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Our small, happy and sunny day.

I didn't know there was this forum. I love looking at the Newlyweds, and the Planning forum's. 

So, i thought i would put some photo's up, from our happy day, last August 23rd.

This is hubby, with our youngest grandson, Joshua. He is now 2 and a half.

 He was a good boy all through the day.

And a photo of my youngest daughter Beth, with her fiance' and my gorgeous Joshua again.

 This one is with my eldest two grandsons, Rhys on the left,and Ethan. My eldest daughter, Rebecca, is their mum.



  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    I had a few minutes to myself, before my eldest, Rebecca walked me into the room.

     Did me good, just to have those few minutes to remember my darling dad. I had a photo of him in my bouquet.

     I have never gotten over loosing my darling dad. I was very much a 'daddy's girl.' image

    I had lots of worrys about the dress. As i was 50years old, and a plus size, or volumptious. image I wanted to make sure my chest was coverd, as it's on the large side,nothing worse than showing lots of busom off on your wedding day, and i didn't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. Think i managed to pull it off nicely, as i don't like wearing skirts or dresses anyway. image

  • SilvereyeSilvereye Posts: 288

    You definitely do pull it off. You look very beautiful and elegant. Congratulations!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Yea bellington's report!! 

    You looked gorgeous - very demure! (I know the probs of wedding dresses and being busty! You pulled it of fantastically!) and I love love love your lace bolero!!!

    Now hurry up with more!!image

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Thanks ladys. The lace bolero is hanging up in the wardrobe. If anyone wants it then can have it. Just pay me P&P.

    The photos are not in order, as i get so forgetful, old age creeping up on me.  image

    This is me and my two youngest daughters, just before we went into the register office. Bethanie on the left, Sophie on the right.


     I  love blue, so had Royal blue and ivory. I liked purples too, but Sophie said she was not dressing like a grape!!!

    Now apart from my three beautiful daughters, i have a wonderful, handsome son. Luke. He has severe Autism, he is the apple of my eye. He has no speech, and gets very upset about going to new places, bless him. He lives in  a luxury bachelor flat now, (the last 3 years.) as he just got too much for me. He has 24hr care. Broke my heart to have him move away from home, but my own health was going down hill.

    Anyway, his 2 carer's managed to get him into the register office for a while, but as i was a little late, poor Luke got too stressed out, so he waited in the car. I missed him so much.

    Me and my eldest.

     We used tobe the same size a few years ago!!  image

    Next, Rhys and Ethan had our rings for us. Wanted to get them involved somehow.





  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Now Tom's wedding ring was too small, he tried it on a few days before the wedding, but it was too late to get it made bigger then. He wore it for the wedding day, and we went to get it made larger, a few days later. My engagement ring, i have since lost image Tom put it in his wallet, when i was admitted into hospital, January this year. Where he keeps his door key, and there was a hole. So i am waiting to get a new one.image Not be the same though.

    I was trying not to laugh, Tom was giggling because his wedding ring was so hard to get on.

     My ring went on with no problems  image

     Us signing the register.


  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Forgot to put, the first kiss.

     And a kiss  again.


  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Thanks Ladyoftheperfectmanor.

    We had my mum as one of the witness, and Andy, my daughters fiance'. My mum has a companion now, and he has been really good to her. She still holds my dear dad in her heart, but is happy now with Francesco.

     Heres one with all 3 daughters, and grandsons.

     There was only about three or four photos taken at the register office, as it's not very nice. And no one had any confetti!!! So there is no shot of that.



  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    When we were looking at venues, i had heard about Melbourne view Hotel, by another bride on here. So we went to check it out, after i had seen some in town, and just outside. 

    They caterd from 2 people to 200 people, and the lady who owns it, was so nice, Sally, thats her name. And i wanted outside room, for the grandsons, and guests children. There was chickens.

    Lukes carer's had taken him to the hotel for a look round, and a cola, a few times before the wedding date. Sally was brilliant about him. Luke loved the place, he was relaxed, and happy. He made our day.   imageimage

    Here is my wonderful son.

     Thr grandsons loved the swinging seat.

     Little Joshua, always has to have a bib on, as he drool's so much. Bethanie was the same, so he definatley takes after his momma.image

    Me and my lovely mum. image


  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Not been on here for ages. So i will just add some more photos.

    Me and my lovely friends, who i made friends with on here.


     Our rings, i have got to get a new Engagement ring. But in no rush, gutted that this one got lost.

     This is how the table was. It should of been different, with 3 roses in a vase, but the day i set it up, asda had no white, or cream roses. Good job i had these fake ones.  imageimage

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Luke enjoyed himself, he could wander around to his hearts content, bless him.

    With his little sister Sophie. Luke loves to sniff your hair. image


     These were the favours. And i also got little keepsake cards for most people too.

     I didnt get to eat any of the sweets, as my boy pinched them..image


  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    I did a speech, just to thank everyone for being with us. Tom did one, and Rebecca, my eldest did one too.

     And Becky.

     We had three lots of cakes. You can never have enough cake!!! 

    The two tier one, was blackforrest on the bottom, and lemon drizzle on the top. The single cake was fruit, from M&S, and my friend Karen made the cupcakes, as a gift for us. Some were walnut and vanilla, some were vanilla, they were lovely.

     Us cutting and kissing.

     The goody bags for the children to keep them happy.


  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    I got this post box from good old Ebay, and the poem and had made up. I also had the candle, and the poem for loved ones who were no longer with us.

     The wishing tree sign too.

     The tags i made my self, i used the tree as a table plan too.

     We had a guest book as a gift, so i have stuck all the wishing tree messages in that.


  • i love the royal blue colour.  It looks lovely!

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Here is a lovely mother and son moment. Me and Luke.

     And one of me and Tom just chilling . 

     It was a lovely day, and we stayed at the hotel the night.image


  • MrsOliverMrsOliver Posts: 14

    Congratulations and such lovely, lovely pictures. image

  • MrsCarr2beMrsCarr2be Posts: 80

    What a lovely intimate family wedding x

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Thank you ladys.   image

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