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Best foundation for all day coverage and fair skin

Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good foundation for fair skin that will last all day? TIA x


  • What sort of coverage are you after?

    Laura Mercier Silk Creme is great if you're after a heavier coverage plus has no SPF so no white face if flash photography is used! 

  • I'd highly recommend Dior Forever foundation. It give sheer through to medium cover. It's waterproof and sweatproof and looks incredible on camera. I'd stick to the shades with a zero on the end as theyre yellow toned and more natural. 

    I use this base on lots of my brides and they all love it. 

    Juliet x

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    I'm very fair.  I use Estee Lauder Double Wear in shell.  If you're after something with a lighter coverage they do a Double Wear Light too.  I searched for ages and love this.  If you go to their counter they give you a mini bottle in your shade to try out

  • Can give Dior Forever a second thumbs up. It's my daily go to foundation as I love it so much. 

  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride

    I am paler than pale (the type of skin that has to have factor 50 on to go out in England!!!). The only foundation I've found pale enough that doesn't make me look like a cake is bare minerals. I swapped to Inika which is what is stocked by my friend in her salon but both are fab.

    It's important to have a good moisturiser on underneath. I use Dermalogica "active moist" and the special cleansing gel to clean my face. It makes foundation "sit" properly.

  • TickleyJessTickleyJess Posts: 1,649 New bride

    I second Pinkstars with Bareminerals.  The lightest shade is wonderful.  I layered it on top of Diorskin Nude mineral liquid foundation in their lightest shade.  I did my make up at 10.00am and it lasted until well after midnight.  Invest in a good primer to make it go further.  Good luck! x

  • Thanks I'll have to get sone samples I think I don't wear too much make up so going for a light coverage that will cover any blemishes but look natural. Which primer would you suggest? X

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    I've bought a travel size Smashbox light primer to try out.  I have very oily skin and their eyeshadow primer is the only one that keeps eyeshadow in place for me.  So far so good but I might give some others a go if there are some recommendations

  • I've just bought smashbox primer after seeing it scored top in a magazine survey. I'd never used primer before but it definitely seems to make my foundation go on better. I need to put it to the tet more as to whether it actually keeps make up in place longer. 

  • I read that the smashbox primer was supposed to be good. Its on my list to try. I've also been told as well the dior foundation is good, I'm getting married abroad so need something that will withstand the heat. Anyone suggest a good mascara? 



  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    Clinique! I forget how good they are when I haven't used them in a while. Just bought their waterproof high impact one it's fabulous!

  • I might try the smash box one image

  • Cheers MrsSabs I'll have a look next time I'm shopping. X
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