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Informal hog roast...enough???

Hi all, a June wedding in uk and seriously wanting an informal gathering of all my favourite people where the focus is good food, far too much booze and great music... Has anyone done or been to a wedding where a hog roast is served??? Did it work? Was it enough??? I would hate for people to go hungry, but hate the formality of sit down dinners. ????????????? image


  • Linds86Linds86 Posts: 41

    We did consider this but after speaking to a few people, I decided that it might not be enough. With the ones I have seen, you basically get a bread roll+the meat and not a lot more. If suppose it depends on how many guests your having and if it fits your plan/theme. How about a BBQ rather than a hog roast? I know that our caterer does that and then guests have the options of a few different meats rather than just one bread roll!

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    I think it depends what you actually get with the hog roast - it also doesn't give much variety if people don't like pork? I think a BBQ, with a few side dishes is a better option for a informal meal

  • *nikki**nikki* Posts: 193

    we're having hog roast, we get hog, rolls, stuffing, apple sauce plus veggie burgers, jacket potatoes, corn on the cobs and 4x salads. I believe we may even be having burgers too (ages ago since we planned anything food related!).

    Was interesting that some caterers charge per hog and advise you how many it'll  serve whilst others charge per head (and I found were extortionate in comparison!)

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    we get the hog, rolls, stuffing, sauce nd loads of salads, couscous and potatoes, ours also does things like other spit roast meats, paella and bbq;. we're doing 2 whole salmon, jacket potato halves, home made soup and our cake with an ice cream van for desert so i dont think people will go hungry. if you want ahog look for someone who does more. as a guide we're in the south and our starting price for the hog based on 100 people with all the trimings and salads and couscous and things is £700. i have prices up to 2.5k for the same thing so watch out

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