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Our Tropical Colour scheme Wedding- 3/8/13

So after going through everything wedding related over the last few days and sorting things out to keep or to sell, I thought I would start a report on our special day. I am now Mrs J and it has been 3 weeks since we wed. We have been so busy and its all gone so quickly but I think I am adjusting nicely to married life! Hopefully I don't miss anything out!

I have a planning thread if you want to see the whole beginning story and planning phase. I'm going to start from the day before the wedding. Here is a photo of me and MrJ prior to be married!



So... the day before the wedding I had my mum and sister arrive with my godmother (aka my hairdresser!) and we went over to the venue to drop off boxes of stuff and make sure everything was ready. MrJ came with us and we managed to meet with our wedding coordinator and go through last minute things. Mum and godmum checked into the venue hotel and we got busy making sure everyone knew what to do tomorrow. I suddenly got a frantic phone call from my sister asking if we knew a dry cleaners nearby that would do a very quick turn around because they had accidentally spilled raspberries over my godmums blue dress! This was the first (and thankfully only) real disaster that we had! Luckily the raspberry juice came out really easily and it was fixed quickly.

After leaving the venue and saying goodbye to MrJ for the last time before the wedding (which was very strange) we headed for a quick dinner at a local pub. It was all very relaxed and calm which was good. My friend came over to my house to do my nails and my bridesmaids and we stayed up gossiping and getting excited for ages. Eventually me and my bridesmaids managed to make it into bed and actually fall asleep which was near on a miracle after how excited we had got!

And then it was the morning....AAhhhhhhh!



  • When I woke up the morning of the wedding, my MOH handed me a card from her that had lots of really heartfelt words in it that made us both a little emotional, then she pulled out a bag which was my gift from MrJ. It was a beautiful pandora bracelet with 3 beads on it already. I had been wanting a pandora bracelet for ages and had been eyeing them up in full view of him for a while but still didnt expect it! I put it straight on and then realised I had to take it off before getting in the shower!! I also gave my MOH and bridesmaid (sister) their presents which was a necklace and bracelet to wear on the day, plus little pyjama tops with diamante "bridesmaid" and "maid of honour" written on the back. I had one with "bride" to wear too image

    Here is a piccy of them...


     You can tell that when this photo was taken we were in the process of getting ready!!

  • After presents we made our way to the venue with bags and everything and checked into the bridal suite for preparations!

    The bridal suite of the venue was absolutely beautiful. It was huge as well. We had a massive bathroom, dressing room with double wardrobe and huge mirrors, and a huge bedroom area with little lounge and four poster bed. It was actually the turrett of the hotel building which made us all feel a little bit like a princess. We hung out the window and felt a little like rapunzel in her tower!

    We almost immediately started getting ready, MOH poured the bucks fizz and the make up and curling started!!

    I was actually surprisingly relaxed during the whole getting ready stage which was good and my MOH was brilliant at organising everything so I could just relax.

    Some getting ready photos...


     My mum 




     Me chilling with the four poster bed!


  • SB2013SB2013 Posts: 281

    looking forward to reading more!! X

  • Thanks SB2013 image

    So as I said before I was surprisingly chilled out during the whole preparations part of the day, which is a great credit to my MOH. About 12ish she got a phone call from MrJ and she hurried into the dressing room area to answer it squealing that I couldnt overhear because its bad luck haha. The boys had lost one of the shirts from the suits!! They had looked everywhere for it and could not find it at all and they were phoning to check if it had got mixed up with my Grandads suit. It hadnt! Luckily my MOH didnt reveal a thing of this to me as she secretly checked every nook and cranny of the bags and boxes. She then got a phone call saying they had found had fallen off the hanger and was in the bottom of the suit bag. Needed an iron but at least they had found it! I was completely none the wiser having my hair curled and drinking bucks fizz!!!

    My Grandad, who was giving me away, arrived and got ready, and then it was time to put the dress on! I had been so excited for this moment that suddenly I felt a little nervous. I changed in the dressing room area and had my seamstress (family friend!) lace me in properly. I think I was in a daze at this point as I cant remember feeling any emotions at all. A piccy of being laced in...



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    Looking forward to reading more


  • So now we were just about ready to leave and the nerves were setting in. Everyone began leaving to go down to the ceremony and it really just didnt feel real. I had dreamed of the moment where I walked down the grand staircase princess style and just couldnt quite believe the moment was here. I made it down without tripping (I was very worried about that!) and went in to meet the registrar.


     The registrar meeting went on longer than I thought and I started to worry that I would be late. I mean I'm always later...without fail, but to be more than 5 minutes late to the wedding seemed mean to MrJ, rude to the guests, and also....why would I be late? I wanted it to last forever!

    So we made our way to the ceremony room, I saw the doors open, music started, bridesmaids walked away from me....and I panicked! What if something went wrong? What if I tripped? What if it wasnt everything I had dreamed? 

    So with trembling legs and holding back the tears I turned to my Grandad and said "Ready?" And off we went. I tried so hard to smile and look up and as I did I caught sight of Mr J....he was sobbing like a baby! This actually sent me in the other direction and made me want to be strong and not cry rather than join him and be two blubbering wrecks! My legs were shaking so much I actually didnt think I would make it to the end of the aisle!!!

    Luckily my Grandad held on and we made it in one piece.


     Then the usual stuff....I wont go into too much detail....

    We said our vows, we held hands and exchanged rings, we listened to readings, we kissed, we signed the register, we posed, and we walked out. It all went to plan, everything was beautiful, the registrar didnt need to prompt us to do anything in particular, we didnt fluff our vows, we didnt sob uncontrollably and we made it through!!!

    That makes it sound like a bit of a formality. It really wasnt. It was beautiful and I think looking back it was by far my favourite part of the day (surely thats the whole point!). And I would go back in an instance and do it again, I just know that if you are reading this you pretty much know how weddings go and nothing spectacular happened that is really worth going into much detail over. 

    Anyway some piccies...







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    Love reading this. your dress is beautiful what dress is it? X

  • Lovely and you look stunning, keep it coming.

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    Your dress is gorgeous and I love the orange and fushia flowers (ESP the Gerbera button hole!). Lovely pics x

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    You look absolutely gorgeous and your dress suits/fits you absolutely perfectly image

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    Loving this!  Congratulations  image You were a beautiful bride! x

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    More pics please

  • We need more hehe!!! Congratulations, you looked absolutely stunning!!! x

  • Lol thanks ladies you are too kind image

    Kerry Lloyd- dress is called Ella by Essence. I loved it so much! 

    Sorry for not writing in a few days... I will update you some more now...


  • So after the ceremony we walked straight out into the little bar area and stood as all our guests came past, hugged and said congratulations. Sort of an informal receiving line. We didn't want to do the traditional receiving line thing because we don't have traditional families and didn't want it to be boring and tedious, so this was our way of still making sure we spoke to everyone but without the formalities or awkwardness that often comes alongside the traditional full receiving line. 

    Our ushers then organised everyone on the rooftop terrace where drinks reception was to make sure they were standing on each side and had their bubbles ready for our little entrance. we took these minutes to just be together with noone else around as even the photographer was upstairs waiting for us. was nice to do that and I would recomend it to everyone. It was cute when we went up with everyone blowing bubbles and smiling at us. The wind blew some of the bubbles in the wrong direction so not quite perfect but close enough!!




     after milling around, chatting and drinking Pimms we made our way down onto the lawn with our photographer. It was nice because all our guests could watch us from the terrace without actually being involved. 

    Wehad some beautiful photos taken, posey and more natural. Our photographer was brilliant and made us both feel really comfortable. I'm quite comfortable in front of a camera but even so he was fabulous.

    Here are some of my favourites.....


    My princess moment on the lawn!



    Love the way he has done the colours on this one



    Beautiful woodland shot



    The bridal party ushers,, bridesmaid, MOH, and best man




    love these photos I could look at the all day! 

  • The most important piece of information or advice that I can give to anyone about to eat married is the one piece of advice that was given to me before my wedding- take time to just be the two of you. Walk away somewhere away from everyone and just be the two of you for a little while. It doesn't have to be long because you will want to get back to it but make sure you do. So many brides say that they feel like they didn't see their hubby during the day and although there are times I wish we were together more like on the dance floor where we danced with everyone and not much with each other!

    taking those few minutes between the ceremony and the drinks reception, and the time we spent together after the photos when everyone went to get ready for dinner were brilliant and meant that we could forget about the craziness of the wedding and just be us. Married. For just a little while it was lovely.

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    That woodland pic is amazing!  You have to get that one blown up and put in a lovely frame x

  • SutesSutes Posts: 697

    Photos are stunning! Colours are so vibrant in the photo's x

  • Thanks JodieLou w think we will get that one blown up. There is a close up one of it with the colours made brighter which we really like too but I just love the full length ones where you get to see my dress lol.

    Thanks Sutes we really love them. Photographer really was great!

  • So I got an email from the photographer today. The CD of all the photos is in the post and the album will be ready in about 2 weeks! YAY!

    Ok lets continue with the day...

    So after photos, of course it was the wedding breakfast. We were announced into the room as Mr and Mrs J and I felt so happy! image

    So this is what the tables looked like...


     As you can see we kept up the pink and orange theme in everything. Sashes were organza pink and orange alternate around the tables. Centre pieces were large martini vases with crystals, water and gerberas. Here is a close up picture for you...



     Some were orange and some were pink, they were a big hit and with the spotlights in the ceiling and little tealights on the table they really sparkled in the evening...


     Here are the chair covers. We had the same chairs/covers for the ceremony too so it all tied in really nicely. I'm so in love with the colours, they really were perfect for our day!



    We had hand made all of the favours ourselves. They took absolutely forever and at one point I nearly gave up completely but it was worth it in the end from all the comments we got.

    I didnt like the idea of most favours I thought they were too traditional, boring or not relevant to us. I wanted something that really meant something to us/our guests and that they could think back and remember how perfect it was, rather than being something generic. I had a couple of bridezilla moments over these to MrJ quite early on as I just couldnt decide on anything I liked, google didnt have any ideas, no wedding magazines had anything I wanted. I was close to just opting for something safe. And then I had a brain wave.

    I am a huge Disney fan and am constantly talking about how my wedding should be a fairytale day with wishes and sparkles and magic (lol). As some of you may know Jimminy Cricket has a quote.... "The most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish" so I took inspiration from this and created a bag of wishes.

    Each bag had a little poem tied into a scroll with a pink or orange ribbon that explained what was inside with poems.

    It included a lucky penny, forget me not seeds, a wish bracelet(hand made), and a herschey's kiss.

    We hand made the packets for the forget me not seeds by sewing (yes it was painstakingly slow to make them) card hearts together in pink and orange (of course) and then filling with seeds and stamping a love heart on the front. The wish bracelets were hand made by us too with a variety of colour beads, then we made the pennies as shiny as we could by washing them and bleaching them, and the herschey's kiss was added at the end.

    <div align='cente

  • Oh no the photo didnt upload. Lets try again...


     This is what they looked like on the day. Lots of guests commented on how unique and personal they were and that really made me smile....perhaps it was worthwhile after all!!!


    Also in case anyone is interested these are the poems we used:

    A lucky penny

    On our special day, a small thing for you,

    a penny for your pocket, to help to see you through,

    Heads or tails- there is no right way,

    We just want you to remember our wedding day.


    Forget me nots

    Plant these seeds, and when they bloom, 

    remember the love shared today, by the bride and groom.


    Wish bracelet:

    Here is a bracelet made 'specially for you,

    when it wears off your wish will come true,

    so think of a wish with all of your might,

    now pick up your bracelet and tie it on tight.


    A hershey's kiss:

    A hug, a kiss, and a promise to treasue,

    Thank you for sharing our first day of forever.


    The quote was written at the top of the scroll and the poems underneath. 

  • SutesSutes Posts: 697

    I absolutely love your theme and your favours were really imaginative and unique! Keep the posts coming image 

  • We also had an Ispy game with disposable cameras on the tables for the guests to play:



     It was really fun, but unfortunately our disposable cameras were rubbish. Please be careful if you are planning to do this as we had real problems with the cameras. They were from an ebay seller with 99% excellent ratings, and the price and the delivery etc were all great. The cameras looked good as you can see but when people started using them the problems started occuring. 

    Lots of cameras didnt have a working flash. Even if they pressed the button it sometimes still wouldnt go off. One camera broke all together and couldnt be used at all. And another froze halfway through the film and wouldnt take any more.

    We took them to get developed when we got back from honeymoon and they explained when we picked them up that some of the photos hadnt even registered on the camera. Two or three cameras we had taken the day after the wedding and took a few random pictures of us in the venue the next day. These were the only photos that actually got developed. For some reason the others wouldnt come out. Either too dark so nothing was printed, or the photos didnt even register on the camera. Whichever it was, it was a real shame because I remember posing for some funny photos and seeing lots of people snapping away, but we only have about 30 photos of the actual wedding day that are worth looking at. 

    I didnt expect miracles, I knew the photo quality wouldnt be great, it was just a bit of fun. But such a shame that most of the photos didnt develop properly.


  • We also had a guest book table in the bar area for everyone to write in.

    I am a primary school teacher so I thought it would be really nice to somehow include my children in the wedding. So I put a picture of me in my wedding dress, and Mr J in his suit up on the whiteboard and they all drew pictures of us on our wedding day. I then took an old boot box and covered it in the pictures from my class. This was my post box for cards on the day, and lots of people enjoyed looking at the great drawings from my darling 5 and 6 year olds of us on our wedding. 


     And next to that we set our guest book. It was just your usual high street guest book from a company called Bright Side. If you havnt heard of them, just google bright side products. We have thousands of things from there, we really love it. Our save the dates had been in that style, so we thought it was kind of fitting to have our guest book in that style too.

    I framed a picture of us and wrote in chalk pen over the glass instructions and ideas for the comments. We suggested people could write advice, predictions, stories, memories etc. Not many people actually did that, almost all of the comments are standard wedding day congrats which is still fine. Perhaps little post cards with fill in the blank type game would have been more fun.

    We also had a polaroid printer with camera sat next to it, and each guest who wrote in the book had to take a photo of themselves, print it and then stick it in next to their comments.

    Almost everyone did this and it was really nice to have photos next to the comments.

    We were really lucky that people were sensible with the guest book (apart from one really immature cousin who got ridiculously drunk early on and wrote "happy engagement, lets go out soon" which luckily we were able to tear that page out without it affecting anyone else's comment!!!) Our book did get put away to stop drinks being spilled on it and to avoid drunken comments, but I think it needed to have been watched a little more closely. 

    The problem was, we didnt really want some poor person standing there all night. It turned out fine in the end though and its something to treasure and one day maybe show our children image



  • Lovely photo's, dress is stunning xx

  • Beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Wow Chrissy! I'm so happy for you that everything turned out so amazingly!! I remember you pain stakingly making all your bracelets and I'm so glad they were appreciated!

    You looked absolutely gorgeous too! Love the ceremony picture of you and your hubby grinning like cheshire cats and the woodland one too. image

  • I love how your theme comes alive on the tables, stunning! 

  • THank you everyone.

    Pinkstars, thank you I was really impressed with how the centrepieces looked, especially in the evening with the lights on them. Was simple, but elegant!

    Cherry...glad you are reading image I love the ceremony picture too it makes me smile, its a proper 'caught in the moment' type shot and I love photos like that!!! 

    Unfortunately the wedding is all becoming a distant memory now that I am back to work in my new job. It has been a bit of a stressful week starting a new teaching job, and now knowing anything, but it seems really nice and I am enjoying it so far, and my class seem really far!! lol

    It is also not nice going back to work after the summer because with both MrJ and me being teachers we get the whole break to just be together...and so going back to work is always a shock!

    Will update hopefully tomorrow with more wedding stuff image



  • So to carry on with the report of the day...

    So we sat down to dinner only a little later than planned and this is where we over-ran. The hotel were slower than we thought at bringing everyone's meals out and tidying them away. It wasn't a major problem but the time started ticking on and by the time everyone had eaten, evening guests were arriving and we hadn't done speeches yet! In some ways I wish it hadn't gone on so long and that we had been more strict on timings but in other ways, we were enjoying ourselves and didn't want to rush!

    So my Grandad gave his father of the bride speech complete with picture slideshow, hubby gave his speech and then his brother (best man) did his. They all went really well despite the nerves and I am looking forward to seeing them again on the wedding video because to be honest most of it is a blur of words now!

    Some photos of speeches...


     My Grandad

    ok it wont let me load the other pictures at the moment. Will try again later.


    So after speeches the sliding door between the two rooms was opened and the party began. We cut the cake first, then I threw my bouquet and then the dancing started.

    Throwing my bouquet caused a bit of drama! Firstly I threw it into the chandalier! ooops. Then I got given a chair to sit on and throw it from. Now during MrJs speech he had made a joke that everyone else needed to stay seated when the throwing of the bouquet happened because my MOH needed to catch it. It is an ongoing joke between us and her and her bf because they have been together 7 years and he hasnt asked her yet. Of course it was a joke, however it was understood that the bouquet was for her and that she should catch it. Unfortunately there are a few members of MrJs family who will do anything to be centre of attention and don't care about the consequences. So his cousin (who got married the week before us....a sore point anyway) joined the front of the group and then shouted "hey chrissy throw it to me" my response was "you're married, get to the back!" (of course it was said in a nice way, with a smile!) So I threw the bouquet, MOH put hands up to catch and cousin comes running forward and snatches it right out of her hands. pleasant! I wasnt impressed. If she caught it fair and square-fine but she didnt. And she is already married.

    Here is a picture of the whole bouquet incident!

    (nope it wont let me upload pictures!)

    Pictures of cutting the cake, speeches and bouquet hopefully to follow.

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