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My Summer of love x

Hello guys. 

So its been a month now since we got back from our honeymoon, and we had such an amazing time. Since being back we have had some bulding work done, and its caoss here, but iv finally found a little time to post about the day. 

I have a planning thred, So i wont bore you too much with how we met etc, il just get down to the good stuff! And pics! 

If you did want to see our planning thred, here it is:


So We got married on the 23rd of aug, 2013 and it was just an amazing day! We had been planning the wedding for 10 months, But in fact have only been together almost 2 years. As mentiond befor me and my (i can say it now) have had bad relationships in the past and both just knew when we met it was something special and to be grabed hold of. I also at the time of planning was to be starting uni in september so timing wise it was perfect.  I now though work from home which is the best. 

The day started so early, in fact, I didnt sleep till 5am, as me and my mum were staying at the venue and somebody in the room above us was chucking her guts up, I just hope it wasnt the bride! I was also so tired because  were getting married about a 40 min drive upto the roaches, and as it was a very crafty wedding with teacups, napkins, home made luggage tags, wish trees, straws, and seating plan, it took 4 trips!


Ok down to the pics: 








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