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Just wondering if anybody has been to a wedding in Fonmon castle? I really like it there just not sure about the separate rooms for the bar and dance area and the fact the dance area is in the hallway. Would be great to hear some opinions from people who have been and how it worked out?


  • DaffodilDaffodil Posts: 23

    Hi Bridey3.

    I'm afraid I can't help you but just wanted to say hi as we're looking at venues nearby. image We've had an uncertain few weeks but my OH's job has just been confirmed in Barry so we're going to be looking for somewhere to marry around the Cardiff area. 

    Where else are you considering? Would be great to have some ideas!

    We're not having a massive wedding - we think we'll invite about 75 to the day - and it's hard to find somewhere the right size. It seems most venues either fit 100s or about 40! Fonmon Castle looks like a good size though so would be interested to hear what you think of it. We've not been to visit yet.

  • I was a guest at Fonmon Castle, I must admit, it felt odd with it's unsual layout.  The area by the bar seemed a bit too small though, was forever waiting for people to pass before I could get to the otherside etc..  I think with the dancefloor away from everything else, it doesn't encourage people to go up and dance.  Although there were guests standing around in the hallway, using it as a hallway rather than a dancefloor...  but still, lovely venue.

  • Hi Bridey,

    My MOH got married in Fonmon July 2011 - it really was fab.  It is an unusual layout granted but you can really make it work for you!  She had a disco in the evening and hand on heart - as someone who has been to fiften weddings over the past few years her evening reception was the most memorable - we ended up doing a conga through the house due to it's shape and layout which really was lot's of fun,!

    They are pretty flexible on canapes and drinks so I know she saved a fortune there too! I am going to feature here wedding on my blog soon

    Helen x

  • I'm getting married in Clearwell Castle and its a similar feel but a nicer layout, have a look at the website xx 

  • Hi ClearwellBride that's where I got married and the day was amazing you can view my wedding report here

    If you have any questions or if I an help in any way suppliers etc get in touch I will be happy to help x


  • oh wow Helen, your report is making me so excited. What a lovely wedding you had xx 

  • Glad you like the report Clearwell Bride - the staff were really attentive and bent over backwards for us.  If you need anyhelp with suppliers etc please give me a shout image

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