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Our Rustic Greek Outdoor Wedding


So after umming and ahhing over whether to do a wedding report, a day off sick in bed has encouraged me to go for it! - Hey if no one reads it, it'll be something to show the grandkids one day! (Ha because I imagine they'd be REALLY interested!)

From the many wedding reports I've read in the past instead of planning my own wedding, going to work, doing the washing etc etc I know that the key to keep people interested is PHOTOS! So I solemnly swear that I will post lots of photos to hopefully keep you all reading!

Here we go . . . . 

 Yep that's us just hanging out on some donkeys. They are called Bobis and Pepis by the way



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    More more more!! image


    ey ore! image He looks a bit like Tom Cruise in Top Gun there! x

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    Who Rob or the donkey?!image more is coming . . . .

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    I won't bore you with all the details of how we met etc as that's all on my planning thread which you can find right here.

    So I'll move straight on to the wedding and the days leading up to it! 


    *Pauses to go get cake and more tea*


    Much better.


    We were really lucky that when we decided to get married abroad we had so many people who were up for coming - we had 30 of our bestest friends and family fly out with us on the 1st June to Lindos in Rhodes. 

    We weren't due to fly until the afternoon so the morning was spent by me faffing and triple checking we had everything and then chucking more things into the suitcase 'just in case' and came to the realisation that we were definitely over our already extended baggage allowance. Shit. (Don't report me for that guys!)

    So we got to the airport and checked in next to my Parents, my sister (MOH) and her boyfriend. We walk up to the check in desk, weighed the bags - 1kg over - score! Then they asked to weigh our hand luggage - WTF!!!! So I put my bag with my wedding outfit on the scales and it weighed 9kg - maximum was 5kg. Cue me having an almighty bridezilla tantrum (hey it was only my 2nd one ever! image)! They didn't budge though! But then my daddy came to the rescue and managed to sneak our stuff into their already weighed hand luggage! I'm not sure if the check in attendants saw or if they were too scared to confront the bridezilla monster but we got away with it and I headed straight to the pub for a much needed cider! (FYI we bought extra baggage for the flight home, my blood pressure couldn't go through that again)

    This is us on the way to the airport before baggage gate - excuse the moon face! 






    Rob lol, he looks like Suggs in that one image


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    Hen and Stag Part 2

    When we planned to go away we wasn't sure how much we would all meet up once we arrived in Lindos so we thought a hen and stag do would be the perfect excuse ( we actually ended up seeing people every day though! image)

    The Plan was to go for a sophisticated roof top meal with those who wanted to and then do a girl vs boys night and meet at the end for taxis and a cheeky takeaway!)

    It was such a fun night! Highlights include:

    Lots of free shots and drinks, a dance showdown with the boys to Beyonces - who run the world (Girls obvs!), Rob's delightful willy necklace and showing Lindos how to party!




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    haha Carrie he'll love that! image

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    Wedding Planners

    I really recommend having a local planner for a wedding abroad. It meant sorting things out such as flowers, venues, logistics of the day etc so much easier and stress free for us!

    We met with our planners on the Monday after we arrived to go through all the decorations we had bought with us and to go through a complete break down of the day - I'm a complete control freak and I came out of the meeting feeling pretty relaxed and it meant the only thing I had to worry about on holiday was what cocktail to have nextimage

    The day before the wedding

    We got married 5 days into our holiday so felt pretty relaxed by this point. We hired a car to take Rob's suit to where the best men were staying in Pefkos (the next village along) and then we went to our friends hotel to chill out. 

    I should mention here that we did actually change one of our reception venues the day before but again, our planners were left to stress about that whilst I sunbathed and ate a maxibon (why the hell do they only sell these abroad!!! addicted much!)

    Also I noticed that a very loud and chatty Rob had suddenly got very very quiet . . .  

     Us chilling with one of my bridesmaids in the pool

    We had to meet our photographer in Lindos to have a look at some nice photography spots round the village and to show him the venues. This turned into getting lost walking in circles round all the little alleyways in Lindos trying to find our bloody chapel!This equalled in us being sweaty and grouchy and late for dinner! We then realised we had done place settings but no table plan doh! Luckily someone was at the Lindos Wedding's office so we could scrawl one on the back of an envelope and go  get some food!

    We met up with my parents, sister, boyfriend and Rob's mum and step dad for a last meal (That's what my parents called it, I think they got me getting married mixed up with dying . . .)

    We had a gorgeous meal on another rooftop restaurant in the centre of Lindos. 



    Again Rob was the quietest I had ever seen him! I was hoping it was just nerves haha! He drove me and my sister back to our hotel where she was staying with me and then he left to stay with the best men for the night *sob*

    We went for a walk around the hotel grounds to burn off some nervous energy, then we almost saw a stray dog get run over ( luckily the poor doggy moved in time!) so we went to go get a few cocktails to calm ourselves down! 


    One of the pools at night

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    My last drink as a single lady! We headed up to the room at about 11 as this strange man kept chatting to us about his divorce (exactly what you want to hear the night before your wedding) and we watched weird russian dubbed tv until we fell asleep.  


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    Oi Wenchy I was saving that for later you surprise ruiner :P no more videos for you! xx


    Spoilers Wenchy!

  • Love this so far MrsH - so glad you're doing a report! image

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    Naughty wenchy!

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    Loving this so far! I absolutely adore the picture with the donkeys! Amazing!

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    Soo excited to read all about your day MrsH!!! image Weather looks gorgeous!! As I suppose it should be over there! Love the donkeys pic!! Keep writing!! image xx

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    Thanks LLN! I hope you're not sick of it yet hehe

    Because you're my mummy Wenchy I forgive you, but bloody read all my wedding drivel next time yeah! image

    Thanks Cherrydrop - keep reading as there will be plenty more donkey pics! They stole the show!

    MondayBride2014 - I'm glad you found my thread seeing as you were the only one reading my planning thread haha! Yep the weather was gorgeous, our wedding day was the hottest day! I'm going to do a big update in the morning image

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    I haven't been on the forum much lately!! Been so busy but normal service will resume now!! I loved your planning thread!! I can tell I'm going to love your report just as much too!!image

    Overweight on the baggage is a bugger isn't it!! im glad your dad came to the rescue though you would of thought it being your wedding and all they'd of let you off!! Some people!!! image Xx

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    MondayBride I know! But they weren't budging! Stupid Thomas Cook! xx

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    The day of the wedding AAAAAHHHH

    I actually managed to have a fairly long sleep despite having a nightmare that Beyonce had died whilst promoting her new jeans with me on top of a skyscraper . . .

    After checking Sky News to reassure myself that it was indeed just a horrible dream we headed down for breakfast.

    We had breakfast outside and I was happy to see it was a scorcher! 


    As our wedding wasn't until 5pm it gave us all day to just chill out and get ready so we went to the shop to get snacks and a bottle of moet and headed back to the room! 

    By this point I was eager to start getting ready but it was only 11am! I'm quite an excitable and flappy person so I'm at my calmest when I have a set routine so I always knew I would be better off doing my own hair and make up!

    I washed my hair early as I forgot that even the nicest of hotels have those rubbish old school hairdryers that don't really work! Oh that was fun with my thick hair!

    At 12.30 one of our one the day co ordinators turned up with our flowers! 



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    As flowers are quite hard to come by in Rhodes due to the heat, We had to be realistic about what we could actually have.

    All I asked for was roses and peonies in cream and pink and that's what I got! If I had got married in England I would of have a lovely hand tied wild flower type bouquet but I had to just get over that and I think my flowers really worked with everything else

    The button holes


    My bouquet 

     The bridesmaids wrist corsages



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    More more more! Im getting married in Crete so this report ia fantastic keep it coming!

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    Ah glad you're enjoying it mrshughes2013 image When's your wedding? We almost picked Crete as it looks gorgeous but then fell in love with our chapel in Rhodes! xx

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    Ours is August 30th but we fly out on the 20th so loads of time in the sunshine before the day getting married on the beach in analipsi

    there was no question for us that it was Greece as we both love the place!

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    Ah nice it'll be lovely and hot then! Yeah we did the same although I tried to avoid sunbathing so I didn't have strap marks haha

    It was the best decision we ever made. Greece is so beautiful and the people really made it for us! 

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    After the flowers were dropped off it was the time for the bridesmaids and my mum to arrive to get ready!!!!! 

    I had made them little goody bags with a vest to wear whilst getting ready, personalised thank you cards and a mini survival kit for the day 

    I designed the design for the tote bag with their initials on and Nikki @ Little Love Notes kindly screen printed them for me 


    The vests i bought from sports direct of all places! I needed them to have buttons down the front so they wouldn't ruin hair/make up. 

    Vicki (MrsBrown2be2013) made the crystal transfers for the back of them


  • Yay the bags! They look nice all lined up.

    Your flowers are beautiful too - I have flower envy. (How many different 'envies' have I collected over your wedding now? Lots.)

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    We found out at about 2 that the ceremony had been delayed due to the Mayor running late. I was so relaxed that even this didn't bother me! It just meant we had more time to get ready and my Mum had more time to flap! 

    We then had the hairdresser arrive to do two of my bridesmaids hair. She works through our planners so we knew she would do a great job and she had the same sense of humour as us so it felt very relaxing having her there! She said in 5 years of doing wedding hair we were by far the calmest bridal party she had ever met. For anyone who knows me this is hilarious as I'm the complete opposite of calm but I really did feel it on the day!


    Here's some more photos of us getting ready

    My pretty mummy




    Just getting ready for the gun show 

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    LLN I know I'm such a geek lining them up haha the girls loved them by the way and used them this weekend when they traveled up for the reception image

    Although they weren't maybe what I would of picked I think they photograph well ha! What flowers are you having? Don't worry I'm going to be 'liking' every single photo of your wedding! x

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    Ya. Love this MrsH image

    Your night before the wedding nightmare sounded fun lol, photos are stunning and I love your flowers.

    I love the bags Nikki done for you, I've just bought some and going to rhinestone them haha. 

    Yay for the vests they look lovely on you all image xxx

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