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Will caterers serve our own drinks?!

Hi everyone!

Firstly let me begin in saying that I haven't been to a wedding since I was 4 years old, and hence have no idea as to the logistics of planning a wedding! 

We are in a pretty in good position with our venue in that we are allowed to bring in our own drink, they have 3 fridges to store them in and they do not charge corkage. 

But who serves them?! Would a caterer be willing to do this or would we be responsible? And would a caterer serve our own drinks as arrival drinks (thinking peach bellinis/prosecco/peach juice) or is that being cheeky?!



  • JewellJewell Posts: 68

    I work for an outside caterer and we would happily serve drinks - that's what we do most of the time!  We don't charge corkage either.  But - there's always a but - you would probably need an extra member of staff  (maybe two, depending on numbers) to set up the bar and to serve the drinks.  They could also serve and look after drinks during the meal, organise champagne for the toasts, and look after an evening bar if you are providing evening drinks as well.  So there would likely be an extra cost there.

  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628


    Our venue is the same and we have bought our own alcohol and the caterers are serving it, but as the OP said we've had to pay for 4 bar staff to serve the alcohol.

  • We serve our brides own drinks without any further staff or corkage charges.

    It is part of the wedding Breakfast so figured into our services provided.

    If the venue  is a marquee we would however leave the bottles there to be recycled. we only remove catering waste or bottles if we have provided them.

    I think most outside caterers are happy to serve the brides wines and Champagnes without extra costs image

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