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Photobooth Prices?


I really really want a photobooth for the evening having seen one at the Millenium Centre wedding fayre. Photobooth Cymru charge about £600 which is way too steep for us to justify splashing out. Does anyone know of any in the south wales area and how much they cost?

I know an alternative is to diy it but I just think it will be really hard to manage without really putting on someone (a guest) to supervise/take the pictures. Also the main thing I like about the one I saw was that they instantly glue it into a guest book and get your guests to sign next to it (it can often be difficult to make sure everyone signs a guest book so this would solve that problem).

Any advice would be great, thanks image


  • To be honest £600 is the cheapest price I've heard. We're having groovy booth and they're £695 for 4 hours, including a guest book, doubles of the photos for guests and props. Maybe if you ask for half an hour to an hour less they will take money off it. x
  • hello a friend of mine got married recently she wanted a booth but budget would not allow so she brought a really nice frame {i think it was a wooden pic frame from the range took out pic and got people to use it she was married in eden project , but used a white shhet as back ground asked people to stand in front of it and others to take pics it was fab she has some relly good pics from it some people even left notes pre cut outs to go with their pic, just a suggestion hope you get it sorted image
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    That's great thanks. I did find one guy if anyone is still looking for a reasonable one - they were £275 for 2 hours I think, the only problem is that they didn't do a guest book and or printouts on the night. It is still a bargain though given what I have been looking at. His name is Ben Wyeth (he is a normal wedding photographer too).

    Having researched it a bit more, I think I may just bite the bullet and pay it, it sounds and looks like so much fun, I would hate to think "Oh I wish I'd done....."

    Thanks guys x
  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171
    Try looking further afield. I found rentabooth Cymru quite expensive and I think it's because there's not much competition in Wales. Look at Bristol and Birmingham based companies and you'll find that a lot of them will travel to Wales for you, especially the bigger ones. And don't forget to haggle. I'm paying loads less than their website price having asked for a discount for being out of peak season and a discount for cash.
  • £600 is a lot of money.

    We offer a photo booth service for South Wales. Our prices start at £200 for 3 hours. Visit our website at

  • Hi,


    We're a Cardiff based company that travel all over and agree that £600 is more than you need to pay.

    Depending on the time of year we often have many offers on including 4 hours for the price of 3, free guest book etc etc.


    We only use the very latest state of the art photobooths. If your interested come have a look at what we have to offer and drop us a line at




  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Errr, thanks but I posted this nearly two years ago.... 

    Funnily enough another "bride" recommended you and resurrected another very old thread just a few minutes ago.  That seems a VERY big coincidence to me....

    Please be reminded that this is a forum for brides looking for real advice, not self recommendation and advertising.

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