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Hi guys,

I've finally found THE dress, and now am desperate to find some lovely shoes to go with it!

I tried on some Rainbow Club shoes in the dress shop and they were SO comfortable, but I don't like the styles too much, I want a smaller heel and preferably something made without leather (I'm one of those annoying veggie folk!).

Does anyone know any good sites or companies I could check out?

The PERFECT shoes would be;

Strappy or rounded toes (don't like pointy shoes)

Ivory or white so can be tinted


1" heel or less

No big buckles, simple detail.

Thanks guys!


  • MrsVerneMrsVerne Posts: 421
    Nobody??? Anybody??? Any decent shoes!?!?!!
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340

    I'm also trying to find veggie shoes so nice to know I'm not the only one. Unfortunately I'm looking for a different style of shoe from you - I going to suggest Next but I think they're all pointy. I'm looking for something goldy with a high heel, strap round the ankle and possibly even a wedge (my dress is quite long and I can't really take it up easily)

  • Hey MrsVerne,

    Give this a try-

    Good Luck, Kat x
  • Blurb from their website

    "All our ranges of shoes and boots are our own designs, we offer a fitting service and we can also make our styles from materials supplied by the customer. All of our shoes are specially hand made, and we can mix and match shoe designs to suit your wedding footwear down to the final detail.

    As a specialist service, we can make our shoes and boots to meet the requirements of vegetarian and vegan principles. We use only the finest satins and silks and swarovski crystals to add sparkle to our designs where required."

    I think that's really nice x

  • MrsVerneMrsVerne Posts: 421
    Thanks guys!!! That's really helpful!!!
  • MrsVerneMrsVerne Posts: 421
    That website is perfect! So perfect! THANK YOU!
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    great site - thanks!
  • chloeparkerchloeparker Posts: 528; loads of shoes and fab service
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