can you still let me know about the cards bunting please. Thanks image

  • emma nicolemma nicol Posts: 74

    please can I have the.......

    2 battery operated heart lights and 7 sets of battery operated pearl fairy lights - I would need them posted please but can pay via paypal today.


  • Can I have the drink dispensers?

  • MidlandsbrideMidlandsbride Posts: 169

    hey babe, 

    would u take 80 for the bunting? where abouts in cumbria are you? My inlaws can come and collect if you are anywhere near barrow/mimum/haverig x

  • Have the drinks dispensers sold? xx

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Interested in all 15 tablecloths if they can be couriered/ posted? Would also like some pics of the glasses, all types please, and if interested will sort out picking up the lot.


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