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hi, doea anyone have any good websites which allow you to upload your own photos as the front of the invite? I've looked at vista print which some have usggested elsewhere but wondered whether anyone had any other recommendations?



  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    y dont u make ur own?
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    only because i don't trust my craft skills and don't really have the spare time!

  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    is there any family/friends u would trust to do them? i dont no of anywhere that does them but i'm sure there is.
  • i asked the same exact questions- i'll send you the replies I got & links in a bit!

    there was also a lady that contacted me on here as her husband does this- i can mail her your details if you like & ask her to mail you?!
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    My friend has just recieved a beautiful photo invite for another wedding! They are the bride and groom as children on the end of a ribbon and says 'we're tying the knot'! they are fab! I will find out where they got them. (they have sticker on the back)
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    thanks Deboraht and workforshoes! lloking forward to hearing from you!
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    here we go-

  • I have sent you an email jt.

    Hope I can help in any way



  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Hello - I originally posted this topic and wanted to let you know that I found somewhere! Hope it helps someone My invites arrived within 3 working days of ordering them with our own photo on the front etc... 60 invites cost me £56 and that includes delivery - the quality of printing is fab too!
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Vistaprint is great iv ordered loads form them all free!

    All you have to pay is the postage,so long as you subscribe to their newsletters (its free and they dont send loads at all)you get loads of free offers.

    my hen weekend invites were free i had to order 50 but i designed them and they are only costing £6.11 (postage)

    iv designed my evening invites on ther already and saved them not buying them untill i get a free offer,im in no rush i can wait till march,iv uplaoded a lovely pic of us both on the front so i say go for it x
  • Hi Angel4

    Ive used Vista for some free fridge magnets and they are due anyday, cant wait to see what they're like. I uploaded a picture of the gorgeous ancient church we're getting married in Paphos and added a thank you message to the front. I'll put them out on the tables with the thank you postcards at the reception.

    I was thinking of using Vista for the thank you cards to send out after the wedding, I can upload a picture from the wedding day - what do you think? Do they do actual cards or only postcards do you know?



    42 days to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image:\)image
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Hi zozo,

    i think they do a folded card,

    not too sure tho u beta check on their web site!

    Your magnets sound lovely,

    im asking everone we know, where ever we go, to take our pic together,

    wen i get a really nice one im going to use it 4 our evening invites.
  • Zozo & Angel4

    Can you tell me the name of the website for vista as I'm dying to have a look after reading your mails!

    The magnets sound like a fab idea!

  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Hi beckiboo,


    have a look x
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