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i'm very very naughty

Can't believ it is a monday night and I am a little bit drunk (well a bit more that a bit he he)

But in my defence, well there isn't any defence i'm just drunk he he.



  • hanky12hanky12 Posts: 106
    Fantastic! I wish I was
  • why not!!!

    a monday night is just as good as friday, saturday or sunday night!!!

    wish I was!!!!
  • amymamym Posts: 905
    yey well done siany i wish i was after the day iv had
  • MrsMcCall2beMrsMcCall2be Posts: 918
    so do i . Have been naughty though eaten a load of choccie biccies.
  • emmcewenemmcewen Posts: 582
    good on ya siany!

    enjoy it till the hangover kicks in image
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    i must admit i like a tipple of an evening. image
  • siany01uksiany01uk Posts: 703
    so do i . Have been naughty though eaten a load of choccie biccies.

    See i'm not aloud choccie as am on a not eating choccie diet but it doesn't say anyfink about achole (he he can't even spell the word hehehe)

    s xx
  • katiespencekatiespence Posts: 415
    I wish i was too image

    I'm away on business and spent the evening in airports and travelling. I've finally reached the hotel room for a wind down session of YYW and a beer.

    Unfortunately it's 11pm now, so I have to go to bed and not get drunk...

  • MrsMcCall2beMrsMcCall2be Posts: 918
    So am i on ww but had weigh in tonight so treat night for me.
  • madterrymadterry Posts: 246
    Te he he he I love happy drunks!
  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    Lol at ya!!!
  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    Bloody hardcore, you go girl. Monday night, not a chance of drinking for me, would never make it to the weekend.

  • siany01uksiany01uk Posts: 703
    Helloe Ladies,

    Do you want to know the best thing, I had not one sign of a hangver this morning when I got up at 6, was well chuffed, it beat going to the gym as I was meant to.

    S xx
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Siany01, i think I've got your sodding hangover! Only had two glasses of wine last night but feel like someone's slammed my head in a car door!

    XXXX Emmy
  • siany01uksiany01uk Posts: 703

    If I had ben drinking wine I would have had a hangover. Have got partial to WKD blue (out of a glass not a bottle lol) as it is really easy to drink, I don't like beer and as I said wine does give me a headache the next day so find alcopops the best as no come back from it so to speak lol.

    S xx

    P.s I save the wine for the when I am out and I don't have to get up the next day hehe
  • I have a hangover, i got sloshed last night whilst looking at piccies from the wedding, over and over. Think i was still in honeymoon mode, sore head today. xx
  • jessbearukjessbearuk Posts: 1,137
    did you have a hangover today?
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