Weight loss - what works for you?

Hi Ladies,

I'm getting married on 05.04 next year and I got measured for my dress this weekend! image

Ideally I would like to lose 3 inches from my waist and hips and about a stone in weight. At the moment I'm using fitness pal and exercising 3-4 times a week but not much seems to be happening??

I'm not really into any meal replacement options but I would really like to hit my target as much as possible before the calorie onslaught that is Christmas!

Can anyone recommend a diet, exercise or approach that has helped them? xx


  • Hi Miss Hunt have you tried any of Gillian Michaels exercise DVDs? I'm not a fan of the dvds but can highly recommend hers - I use the 30 day shred and it is SO good, really tones you up and in a very short space of time but you can then continue you it after the 30 days. It has 3 different levels - I think you do each for 10 days but you can move on whenever you like. Honestly, I've been to hour long classes (you name it, kettlebells, zumba, spin) and none made me sweat the way she does - its a 20 minute workout with 5 minute warm up image

    It's only like a fiver on amazon too - def worth a try!

  • Hi Glitter88!

    I have got this DVD and do enhoy it but I've been rubbish with doing it consecutively for 30 days - I will dust it off tonight and grab the handweights!! x

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Excercise dance classes work for me - i got between 3-4 times a week,and it combines high intensity cardio and weights, with stretching too. I lost about 1/2 stone in weight but inches from my hips and thighs (which is what matters really!!)

    I have been a bit slack food wise since getting back from honeymoon (no more dress to worry about fiting in!) and am going to have a dry and treat free November to kick things off again ready for xmas!

  • It really does work if you can stick to it! Don't forget to measure before you start x

  • Thanks MrsBeau2B I will see what's around in the area that I could go to! x

    Glitter88 - I've got my measurements from the appointment with the bridal shop so I can keep an eye on them for motivation!! xx

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Spin and Boxercise classes, 5:2 diet and eating below 5% fat foods has worked a treat for me! In three months I've lost 3 1/2 inches from my hips, 2 inches off each thigh, 2 off both knees (I have abnormally big knees so this is my favourite inch loss!!) and an inch and a half off my waist - my waist has always been quite small so i doubt I'll lose anymore from my waist but hopefully a few more inches overall from everywhere else! 

    I have the 30 Day Shred DVD at home but haven't started it yet ... Maybe I will this week ... I have heard it is better for inch loss rather than weight loss!  Really want to time up my arms so maybe that will help! Plus I am missing Gillian on the new biggest loser series so I can get my fix by here shouting at me to exercise image

  • Wow Banari that's incredible!! Does your wedding seem to be coming up quickly now?

    I had my first 500 day yesterday and had to resort to a bath and an early night and I noticed at my boot camp this morning that I was much less effective than normal. Does anyone know how the 500 cal rule works with exercise? For example if I burn 300 cals in the morning does that give me 800 cals for the day??



  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    thank you! It's taken a total mind shift food wise for me but I really think now about what I am eating, when and also why I am eating. 

    I have changed my 500 day so doing it today and I have spin this evening! it will be interesting to see how it goes! I plan to eat dinner before it to give me the required energy. Did you eat breakfast before the Bootcamp class? Might be that you need to get more energy in you to make up for the day before - obviously healthy energy image

    I don't think you get any extra calories if you do exercise but I haven't really looked into it enough to check that! 

  • I might change my 500 days to Monday and Wednesdays although Mondays I've started a cross fit session and Wednesdays I do boot camp but as long as I'm fuelling up with healthy energy before it should be ok?

    No I woke up late this morning and missed breakfast which I think is why I felt so flakey!!

    1st proper weigh in on Friday so looking forward to seeing how it goes....

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    a mate of mine does CrossFit and loves it. She says it's hard but brilliant. I really want to start MetaFit but there isn't a class near me ... Hoping a new one might pop up soon!

  • Where do you crossfit MissHunt? I've been going to one near me for 10 months now, I love it... have you caught the bug yet?

    Good luck for Friday weigh in. How much do you want to lose between now and christmas? I have until then to lose mine too, feel a bit panicky now. I'm doing my 1st 5:2 day today, is going ok so far but do have crossfit later and it's an intense WOD, so we'll see how I get on after that!

  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879

    Ohhi have been considering doing 30ds, its been sat in the cupboard since I bought it (I've had a baby in between I'm not that lazy) also keen on doing the 5:2, just not sure how I would cope with the 500 cals although on a busy day it could work... May go and join the 5:2 thread for some inspiration. Maybe if a few of us started 30ds we could motivate each other there used to be a thread for that.

  • I crossfit in Poole and LOVE it - go once a week for a 121 session with my trainer (friend of a friend who is doing an amazing rate for me) and I have caught the bug for sure - it's even got me out running again to try and get my WOD time down image

    I'm on a 500 calorie day today. I'm not going to lie it is hard but my weigh in tomorrow will hopefully make it worthwhile! I'm struggling to work out what days are better for fasting for me as I train Mon/Weds/Fri (and there is no way I could be without a glass of wine on a Friday!).

    little_l_83 ideally I want to lose about 12lbs before Christmas and then try and maintain exercise etc before the wedding in April. I know I will lose lbs before in nervous energy!!

    I also do an outdoor fit club session on Wednesdays and Fridays before work and I love it - I always feel really smug going into work those days knowing my exercise for the day has been done!

    This is great ladies - we will definately get there! xx

  • Hi Ladies/Brides *delete as apropriate lol*

    I joined weight watchers in June 2012 as I was very overweight anyways!

    H2B proposed in March 2013 and we will be married this May. In just under 2 years I have lost almost 5 stone to fit into my dream dress. Hoping to lose another stone before May

    WW Really works and teaches you to get out of bad habits!

  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    I have lost weight (10lbs and counting in about a month) by cutting out sugar from my diet. I'm loosely following the Clean and Lean plan but adapting it so I don't have to spend a fortune on ingredients.

    It was hard at first but now checking labels for sugar (and hidden sugar) has become a habit. Basically I avoid bread and pasta, have soup (low sugar or homemade) once a day, porridge or eggs for breakfast and some meat/fish with veg/salad for tea. Snacks like houmous/carrots/baked low fat crisps/snack-a-jacks etc etc. Sounds boring (and was hard at first!) but now any chocolate or sugar is way too sweet! I also have one meal a week where I eat what I want, usually pizza or a burger!

    The Sunday Times did a good article where it said aim for five to six teaspoons of sugar per day max. To work out teaspoons divide the number of grams of sugar by four. This helps you see how much sugar you're having.

    Good luck with your weight loss!

  • Hi All,

    I just thought I would see how everyone is getting on? I have now lost 11lbs and a 1.5 inches from my waist.

    MrsKGtobe - yes clean and lean is amazing! I'm starting again tomorrow and then I'm going to try and do the 2 week kickstart from Friday as a countdown till the hen do. Nothing flattens my tummy more than clean and lean.!

    Great tip on the sugar thank you - it's such a fat bomb for me!

    Good luck everyone xx

  • I was really struggling to lose weight for my wedding day - I tried calorie controlled diets, Slimming World & Weight Watchers.  Although SW & WW did seem to work (slowly) i still found it quite hard to stick to the rules.  I came across something on facebook called LotusLite - it is a natural skinny pill, they offer a free 2 day sample so i decided it was worth a go.  I tried the sample & decided to order a pack of LotusLite.  In 2 months i lost just over a stone. I was really pleased with this as it got me pretty much to my target weight for me wedding! image  The best part about it is that i haven't put the weight back on!  Wahoooo!  I am still the same size i was when i got married 4 months ago!  Well done on everyone's weight loss and i hope my info helps some of you!

    Good luck for everyones big days! Xx

  • Ido01Ido01 Posts: 6

    Well, I have been using Pure Chimp Super Tea (matcha green tea). It can be found here: http://purechimp.com/product/organic-matcha-green-tea-powder-60g/
    It not only Boosts your metabolism but also great for weight loss. and it works best for me.

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Clean eating and weight training, I loath cardio.

    I have bought the T25 programme, but its still in the box from amazon, very unlike me not to open a box the second it arrives! I am slightly scared its not an easy programme!

  • Hi I noticed someone mentioned drinking green tea as an aid to help weight loss and wanted to let u know I actually sell a green tea and a metabolism coffee within the company I work for image it's all natural with no sugars and I've been drinking the coffee for 1 month now, just 2 cups a day with no sugar and just splash of soya milk but drinking it black with no sugar is betterimage I've lost 5lb but others are losing lots more (I'm not very strict with what I eat! )  no extra exercise is needed but eating healthily along side drinking it helps. the best thing is it's only £15.99 including next day delivery for a 2 week supply image you can look me up on face book under skinny coffee or email me at [email protected]

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