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Santorini Wedding 2014! Distressed Bride


Hi all you lovely people.

Have i left this too late?

Am planning to have a wedding in santorini may i being a little optimistic here?

Have currently planned zero....I really dont kow where to start!

I am really confused as to which part of santorini to go with...any areas that you love or would advise to steer clear from?

Am planning a civil ceremony with approx 40 guests...approx how much should i expect to pay?

Is a wedding planner essential? Has anyone gone without a planner?

Are Djs offered within packages? Can you bring your own DJS?

Any ideas/suggestions/hints or tips are welcome

Thankyou all!


  • lola28lola28 Posts: 175

    hi firstley excuse the spelling!! i have done a years worth of reserch and i to am getting married in santorini 21 may 2014 i have gone with a planner purley as thay can and will do anything you want including paperwork witch is a nightmare  now you can stay anywhere in santorini as its not a big island but apart from kamari it is all in the hills as guests will have to drive to get to restarants but up to you, now i have 34 guests and we are all staying in kamari in diffrent hotels but all walking distance from eachother and all the restaurants,bars. there are alot ov packages to get out there woth planners andthay come with djs transport cake flowers food drink you name it thay will do it thay have packages with the planner i have used but i mixed and matched as i wanted one cereomy with one package and another reception from another and that was no prob, there really are all sorts from small church,beach,winery,sunset terace, then for reception there is 5 course sit down meals to a beach bbq so up to you , i will say i booked my hol seporatley with thompson as it was cheeper and some booked easyjet flights then travel republic for hotel rooms , well i think i have given you something to start you off now feel free to message me with any other questions as im well on my way with it all now .by the way i have chose sunset terace dana villas at 5 pm followed by theros wave bar for bbq and dj my planner is ionian wedding planners thay are based over here and in greese  good luck lola


  • We stayed here-

    I can't tell you how beautiful it was with amazing food and the best service ever!

    It is run by two brothers and they are extremely proud of their boutique hotel.

    They have a tiny little chapel at the top of the hotel for you to marry in image I have it as my facebook profile!

    There are plenty of apartments in the village if your guests don't want to stay at this hotel.

    You won't need a wedding planner as they can arrange flowers, priest, hairdressers , musicians etc for you image


  • Hello I agree with Lola28 and I have actually booked my Kefalonia wedding planner via Ionian Weddings - have only heard positive things about them and they are very reasonable and experienced in weddings abroad, especially in Greece image


  • Hello,

    I got married in May in Santorini, if you look on my history of posts i have done a little report with pictures of it.  I used Ionian weddings - to be honest i couldnt have done it without them.

    My package for the wedding in Santorini came to 4500.  This included, planning fee's, paperwork fee's, registrar and venue fee's, transport for my guests from the hotel to the venue and from the venue to the reception venue (i got married at St Irene and had my reception at Theros Sunset bar), decorated chairs at my venue, Greek BBQ at my reception, free bar from 7-2, DJ, exclusive use of the venue, photogropher, Cake, hair.  This was for 24 people.

    We all stayed in Kamari as this area is flat so good for old people and people with kids, there is a good selection of bars and resurants and shops.  Oia is totally beautifully but there are tons of steps everywhere and it is very expensive - same as Fira.

    I toook my own flowers with me but you can get them in the package, basically you can have as little or lot as you want, planners are really flexible.  It is also really stress free, i had a fab time planning my wedding and the knowledge of the planner was soo helpful, she is also there on the day to make sure everything goes to plan.  Ionian wedding are based in the UK but have a planner on all the Greek Islands which is really very helpful.

    ANything else you would like to know, feel free to ask image xx xx

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