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wedding dress shopping sucks!

I went to try Ronald Joyce ‘peaches’ on again today. I loved it and haven’t stopped thinking about it since I tried it on before BUT today I wasn’t blown away by it. I still think it looks very pretty on and is really flattering and generally a lovely dress.

Does this mean it isn’t the one? Or is it me overthinking because its not the first time I tried it on so didn’t get that feeling. My friends absolutely love it, my mum sobbed when she saw me in it but I’m getting downhearted by the whole thing now. I’m bored of dress hunting but I don’t want to settle either. That said, im not sure it would be settling as the dress is lovely! argggggghhhhhh!

Its not helping that a girl at work has only been engaged for four weeks and already bought her dress.

Not really sure what kind of response I’m looking for but any wise words would be appreciated.

Keep searching or bite the bullet?


  • y5c6y5c6 Posts: 467

    If you aren't certain about it then I would say to keep looking round.  I tried on about 8 dresses before I fell in love with my gown, and I didn't get any kind of feelings like "It's the one" or break down in floods of happy tears or any of that nonsense, I just thought it was an absolutely gorgeous dress, the colour suited me, the shaping of it was so flattering and it was really comfortable (a big plus!!).

    Don't be too hard on yourself, if you aren't sure then keep looking, but you might just find yourself coming back to that dress at the end of the day.

  • Hi Shortbread!

    Just looked and your dress it's stunning!

    I think its normal to have loads of different emotions when making such an important purchase.  You don't need to make a decision today, sleep on it and see how you feel in a few days.

    I found dress shopping really hard and still wonder now if I have made the right decision! My friend had very wise words, she said "there are lots of pretty dresses out there, you can't try them all and sometimes you've just got to make a decision!"  It kinda helped me!

    Good luck

    P.S. Don't worry about the girl who chose in four weeks, seems a quick decision to me.

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    I found mine on my first trip and knew it was between that and one other. I didn't hear fanfares or anything, just knew I liked it and could imagine myself in it on the day. I went back a few weeks later, tried that, the other possible and 2 new ones but still felt best in that one. My dress lady said you will like most dresses but if there is an " I like it but it would be better if..." thought in your head, move on.

  • shortbreadshortbread Posts: 255

    Thanks ladies, you all make valid points.  I’m going to sleep on it tonight and make the decision once and for all tomorrow.’s true, sometimes the decision just has to be made.

    Mrsnoel  - your dress lady makes a great point and to be fair there is nothing I would change on the dress at all it just wasn’t the look I was expecting to go for.  I always thought I’d go a bit edgy with the dress but this seems really traditional to me.

    I think I was just expecting fireworks, a band playing and Channing Tatum to walk in topless with a congratulations card when I did finally find it! x

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    I think people sort of make you believe you will! When I'm struggling on a decision I'll fake make my choice and sit with it for a bit if I have chance. Sometimes you get that disappointed "oh" feeling and you know that actually it's the other thing that's right for you. Others you think yeah I'd have been glad with that. That probably doesn't make sense but I know what I mean! 

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride
    shortbread wrote (see)

    I think I was just expecting fireworks, a band playing and Channing Tatum to walk in topless with a congratulations card when I did finally find it! x

    Lol!! I tried on around 50 dresses in total and although I love the dress I have chosen and very excited to wear it - I can't really say I just KNEW! It was the fact that my Mum cried and that I also knew that I was start to become a bit ridiculous so it was time to make a decision. It had all the things I wanted in a dress, lace, back detail, big skirt, just a wee bit different and the price was ace so that did it! Your dress is gorgeous and remember when have it on for the wedding you'll have your hair all done, make up etc and be feeling amazing. You will make the dress fantastic - not the other way around xx

  • shortbreadshortbread Posts: 255

    haha i think i know what you mean. pretend ive actually gone ahead with it already and see how it feels sort of thing.

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    Ask yourself how disappointed you would be if you rang and they stopped doing the dress? Would you be oh well nevermind or would you be gutted? Maybe have a day or two wedding free then have a think or visit a couple more shops image 

  • shortbreadshortbread Posts: 255

    oh no I think you may have just given me a rude awakening.image

    My initial thought was I don’t think I would be too upset and at least the decision has been made for me. If that’s my attitude maybe it isnt right after all. I’ll still sleep on it though to make sure im not just being my usual over analytical self.

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    Three weeks away from my wedding and I'm still not 100% sure on it. It's lovely, but it's been so difficult to get a good idea for how it looks as it's never actually fit me. I don't pick up the finished article until 2 days before we fly out so I haven't even got chance to change my mind if I wanted to.

    I didn't have tears or a fanfare or an 'it's the ONE' moment. I just felt like "right, I like it, thank fuck for that because I'm really sick of trying dresses on now"

    Have you tried on any dresses that you think might be edgy?? 

  • shortbreadshortbread Posts: 255

    No, most of the dress shops near me dont seem to do what i would class as particularly edgy dresses but im thinking of having one made with the skirt to look like this if i do decided againts the other one.



  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    Shortbread, i ended up with 4 dresses as i didnt find the one, (And was still deciding right up to the day of the flight!) but i am very happy with my choice as it suited the style of the wedding. I think when i tried it on, it felt 98% right but like you, theres that almost 'what if theres something better....'.

    Go with what you are comfortable in, and feel good in. I especially agree with the comments about changes to the dress, what if they stopped stocking it and also that decision one...can always tell if its right or not by how i feel after it...give it a couple of days. 

    And good luck (you will look gorgeous whatever you decide!) image x

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Hey Shortbread image I've just had another look at your planning thread and I'm not surprised you're confused- the 4 dresses you've loved (the alfred angelo from the outlet store, the lacey fishtail which was nearly 'the one', the candy anthony and the ronald joyce 'peaches') are all soooo different! I personally think it might be a good idea to find a store which stocks the lacey one so you can try it on again- you really only ruled it out because you saw a pic of another bride wearing it, and if nothing else it might just give you a bit of clarity. Have you thought about trying to find a similar dress, if you still have that feeling it belongs to someone else? I love all of the dresses you've looked at, but I think it's interesting that the BM dress you've bought is also a fishtail- you obviously like that style, and it would really compliment a dress like (if not the) lacey one you paid a deposit on.  I'll be completely honest and say that as much as I love the peaches gown I'm not sure I can see it at your ceremony + reception venues: it just doesn't seem to be the look you're going for? Only you can decide. The skirt in the pic you've just posted is amazing!  I could see Carrie Bradshaw wearing it which means it's defo right for New York! x

  • shortbreadshortbread Posts: 255

    Thanks Jodielou..... youre right it has confused me lots. I agree about the over all look and the more i mull over it the more it just doesnt feel right. A church wedding here and i would def have gone for it.

    I have tried a few more lacey fitted styles but i didnt really like any like i did the others there was something about that one but it feels too tainted (thats sad i know). i announced to my friend i was taking a break from the dress hunt for a while......i clearly wont. x

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I think a little break (from trying on at least) might be a good idea, and perhaps having something completely unique designed just for you is the right option? x

  • shortbreadshortbread Posts: 255

    If i can i think i break would be best before a final decision. Failing that im wearing a white plastic bag and declaring it as a £10,000 valentino dress. image

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