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Name suggestions please?

Hello all!!!


just wondered if could have your opinions on the names we have chosen and then suggestions for more - ideally we'd like a few names so we can then decide once we see the baby.


So names we love






What do you think of them and suggestions for more? we like names that are not common, but not tottaly unique that will give the baby funny looks.


Thank you!


  • Wren is cute...I love the name Cressida. 

  • I think Penelope is cute, Im also liking the name Vivien at the moment but it doesn't go with our little ones name! Lol x

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Is Wren a girls name or boys?? I think Penelope is cute. I really like traditional names so love Albert, so long as it doesn't get shortened to Bert!!

  • MrskdsMrskds Posts: 396 New bride
    I think Albert is making a come back, my friend has a 2 year old with named Albert, Albi for short which is too cute!! X
  • I quite like Bertie but we would prob shorten Albert to Albie. Yep Wren is a girls name.


    What do you think of Ford? my husband suggested it, and i really like it but just worried that its so over associated with cars that its a no go.


    Also Wilbur?

  • My little boy is called Lennon, I still absolutely love the name and He likes it and there's no other children in his year called it! 

    If he was a girl I wanted to call him Arabella and still definitely would call my daughter that if I were to have one!X

  • I really quite like the name Ford actually but see what you mean! People always associate names with everything though... I always get 'Oh Layla like the Eric Clapton song?' And wen I say my sons called Lennon they always go 'oh do you like the Beatles then?'

    aslong as you and your partner like it then it doesn't matter! As long as its not totally ridiculous and your child will get bullied for life haha! Joke! image Although there is a boy in lennons class called Tudor image X

  • Jo Jo3Jo Jo3 Posts: 103

    Freya's a lovely name for a girl x

  • Love Ford and Lennon for a boy!

    Penelope is very cute, however did you know Kourtney Kardashians little is girl names that?

    My friends little one is called Evelyn, traditional and girly.

    Wren is also a boys name, there's a Character called this in Pretty Little Liars.

    (i'm really showing my addiction to crap tv here lol)

    I really like the boys names, Jack & Josh. Girls names i find harder because they remind me of either i went to school with or know who i dont particularly like lol x

  • laurapjlaurapj Posts: 726

    I think Wren is lovely, not heard it before but it's got a great mix of feminine and sweet with just a little edge. 

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    My daughter is felicity which seems to be quite unusual, I also love the name mariella but hubby doesn't so I don't think we will ever get to use it if we were to have another! 

    Also like Austin for a boy and theodor (could be shortened to Ted or teddy?) 

  • thank you so much its so helpful getting your thoughts! i did not know that Kurtney kardashans baby is called penelope - sadly thats putting me off it. i have to say when princew george was born i was so glad they didnt name him Albert.  I know that there will always be someoe with the same name but when names get very popular i dont like it, it goes in fashions though, there were about 5 johns in my class at school but bet theres a lot less now


    thank you  -so glad to hear positive comments on Wren

  • lbarr10lbarr10 Posts: 586 New bride

    I second Freya, if we were having a girl that was our name. We have chose Owen William for a boy. I like Carson for a boy as well x

  • I really like Penelope - but would shorten it to 'Nell' as I really don't like Penny!

    Albert is lovely.. Albie or Bertie! how about Arthur?

    havent got a short list just yet but I really like.. Girls.. Phillipa 'Pippa' &  Constance 'connie'

    Boys.. Hugo, Toby & Thomas


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807

    We have a Nell Grace, Wren is a beautiful name, might have to steal it if we consider another and end up with another girl.

    I also love Aria / Arya and Orla

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