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Swap and share desserts and starters...

So today we went for our wedding breakfast menu tasting. We cant give our guests a choice in advance so thought we could just pick one option for each course. The main course was simple enough to choose, but I struggled with starter and dessert as i knew some people were fussy and wouldn't like either of the options. Our venue then said as we're a large number we could do two options for starter and two for dessert, and just alternate who gets what as they hand them out...then people can swap and share as they like. Now I really like this idea for dessert, but not so sure about starter for some reason. Most people are coming in couples and will be sitting with people they know so I don't think it'll be a problem but just not sure about it for some reason. Has anyone done this? And how would you word this on the menus, that people can swap and share on their tables but don't really have a choice as they're being served?? Xx


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    i think if it was me and I was offering 2 starters and 2 desserts then I would just get the guests to choose ahead of time xx

  • Ideally yes that's what we'd do mrs c but I don't think we can, the venue want to do exactly 50/50 on each. do you think it'll cause more hassle than if we just did one option and that was the end of it? I figure at least this way people have some kind of choice even if we can't directly give them that in advance...

  • I'd just be worried that someone may be left unhappy by their choice ie, other people on their table wanted that starter so they couldn't have it, or if everyone wanted the same and started asking the waiting staff to change theirs! I'm sure these things wouldn't happen and it's my over imaginative brain, 

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    Hmmm... that's a difficult one.  I can see why you're tempted to go for this option- as you say, it does mean your guests have somewhat of a choice- but I do think it might be more hassle than it's worth.  Could you have sharing platters for starter and dessert instead, so everyone can help themselves that way? Or maybe have 2/ 3 mini puds on a plate, so at least that solves the problem for dessert? x

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