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Saddle Up! - Mr and Mrs Sadler's wedding report

Welcome Brides, Grooms and anyone else who has discovered this thread! I thought I would start this as we are 5 weeks away from the wedding and feel that soon it will all be over *sad face* so I thought it would be nice to rewind back to the very beginning of our whirlwind love story and share it with you all!

So where did it all begin?!


  • MrsSadler2beMrsSadler2be Posts: 142

    Ok, so we met on 11th November 2011 (11/11/11) through one of my housemates as R was one of his good friends. It was my housemate's birthday and the theme was 'Welcome to the Jungle' so the first time we met, I was dressed as a leopard and him as a Mutant Ninja Turtle...



     The had just got back from serving in Afghanistan with the RAF and was only back for 4 weeks before he was going to leave again for 2 months. But I wasn't going to let that deter me from trying my luck with this wonderful man.


     We spent every day with each other that we possibly could in order to get to know as much about each other before he had to leave again. It was heart wrenching that I knew I loved this man and he was leaving me; no more kisses, hugs, phone calls, fun days out... But I had to let him go in order to get him back quicker.

  • MrsSadler2beMrsSadler2be Posts: 142

    I counted down the days until he got back, I took my phone everywhere I went including the toilet and the bath/shower. I would never leave it unattended in fear I would miss his call and not hear from him for another few days.

    Christmas without him was hard, our first christmas that we were going to spend together as a couple and he was in the middle of a war. I felt sick. But you have to find ways to cope until they are safetly back in your arms.

    Long story short, he made it home (obviously) and I was thrilled. We went back to the way things were before he left and had a fabulous few months together.

    On our 6 month anniversary, he said he had a surprise for me. He told me we were going to London and I was to dress smart. On the train down to London, things were a little weird. R was acting weird and constantly laughing and acting shifty. I thought nothing of it and just thought he was excited about our trip to London. He took me to small French restaurant which was gorgeous inside and we sat for dinner. R was ordering a lot of drink and would stop shuffling around. I was getting really annoyed that he was acting weird and asked him what was up. He just said nothing and started laughing.


     He then pushed his chair back and asked me 'Should I get down on one knee now?' I asked, of course, if he was joking and that is when he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring and asked 'Will you be my wife?'.

    Through tears, I said yes (or maybe I just nodded to save sounding like a strangled cat) and gave him the biggest cuddle. We were engaged and I texted EVERYONE I knew to let them know.



  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,763 New bride

    MrsSadler2be I love this already!! Your ring is absolutely beautiful image


  • MrsSadler2beMrsSadler2be Posts: 142

    Thank you! I didn't think people would actually read it but its a fun little reminder! 

    Im glad you enjoy reading it, I love reading other people's reports too!! Xxx

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Beautiful ring!! image Looking forward to reading more 

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Lovely story so far! Looking forward to more xx

  • MrsCarr2beMrsCarr2be Posts: 80

    Lovely story...look forward to hearing more x

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    Ooooooohhhhhh goodie, a new report!

  • Miss_XMiss_X Posts: 263

    Awww, lovely story so far. You guys met about a week before I met my h2b and you are getting married a week before us too! image 

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