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    I went to one shop tried on one dress and loved it, tried on a few more to make sure but ended up getting the first. at the time it felt perfect but when I look back at the pics I see myself fatter everytime lol but I'm sure its just being anxious and I'm sure it is just the same for you. I think it's very hard for someone not to look beautiful in any wedding dress and there must have been a reason you chose it compared to other, everything happens for a reason! Try not to worry image when are you going back for fittings etc? 

  • iPhone pictures are rubbish. Remember how it looked in the mirror. I'm having huge doubts but I just keep remembering that.

    don't forget that the dress you tried may not have been the right size and you may bended some altercations but if you loved it in the shop, you'll love it again.

    I tried on loads. the way I see it - even if one of the others looked a bit better - no one else will every know and you will look amazing in the day regardless. But I think you're just having the doubts everyone has. I cried a couple of times in the days after buying mine. Now I'm excited again!

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    I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't try any wedding dresses in one shop. Just buy my wedding dress online. I tell them my body size and choose the color. Then after two weeks I got it. It was what I want and fit me well.

    This is my dress from 



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    Hi try not to worry. I went to one shop tried on quite alot and loved one so bought it.  Again I keep hesitating if I should of looked around more and whem I look at the photos its not as nice as I remember and panic. I keep picking out loads of faults with myself on the photos.  My mum has a video of me it it and that makes me feel alot better as its more how I remember it. I think photos on a phone in a shop can be massively deceiving.

    Im sure youll look amazing in it image xx

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    Could you go back and try it on 'in the flesh' again? Photos snapped quickly in shops never do the dress justice (poor lighting, not great phones on cameras, no time to properly pose)

    I think most people 'dress wobble'. I went to one dress and bought and fully paid for the dress I tried on second without showing anyone else! I then took my mom back to see it but really when bought and paid for what else could she say that it looked wonderful. 

    In the run up to the day I was nervous I'd chosen the wrong one. It was classic and quite 'plain' in comparison to other dresses I liked (It was Johanna Hehir's Cassandra and I had liked Ian Stuart dresses too which are totally different!). 

    But it was absolutely perfect. Gut instinct is a powerful thing and I cannot now imagine a moment when I didn't like it having seen reactions on the day and the professional photos. 

    If you can try it on again do. 


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    I look at the only available publicity picture of mine all the time and worry if I've made the right choice - it's a dress from a lesser known collection that is only in it's second season, so there is literally just one studio picture of it and absolutely no pictures of real brides in it.

    And I really hate the picture! There's no way I would even have considered trying it on based on it. It's sod's law isn't it? 

    I do have some pics of me wearing the sample, and it does look better on me than on the model, but even so - I've lost so much weight since they were taken that now when I look at them, all I can see if how huge I looked, so even that doesn't help like it used to.

    What I keep coming back to is how the dress made me feel - I loved it the moment it was on, I got properly teary and I felt like a real princess.

    I have my first fitting next week, and while I'm pretty nervous about whether it will still suit my new shape, I know that no other dress would have done for me - we'll make it work, whatever it takes.

    If you loved it, you love it - simple as that.

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    Sarah I have a horrendous photo that my sister took on her phone too. The dress is four sizes too big for me & I'm pulling a ridiculous face as I didn't realise she was taking it (we weren't supposed to take photos). I keep going through phases of worrying but just have to remember the feeling I had when I knew it was 'the dress'.

    I went to just 2 shops and tried on about 12 dresses in total & like you my dress is nothing like I imagined I'd go for - there's a picture in my planning thread x

  • Hello,

    You have nothing to worry about, we all have doubts about the dress trust included and while I waited for the dress to come in I would look at other dresses and think I had picked the wrong one but when it came to my first dress fitting I got that feeling back again and I knew the reason I had picked it. Go with your first instinct.

    Ask the dress shop if you can try it on again just to get that reasurance back..... Phone photos dont do you any justice and just think on the day you will have all your hair and make up done it will make such a huge difference.x


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    I too have doubts over my dress!  Only ordered it a couple of months ago and although before ordering I couldnt get it out of my head, I am now wondering whether it was the right one. It has a splash of colour to it, and I think it is something that my mum said has put doubt in my mind.  But deep down I know that it is the right choice, I think I just need to try it on again!

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  • I agree with the others that everyone gets the jitters about the dress.

    My mum loved my dress as soon as she saw it and is not shy with her opinion! I went back on my own to make sure I wasn't being swayed by my mum's opinion to try it on again and loved it so ordered it and paid my deposit.

    About a month after we were back in the bridal shop looking for bridesmaid dresses with my sister and my mum wanted me to show my sis so I tried on the sample dress again.

    I'd lost a bit of weight, I'm much smaller around the bust than hips and we were running over the appointment time so my mum just hooked the dress closed at the back and didn't do the lacing and it looked awful! Really baggy on top and weird at the waist as it wasn't laced.

    My mum was all like it'll be lovely when its altered but I was having serious doubts.

    But it turns out mum does know best as after the alterations to the size and I changed the neckline and had some beading to add a splash of colour it was totally "the one".

    I agree phone cameras can be crap and if the sample you tried on wasn't your size it can be difficult to imagine quite how you'll look on the day, but if you loved it before you'll love it on the day.

    Good luck!



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