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Cheshire Wedding Band

Hi, I am getting married in July 2014 near Prestbury, Cheshire and am looking for a good wedding band. Can anyone recommend one?



  • I don't know any band but i know a group of singing waiters. Hiring them has become best and affordable option for entertainments now a days. They will entertain your guests in the best funny way possible by their amazing tricks and beautiful songs that are sure to make your special day even more special and make your wedding an enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

  • Hi Emma

    The Rhythm Co. is based in the North East however can and do travel all over the UK.  This 10-piece band features not one but two female lead vocalists and plays a variety of styles of music including Soul, Rock n' Roll and Rhythm and Blues which creates a night of feel good entertainment for both the young and the young at heart.

    For more information have a look at the website at or find us on facebook at

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in do feel free to contact me.


  • Hiya!!

    We had Hard to Handle

    They were amazing!!! Can't say more than that not at one point was the dancefloor empty, they knew exactly what to play to get people dancing, even the oldies image


  • Emmab88Emmab88 Posts: 12

    Thanks so much i'll check them out! 



  • FlynnFlynn Posts: 1

    Higher Ground are a good wedding band, they play classics to today's hits. They cover all of the noth-west and most importantly, do not cost the earth!image:

  • Charlie 3Charlie 3 Posts: 61

    We had a fab band and DJ all in one! Not cheesy at all!

    They played a great mixture of songs. I went straight to their website

    They are on agency sites but you'll get them for cheaper direct like we did!

    I want to do it all again!!!!!! 

  • Emmab88Emmab88 Posts: 12

    Thanks guys, we are thinking of having The Coolers, has anyone seen them play? xx

  • Charlie 3Charlie 3 Posts: 61

    Sorry Emma, not seen them. Did you check out the band we had? They are based in the midlands but travelled down to us. (Bristol)

    It's soooo hard isn't it!!!!!

  • Emmab88Emmab88 Posts: 12

    Hi Charlie3 yes still considering them, the coolers are playing live next week near us so going to check them out live, that's swaying our decision at the moment. Seems to take the risk away a bit! If they aren't any good I'll see if your band plays anywhere! Thanks for the tip! xx

  • Charlie 3Charlie 3 Posts: 61


    I saw the band at a friends wedding and had to have them. I think they mainly play only private weddings etc but it might be worth looking at the website to see if they are playing public ones. Probably would be Cheshire way though!?!?!?

    Good luck with The Coolers though! image

  • misslocketmisslocket Posts: 686

    The Coolers are playing at a charity ball i'm going to on 18th May, i'll be happy to report back afterwards! I'm in Lancashire but i'd imagine bands around here would travel to Cheshire as it's not far away at all- depending on the music you like, The Jeps and The Deadbeats are two popular bands here, my friend had one of them at her reception a few years back and they were fab but sadly I can't recall which one! Xx

  • Emmab88Emmab88 Posts: 12

    Thanks miss locket that would be fab! Xx

  • MrsMest2014MrsMest2014 Posts: 251 New bride

    I'm looking at hiring the Catbirds for my wedding next May, has anyone seen them perform/heard anything about them?

  • I heard KingTastic at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. We want them for our wedding but they already have an enquiry on our wedding date. Don't want to steal them off someone else but at the same time we do. Any ideas for getting them to choose us?
  • If your still looking then check out JUST GROOVE LIVE.
  • I'm sure you'll have one booked by now, but if not, and you're looking for something on trend and quirky, rather than 'Mustang Sally and Celebrate Good times' check us out at  We play at over 200 weddings a year and are on many agency websites.  If you come to us directly though, we can offer you a discount.

    Good luck


  • Hi, have a look at, K

  • Hi Emma, we're having a Cheshire wedding this summer too image.  Here are a couple of good resources we used to find a local band:

  • Hi You may wish to follow this link I have 30 years in the business and can help even if you do not instruct us.  keith

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