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How did you feel on the morning of your wedding?!

I am really interested to know this, as I am guessing I will feel so nervous I wont be able to eat! Hope I just feel really excited though and only a few butterflies image



  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Really really excited! 

    I had a long time to get ready and relax with my mom and BMs so was all very chilled. 

    I went for a run to burn off some of my excitement and nervous energy! 

    I did have one freak out moment when I couldn't find my contact lenses - because I had already put them in my eyes without really realising!

    I also got really emotional when I opened my card from my husband on the morning that I couldn't actually read it after welling up at the front of it!

  • haha that made me laugh - your contact lenses were already in your eyes!!

    glad you were excited and had time to chill... i have a feeling i will be in a bit of a rush as need to be ready for 12 o'clock, so i really dont want to be rushing around panicking!x

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I was full on paniking as well because I never wear my glasses and they are about 5 years old and really scratty and I would never want to wear them in the state they are in on my wedding day. 

    I was practically hyperventilating. My best mate had to calm me down and explained if the contact lense case was empty but with fluid in they must be in my eyes!


  • SP2013SP2013 Posts: 857

    Haha that made me laugh so much SadSack it sounds exactly like something I would do! In fact now that you've said that i'm going to make sure I take two pairs just incase something goes wrong with them!

  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807

    I was really stressed as I had 2 nieces and 2 cousins as bridesmaids and 3 of them were under 8, my auntie just dropped them off at my house and disappeared so I had to rush around getting them dressed before getting ready myself. Then I got really flustered when one of my false nails fell off. My dad ran around the neighbours asking for superglue which no one had so I had to go to church with one nail missing. But by the end of the day another 3 had fallen off....won't use that salon again!!!



  • 2012Bride2012Bride Posts: 318

    I was SUPER excited but in a weird calm way. I didn't need to get up until 8am but was wide away at 5:30 so got up and had a nice long bath. My sister was in the room with me and wasn't too thrilled about this (I tried to be quiet). 

    I was worried too about not being able to eat so ordered a basic breakfast from the hotel, it makes me laugh a little now on my wedding day I could have had anything I wanted but I had a bowl of porridge - the same breakfast I have every day. 

    I will say I did get VERY stressed about 40mins before the ceremony, the photographer was there rushing everyone about, the car had arrived and the hair dresser was on her 5th attempt at my hair! My sisters makeup was still being done and neither of us were dressed.. This is where my only regrets of the day come from, please make sure you allow extra time to get ready - I added an extra 15 mins to the time the makeup artist suggested we'd need and it still wasn't long enough; in the end we rushed me into my dress and I didn't even get a look in the mirror which annoys me now as I don't like how the top of my dress had been done up - I'd have made my sister redo it. 

    But once we made our way out to the car I was totally calm again, still very excited and smiling & laughing away but very calm. No nerves at all.



  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    it makes me feel a bit stressed out just reading these...... image

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    I was really excited but really really calm. Even the fact our wedding car had broken down didnt stress me out, weirdly! lol

    I was awake from about 4am but didnt feel tired the whole day... even when we got back to our hotel room at 2 in the morning!!

    My mum had to forcefeed me pieces of crumpet and berries, I wouldnt have eaten anything if she hadnt done that!

    Sadsack- you made me lol about your lenses!

    My advice? Get something to eat for breakfast that can be picked at. Like i had crumpets- my mum cut them into quarters for me and i could just eat one bit at a time image

  • I think I'm just going to be an emotional wreak as my mum passed away nearly 10years ago so she won't be there I am worried about this as I am gettin married at 12 xx

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Wierdly, it didn't feel anything like I expected it to!!

    I didn't wake up early, about 7ish I think which is normal for me. I wasn't overly excited either - I got ready in my bride T-shirt and went to the venue to decorate, then when I came home I had a couple hours to chill as our ceremony wasn't till 4. This time just felt weird, i knew it was an important special day, but it didnt feel it yet!!

    The only 3 things that stressed me were my sister (supposed to be there at 11ish, didn't arrive till gone 1pm, she was doing my hair!), my youngest niece being ill (she was one of our flower girls so I was worried she wouldn't be well enough to cope with it all), and my dad being true to form, and being compleatly blas?? about time, (I told him we had to be in the car - he was driving me to venue- by 3.15pm, so he gets in the shower at 3pm!!! (Slight bridezilla moment at this point!!) We got there on time tho!! image

    But over all, quite calm and collected, tho I was on the verge of emotional tears constantly!!!
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262

    I'm so excited now! Just over 4 months to go!

  • this is funny we are getting married in september and me and my mum discussed this today, i said the thought makes my stomach churn. Our wedding is at 1pm but is 20mins drive away i imagine we will be up early anyway but i have told mum i will need a decent breakfast!

  • I didnt feel anything that i thought i would either!

    The nerves started late the night before and i didnt eat anything but drank half a bottle of wine :S I woke up nice and early about 7.30 and was relaxing with my sister until our 9.30 hair appointment. My hubby had sent a card to my mums house (where i was getting ready) that got me all emotional. When we had our hair sorted thats when the excitment kicked in.

    My make up artist was running late so i started to panic and i think thats when it hit me that i was getting married and i worked myself up. Managed to get to the church 5 mins late, so thats nothing, but as soon as i heard the bells i couldnt stop crying until i held hubbys hand.

    I was so excited but couldnt stop crying. Just remember to compose yourself and take your time, it feels like years rather than 5 months that we had our wedding day.


  • I had a similar experience to 2012Bride...

    I woke up at 6:30am (after a restless night) to my bridesmaids alarm of ringing church bells- It was lovely unexpected surprise and I woke up giggling cos of it. We then laid in bed whispering and giggling, I looked out of window and the ground was dry and the weather looked calm (which we had been given a lot of grief about with it being in Oct).We went downstairs put kettle on and all helped ourselves to cereals (coco pops for me image)

    Then the hairdresser/make up artist arrived still calm...Further hairdressers arrived for bms & I was still calm...Then the photographer arrived and it all went squiffy!!

    The photographers husband had arrived when Id booked his wife (long story-not going into it) so had to rush around making sure everyone was decent...He then took pics of me with no make up and rollers in when the bms were all made up beautifully (I wasnt happy)...Then it all went so quick I was left with a house upside down, hair not finished, bms&mum had left, dad pacing the corridor and me in the middle of it all saying "I don't care about my hair anymore, just get me in my dress, I want to go NOW" ... It was all rather undignified...I had to put my undies on whilst my hair was being taken out of rollers, my make up artist had lost 1 of my earrings and was scrambling on the floor lol. Then I got in my dress and without a backwards glance ran down the stairs to go to the car... So I missed the opportunity to see myself, my hair wasnt as 'preened' as it should have been and you know what?? I didnt give a whoopsie...All I cared about was marrying the love of my life! To be hoenst these divas on Dont tell the bride who are hours late cos theyre unhappy cant be too bothered about their partner or their feelings cos all I wanted to do was go get married (and I do care about my appearance). Nerves then kicked in as we took the 35 min drive to the venue and I arrived with a little nervous smile on my face and in the wedding pics/video you can see the excited giggles haha.



  • OMG this is making me cry with nerves and I've got 7 weeks to go! My nerves have started to kick in now we are finalising things and getting RSVPs and so in - it feels REAL now!

    I sort of want the fuss and excitement on the morning of my wedding but also want it to be calm and stress-free... Can't decide whether to get ready at my mum and dad's house where there's no room so the morning will be chaos, or whether to get ready in my own house which will be calmer. Now thinking it might be a bit too quiet...?

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    Glosbride, where are you getting married???

    i'm from Cheltenham

  • Hey rina, a fellow glos bride image!

    im getting married in stroud and reception at bowden hall in upton st leonards.

    how about you? where and when?

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    ahhh, I used to work in Stroud and my friend lives in Upton!

    We're getting married abroad, although there are so many nice places in the Cotswolds, i wish I could get married twice

  • Been great ready all of this!! 1 week today for me!


    My Mother is in such a panic we are going to run out of time lol

    But there is only me & my Mum getting ready in my room. little BM will arrive at 1pm to get her hair done, then my Mum will dress her.

    My dad will take Pageboy into myparents room to dress him.

    At 1.30pm I will get dressed, ceremony at 3pm!

  • Ooh Clare, only one week to go! You'll have to come back on this page and post how it actually went image

  • wedding was at 12 noon...

     I woke up at 6am... or should I say "got up" - I had absolutely no sleep the night before... thanks to husband who sent me a weird text around 11pm and then switched his phone off and fell asleep!!! ahhh! (we ended up having a text convo about 7am, so we sorted that bit out thankfully)

    The morning itself:

    I felt stressed but not nervous! I was doing my own set up of decor (with helping friends) and things were running late, and the wedding co-ordinator hadn't turned up! I was supposed to get ready at 9, but at 9.30 he only just showed up so I had to leave the music side of things to him and my brother. (I was right to be stressed, they messed it up by the music being too quiet, and the stereo badly positioned!... sigh...)

    Then I got a text from my oldest friend saying he could no longer make it, so at 10.30am I had a breakdown there and then! Basically I cried myself out so I ended up not crying at all for the rest of the day.

    Bridesmaid's fiance had to bring me food because I ate too early so was hungry whilst getting ready haha!

    Then I guess the nerves hit me on the walk to meet my dad at the bottom of the hotel's stairs, right til I got to the bottom of the aisle! The minute I saw my husband all nerves went though - i felt calm because it amused me that he himself was shaking with nerves! (He never gets nervous of stressed usually)


  • Oh gosh I'm really nervous now! Me and my bridesmaid are staying at the hotel where we are getting married the night before! I doubt I will get any sleep!mua it's arriving at 8am!! H2b it's bringing my Mom and two other bridesmaids up at 7.30am! Hopefully will be plenty of time to get ready! Wedding is at 2pm!! Can't wait now! Seems like so long since we booked it!!xxxx
  • I had a fantastic morning. The day before we did a final delivery of everything to the venue, only to find to our surprise that the hotel team had pretty much everything set up - including the centrepieces. We saw our wedding co-ordinator who checked we were happy with everything, and showed me my bouquet. 

    Then we went across to the hotel reception and bar to meet and greet arriving friends and family as they checked in. A few drinks and then I left for a quiet dinner with my parents and brother (while my husband opted for a bigger family meal and drinks) 

    My mum and I came back to my flat and I slept in my own bed, while my husband stayed at the hotel. In the morning, I woke early to a text from my mother in law telling me we had beautiful hot and sunny weather, which made me jump out of bed and draw the curtains. 

    I then received a surprise text from my husband telling me to switch on the playstation. It turned out that he had put together a photo slideshow of pics throughout our relationship set to the tune of 'Chapel of Love' and Bruno Mars 'Marry you' (I had been teasing him about hoping he would create the lip dub proposal video doing the rounds on youtube)

    Whilst watching the slideshow I ate maple and peacan danishes and tea, without hardly noticing. After breakfast I ran a hot bath, and as I was just getting in the hair and make up artist turned up early. 

    After my bath, my two bridesmaids arrived and we started getting ready in our rollers and with some much needed buck fizz (whilst watching the slideshow on constant loop). I felt so relaxed, and the make up lady nearly had a heart attack as she realised I was painting my toenails and plucking my eyebrows (apparently most brides would have done this earlierimage ) but we had LOADS of time and were all ready, made up and dressed 2 1/2 hrs early. The make up lady commented that we were her easiest, most relaxed bridal party ever. Even my dress was zip up and I could easily get in and out of it in 5 mins.

    My dad and brother turned up with the flowers and the car was there early and only slight difficulty was the photographer was late and was disappointed we were all dressed (I refused to get undressed) so whilst we got lots of pictures, I ended up being 20 minutes late. 

    Meanwhile, my husband had a rather more stressful morning - he was tasked with checking the venue, (which he did down to correcting the spelling of my maiden name on the welcome board), sorting out the groomsmen and getting things ready at the church. His parents had a small car crash driving to the church and his brother couldn't get his car started. He only had 5 mins to get himself ready and they forgot to get pictures taken outside the church. But he did a fab job and I think it made him feel much more involved and in control of the day. He was very proud as he told me all about his morning in the car on the way to the reception!



  • Remarkly calm actually after a very stressful day before setting up the venue etc. Putting the cake together last is not something I would recommend!image

    got married at 1 and I was actually there anout 5 mins early as its so close to my sister's house which is where I was staying (I am always late!). woke up at 7 and the hair lady arrived at 8.30. we had a relaxing breakfaast with my mum as I waited for everyone to get up. Then people kept arriving! Florist, video, photo, ushers collecting things. My ssiter who was a bridesmaid was most stressed about doing up her dress! That way it didn't give me a chance to get nervous as I was focused on sorting her out. I started to get dressed at 11.45 which is later than I intended but worked out well.

    i couldn't wait to get to the church when I was ready. I loved being in my dress and veil - I really felt like a princess.

    enjoy very bit of your day!

  • I've 4 weeks to very nervous but exited image

  • MrsMnowMrsMnow Posts: 463

    OMG love this thred - with only 4 days to go im getting very nervous and keep wondering what I will be like on the day image

  • Cajo2013Cajo2013 Posts: 361

    After feeling very, very nervous during the week leading up to the wedding, on the wedding morning I was remarkably calm and relaxed.

    Our ceremony was at 12 noon, I had a very chilled out morning with my parents and daughter (who was our Flowergirl). Me & my daughter got up at 7.30, my hair & make-up artist arrived at 9am, same as the photographer, and we spent a couple of hours chatting and laughing while I got made up and my daughter had her hair curled. Then the florist arrived with our beautiful flowers just before 11. My 3 bridesmaids arrived just after 11 and helped me in my dress, then the vintage cars arrived and hey presto, we were off to get married!

    It went quickly but it was nice just being chilled out and really helped the nerves. I had one moment of nerves just as I got out of the car, but that was it. It's a good idea to spend the morning with people who you know relax you - if there's anyone you know will make you stressed, ask them to get ready elsewhere! Also, give yourself plenty of time to get ready but not too much - waiting around tends to make nerves build.x

  • I was surprisingly calm on the morning, we stayed at the venue the night before, I got up at 7am for shower etc, had breakfast with my mum and bridesmaids in their room at 8am and hair&make up lady arrived at 9am. She told me she thought it was a bit early to arrive (ceremony wasn't until 1.30pm) but actually in the end it worked out well because it meant we were all relaxed with plenty of time to get ready. We then had time for photos in a relaxed manner before the ceremony - and I was ready to go downstairs bang on time! 

    I'd told my BMs beforehand that I didn't want to drink at all on the morning, but in the end, we all had a couple glasses of bucks fizz, which I'm sure helped calm any nerves. I was so excited about seeing everyone, I actually didn't feel stressed at all - even when I realised I'd left my tiara at the house 20 mins away (my uncle went to get it). I felt a bit fluttery when I first put my dress on and my dad came in, but generally a nice feeling. 

    I'd suggest surrounding yourself with calm people, asking those closest to you to take care of any problems (preferably without even telling you unless absolutely necessary) and give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Enjoy! image xx

  • i reckon ill be a bundle of nerves

  • Really nervous, i started crying when i got to the venue lol.

    but was really exited to finally be his wife too.

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