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Hi everyone, 

Get married next year in Dom Rep and i'm struggling with favours.  Don't want anything too big or bulky as we will have to pack them in the suitcase. The only thing i can think off is bottle openers for men and wine stoppers for women but they just seem the obvious thing.  I'm already taking fans for during the cermoney.  Any ideas would be welcome.




  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    hi weaver how r u doing? hows all ur planning going? what hotel did u choose in the end? we are now looking for a back up country/hotel as the one we wanted to go to seems to have really bad reviews about the food and people getting really ill! kind of hoping that it was just one group of people having a moan, but now trying to sort out a back up plan incase it does keep going down hill!xx

  • Iam not sure what iam taking. The wedding planner suggested getting something when I'm out there. I'm getting married in greece so mini bottles of ouzo. Fridge magnets for kids. Natural sponges and olive soap is very popular but not sure about them. Would it be possible to arrange something when your out there. You could get small packets of forget me knot seeds with the poem 'watch our love grow' 

  • Hi popsyxx

    Not good about your hotel but theres plenty of time for them to sort it out. There was a similar issue with our hotel after we'd booked about locals going in over the weekend and causing disruption. But I know quite a few people who had stayed there and said it wasn't as bad as some made out. I've also been in contact with people through trip advisor and they go back year after year and never had an issue. Some people just expect too much from these types of countries. I've been to india etc so I know a 5* in some countries isn't the same standards as others. Food issues is a biggy tho. I'd keep an eye on reviews and see what happens. I picked dom rep for 2 reasons 1st cos I know someone who renewed their vows there and couldn't fault it 2nd cos its one of the cheapest for guests to go 2.

    Cheers purple rain I might lookinto getting something over there. See what my wedding planner says. At least it would save some luggage space.

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    I have made some wine glass charms for the ladies, that will be placed in small favour boxes (which are flat packed and we can put them together at the destination. For the men I have bought empty miniature bottles and personalised stickers. I will buy a bottle of whiskey at duty free and will fill the bottles up again at destination. x

  • lola28lola28 Posts: 175

    i have brought trolly tokens and i have small favour boxs to put them in plus 2 ferrero rocher in each box i dont have any kids going the tokens are instead of having a pound coin it fits on your keyring so im hopeing thay will be a winner with my guests , i was thinking of lotto tickets but changed my mind hope that helps x

  • Cheers guys. I like the miniature bottles and trolley token ideas. Xx
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