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Any advice for New York?

Hi all,  we are off to New York in 3 weeks for our first wedding anniversary (where did the time go?).  I hope you don't mind me posting in Honeymoons even though it's not quite!

My husband planned it all as a surprise and has just told me so that I can help plan some bits.  I was just wondering whether any of you ladies had any advice?

Obviously we would like to do the main touristy things (Empire state building, Grand central station, 5th avenue, statue of liberty etc) and we are staying in Times Square, which is quite central I think.

Is there anything you would recommend?  or avoid?

Thanks for your help image


  • OutlawOwlOutlawOwl Posts: 649
    Iv been new york twice its amazing id recommend you get a new york pass (i think that's what its called ) it gets you into most places for free and money off restaurants, shops etc its not cheap but we found that it saved us loads of money xxx
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Thanks Outlaw Owl, I've just had a look at them.  They look quite good but I think we would need to plan proper itinerary's to get the most out of them.


    What are the must see attractions though?

    Did you find anything to be a let down?

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    We did a helicopter flight over manhattan and the surrounding islands including liberty island. This was an amazing, if expensive way to see New York and I'd definately recommend it!

  • Hi, attraction world do lots of lovely excursions, I brought a hop on hop off pass that lasted over three days, including bus tours of upper & lower manhattan, statue of liberty boat trip, top the rock etc, it was great value & gives you great freedom to do what you want as you see it - if you get my meaning image On all the buses you get a tour guide telling you about everything your seeing & letting you know where to get off to see the sights! I would also reccomend a yacht dinner cruise, the views of new your at night are spectacular & it is really resonably priced & very romantic. The View a revolving rooftop restaurant at the Marriot is also a must do for romanceimage If you are planning a broadway show make sure you dont pre book your tickets, get them when you are there from the tkts stand in the centre of times square it is so much cheaper!! You will have to que for a while though but if you get there half an hour before it opens to get in the que like we did you shouldn't have to wait too long - it does go down pretty quick! Anything else you want to know just let me know I am happy to help - It is one of the most magical places on earth & hope you have a wonderful time x

  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    Ooh how exciting! You will have a fab time!

    I would suggest going to the top of the Rockerfeller building - that way you can get a great view over New York and Central Park and see just how tall the Empire State building is.

    Also, I really enjoyed a trip to the Guggenheim museum (plus it was free) for the architecture if nothing else, and of course Macy's, Bloomingdales etc! I also took the free ferry to Staten Island for a free look at the Statue of Liberty.

  • TravelgalTravelgal Posts: 17

    I went to NYC with some friends a couple of years ago and we went to a restaurant called Buddakan for dinner. It was amazing and the staff were lovely - would definitely recommend it.

    Also, we hired bikes and rode round Central Park which was really good fun!

    The year before I went to New York with my husband and we did Top of the Rock during the day and Empire State Building in the evening. If you can try and do one of them when it's dark to take in the iconic skyline at night!

    Finally, if you fancy going to see something on Broadway, there are ticket booths right in the middle of Times Square that sell them cheaper on the day, so try picking up some tickets there if you want to see a show.

    Have a fab time, I'm very jealous!

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Definitely try to see at least one show - as they are amazing! And take a good slot of time (and some food with you!) for going around Central Park as it is MASSIVE!! We also did the bus tour which was good and they pointed out loads of things that you might not otherwise have noticed! Have a great time! xx

  • staceydstaceyd Posts: 5

    Ahh New York is amazing, you will have a fantastic time.. You have to go check out a show on broadway but wait until you arrive as you can get discounted tickets to some of the shows. Here's how...  In the center of time square under the red steps there is a ticket place that sells discounted tickets for that evenings shows, basically selling whatever tickets they have left. There will be a good selection but make sure to find out from someone round the ticket box what time they will be opening at, once u know queue up for an hour or so before hand and ull get great seats. You will be able to see a show for about $50 so this is really good value.

    Also if your into comdey, you should really check out Dangerfields comedy club. There will be ticket sellers around times Square selling these for cheap aswell, haggle with them though you will get a great bargain..

    I'd definialetly recommend a shopping trip to Soho, this is where all the New Yorkers love to shop..

    There is so much to do you will have an amazing time.. image

  • Ooh, Im taking my partner to NY in dec for a surprise for his 40th, this is a great thread for me too! I was looking for somewhere nice to have for dinner, and I have a football game booked. Wheres the revolving restaurant?

    If youre going in the summer/autumn, go see a baseball game. I dont follow it at all, but went last time I was there, and it was brilliant, you totally get carried awa with the atmposphere image

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    One thing that I loved that is a little more offbeat is doing a tour of Radio City Music Hall. It's very much a part of American culture and less familiar to us Brits, but it is a fascinating visit to an amazing Art Deco building.

    Last time I went to NYC, I was lucky enough to meet up with some friends of a friend, and they took me to some really cool neighbourhood restaurants. We had the best time at these, but they were well off the standard midtown tourist trail. Perhaps check out the NYC Time Out website for some recommendations?

    Generally I would avoid midtown restaurants full stop - there are too many utter tourist traps. That said, Carmines is great for ridicuous 'family style' food, and the burgers are good at Jackson Hole. I would also say that you need to have at least one meal at a real American diner - preferably pastrami on rye at Katz's, which is the diner from When Harry Met Sally.

    South Street Seaport has tall ships and fab views of Brooklyn Bridge and Roosevelt Island as well as some great shopping.

    Oh, and I LOVED wandering around Greenwich Village - it's cool and quirky and a great way to while away an afternoon with a totally different vibe.

  • lol, I just booked that restaurant image

  • I was just looking at Per Se website. They do a tasting menu and I wanted to do something special for OH. They also do a vege tating menu, which a lot of places dont (Im vegeatiran, OH isnt) but its $295 pp for 11 courses, which Ive just worked out would be £400 for a meal for 2, not including drinks!

    The view it is then, lol

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    Baseball will be awesome, rubyring!

    And you've reminded me of another tip - Madison Square Garden. The tour is really good fun, and seeing sport there is something else I really enjoyed. We saw ice-hockey and then basketball a couple of days later. The basketball was especially good fun, because we had seats with waitress service! But I think those sports might be out of season for the summer.

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Great tips on here ladies - NYC is the last stop on our honeymoon and we have booked a couple of things, but this has given me some more ideas so thank you. Only there for three days though! 

  • Sam10Sam10 Posts: 51

    For fantastic huge steaks try a restaurant called Smith and Wollenskys (cant remember the address but easily walked to in downtown NY and for a fab shopping session try Century 21 right opposite Ground Zero - great designer bargains!! image

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Hi all,

    Thank you so much for all this help and advice.  I have made a big list of all your ideas (LOVE the idea of the view - never heard of it before but will definitely be going there now!)

    There is just so much to choose from.  I am so lucky that we are going for 6 days, we should be able to cram a lot in.

    Lots of you have mentioned getting passes and things - there just seem so many to choose from! I will have to have a good look around.

    I've just broken up from school and has about 11 days to plan everything.  might have to get a map and put stickers all over it lol.  The organiser in me misses wedding planning so this is a nice task image

    Thanks again for all your help x

  • Welshgrace -hope you have a fab time, come back and let us know the things you loved whilst you were out there image

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Thanks trouble and strife! I will have to do a mini report or something image 

    Getting very excited now - eeek!

  • becca240280becca240280 Posts: 250

    I went to NYC a couple of years ago and we are going back for our the idea of The View - deffo going to try and book.

    I also recommend Top of the Rock - there was no time limit on how long we could stay there so got to see the sunset and all the city lights come on. Very romantic!

    The Natural History Museum is a great choice as is the Met on the other side of central park, Grays Papaya for hotdogs and Serendipity 3 or Juniors for great desserts.

    I have also pencilled in a visit to the High Line which is the old disused metro line which has been turned into a park/open space.

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Hi, Just wanted to come back and say thanks for all the advice.  We had a brilliant time, it was completely amazing!

    We went to the View, but only for drinks.  There didn't seem to be any need to book, we got there at 8 and were seated straight away.  It was lovely, but mega expensive.  Because we weren't eating, we had to pay an $8 cover charge each.  We had two glasses of wine (1 each) and it cost us about £30!!! Obviously it would have worked out better value had we stayed for more.  

    I would 100% recommend the hop on/hop off tours.  The guides really knew what they were talking about, we learned so much from them.

    My husband surprised me with a helicopter flight for our anniversary, which was fab.  It was by far the best way we could have seen the city.  

    We stayed for 5 days, which was a really nice amount of time to have there.  We were able to do shopping and see all the sights we wanted to see without rushing too much.

    I probably wouldn't go back, not for a few years anyway, not because I didn't enjoy it because I massively did, but because I feel like I've done it now and would like to do something different next time.

    Thanks for all your help image

  • Hi Welshgrace,

    Glad you had an amazing time image can you recommend any lovely restaurants for NYC? and also did you book your hop on/hop off bus tours before you went or when you were out there?

    Thanks xxx

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Hi Jessica,

    The restaurant situation was a bit odd.  We expected there to be loads of really posh ones but I think we were just looking in the wrong place.  We stayed in Times Square, the Hard Rock cafe there was really good, we really enjoyed it there.  There were loads of burger type places and Irish bars that served food.  It is very heavy on the burger front!

    The view seemed really nice but I don't know what the food was like because we only drank there.  For our actual anniversary we went to Greenwich village.  I would not recommend it to be honest,  The tables are crammed in so you are all elbow to elbow and it is really overpriced.

    I would have loved to have gone down to little Italy or chinatown as well but we just ran out of time.  

    We booked the hop on hop off through Thomas Cook, which were way more expensive than we could have paid, but we had vouchers to use up so saved money in that way.  There are people on every corner though so you won't struggle to get them while you are there.  We still had to exchange our voucher for actual tickets though so it didn't save any time or anything.

    There are a few different companys (blue, red and green mostly!). If you are only there a short while I would recommend upgrading to VIP because even though we booked with citysights (blue), we could also use the red buses as well.  This saved us a lot of time waiting around for the right coloured bus!!

    Have a fab time x

  • Welshgrace -would you recommend the view? I have a table booked for dinner, however Ive read very mixed reviews about it, and dont want to fork out a lot of money for dinner and drinks if its not that great. I considering cancelling...

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Like i said above, it was lovely but we didn't eat there so I don't know what the food was like.  The view itself was great as was the atmosphere. It was by far the calmest place around times square! We went at 8 and it was completely dark, I would probably go earlier at around sunset.  

    It was one of the nicest restaurants we went in, because all the others were just typical american, whereas the menu here was more upmarket.  If I went back then yes, I would consider booking there to eat, but like I said, I have no idea what the food is actually like.  It looked nice though.

    If the money is a problem, why don't you try just the deserts option? Or the nibbles and deserts option.  This works out cheaper but you still get the same experience.  I wish we had done this because by the time we paid the cover charge for our drinks, it wouldn't have worked out much more to eat aswell.  

    Whilst the view does seem expensive, it was on a par (price wise) with Greenwich village, which seems to be the trendy place to eat, (but was mega cramped, no nice views etc).  The view defintely offers better value for money than that end of town but depending on where you are staying you may / may not need to take taxi rides into consideration as well.

    Hope that helps x

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    Red Lobster in Times Square is great with huge portions and lovely cocktails. 

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    Oh and the Tenement Museum on the Lower Eastis great, there are different tours looking at different eras. 

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