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flippin never knew there was a forum for irish brides!!! ragin i could've been askin loads of questions about stuff ha ha!!

anyway any girlies goin to lusty beg???


  • Hi Michelle x, I have never been myself to Lusty Beg but my parents have loads of time and they saw it is always lovely!
  • i was actually there on saturday and there was a wedding on. we took a wee look inside the reception room and it was lovely!!

    I just wouldn't mind knowing how the wedding staff got on with them?? i never find the girl that pleasant to ask information of?? it always sounds like i'm bothering her?? therefore i have only spoken to her twice?? my wedding is 16 April and haven't been contacted yet to see if i want to have a food taster first to see what i fancy for the meal?? i know a few girls that are contacted about six months beforehand? i'm not even sure i'll even get the opportunity??

  • Hi Michelle, I think my parents have only been to 1 wedding in it, the rest have been parties, but it has been years since they have been there so I would say staff would have probably changed since there. I will ask my mum tonight and see if she can even remember who's wedding she was at there but I think it may have been at least 10 years since she was there so im sure a lot has changed. Are you from fermanagh?
  • Awk i'm probably worrying about nothing?? The wedding that was on saturday seemed to be going great!! the bride and groom looked really happy. I'm just comparing everything to what my other friends have had??? Its such a beautiful setting so i shouldn't complain too much.

    I actually live in Glengormley, i'm not lucky enough to live in enniskillen. such a gorgeous part of the world. the h2b has started looking for jobs down there ha ha!!

    Where abouts are you?? whens your wedding???
  • Hi michelle!

    I'm getting married at lusty on 26th June this year and I can't wait! It's such a fantastic wedding venue and loads of accomodation as we have guests from England, australia, France, everywhere!

    In terms of the staff, caroline, who is the wedding coorindator can be a bit stand-offish, but she has such a busy job! And never stops! Believe me, on the day she literally does EVERYTHING to ensure things go without a hitch. She is also very accomodating!

    The people who got married on Saturday there where done family friends and my parents were st the wedding! What a coincidence!! They couldn't fault it. The staff were fab, the food great and a brilliant day was had!

    You can also get married outside in the summer (as I am doing) and there is no room hire charge, you just pay for food and drink!!

    I would totally recommend to anyone!

    Rachy xx
  • rut14rut14 Posts: 286
    I've just been for Christmas dinners and a hen night

    I agree the girl on reception isn't the most helpful, but it looks like a nice enough place to get married!
  • AAAAHHH!! Rachy i could kiss you!!! ha ha!

    soooo glad you told me that!! i knew deep down it would be fine, i was saying in an earlier post that everything was gorgeous on saturday and the bride and groom looked so happy, so i kinda had a fair idea i'd be grand!! Flip me its a small world!!

    I too would like to go out on the pier, i'll not know until the day!! weather prohibiting of course!! Hey your friends couldn't have got a better day!! it turned out beautiful!! caroline is my co-ordinator too, i just felt like she had better things to do than have a quick chat?? its just me worrying about nothing. Oh i'm so excited now!! I also seen my old work colleague at the wedding too!! ha ha!!

    Tell me this are you having a CD playing for the ceremony or are you hiring someone to come out?
  • Well-this is what I am debating! I think we might hire a harpist. My photographer got married last year at Crom and hired a woman called Diedre and it was only like £100, so considering that. I priced some string quartets and the like and it was Really expensive!!

    Caroline is really good at her job, but you just have to be firm!!

    Have you got everything organised? It's not long now!! What's your colour scheme/decoration plans?

    Who is doing your hair/make up on the day?

    Rachy xx
  • Hey Rachy!!

    Well my theme is gonna be based on our honeymoon as we're travelling round to different countries/cities? i've ordered my cake toppers to have backpacks on them too ha ha!!

    colour scheme was originally black and white but have had to change it as the girls dresses are now olive in colour?? I ordered the backdrop, flippin gorgeous!! i got a crackin wee florist in irvinestown, next to nothin! couldn't beleive it?? she's hiring me her double spiral trees an she does them up with fabric and fairy lights?? I'm bringing a girl down from glengormley to do my hair?? headlines doesn't sound that bad and its only down the road but this girl "arlene" did my friends wedding in august, she totally grounds everyone on the day as well as doing make up and hair! she was brill!!

    I wanted a harpist too!! either that or a wee irish fiddly dee group?? ha ha!! but i noticed on saturday that there really isn't a lot of people that stay in the "green room" most people were out in the bar and i normally thought you had to hire someone out for a little longer than half an hour?? I;m still trying to find a solution to it cos i would love one!!

    I reckon caroline will be great on the day, but she still scares me hee hee x
  • I think most people generally tend to gravitate toward the bar, bit there's nothing to stop you moving the harpist/fiddly dee in there after the ceremony! Hopefully the weather will be decent enough fir ours as I hope that ppl will be able to stay outside until the dinner.

    Our colours are grey and pink, but the theme is loads of candles, fairy lights and lanterns strung between the trees outside then those sky lantern things at the end when it's dark. We are going to japan on honeymoon so wanted to get it that sort of vibe with the lanterns etc. We are doing a lot of DIY stuff, not to save money, but because my h2b is an artist and insisted on it. He designed all out invites and other stationary. We've collected 100's of jam jars which we are going to hang in the trees outside with tealights in them and use some for inside with our own homemade candles on them!

    I am really struggling with centrepieces though as I don't really like floral centrepieces, but can't have all candles because of the time if year!! Grrr. It's causing no end of grief!

    Are you having a buffet in the evening? Have you chosen your menu? How many bm's are you having? What dress are you wearing? Oh dear, sorry for all the questions!

    Rachy xx
  • Hey Michelle, im from just outside Enniskillen but am living up in Belfast for Uni atm. Having our wedding in (we think) 12/12/2012 (liked the date lol) somewhere abroad, possibly Maritius.
  • of flip rachy that sounds absolutely out of this world!!!

    love the jam jar idea!! i had thought of gettin the lanterns too as we're travelling around thailand, they're so lovely but the weather is so unpredictable here, i'd be so cross to buy them all for it to rain and not be able to light them?? are you havin a back up plan or just hopin for the best?

    my friend had huge cocktail glasses filled with coloured water for the centre pieces!! it was so sophisticated and classy looking!! i was thinking about still having the harpist play in the bar area but becuase of the tv's and music i really thought there was no point? I'm totally stuck on this topic!! i need to get a move on if i decide i want it cos i'm running out of time ha ha!!

    god your lucky your h2b is so creative!! mine hasn't a clue!!

    yes for the buffet!! though cant see many people coming down, i'm gettin married on a friday so cant see people come out of work, get ready, drive away down and drive away home again?? hopefully the day guests will get hungry again!! image i'm having four bridesmaids, i worried about this cos i thought it would be too many for a civil wedding but your friend had four at hers!! it looked absolutely fine!! (i worry about everythin as you can tell) i'm wearin linea raff and maybe turkey and ham but i'm in love with their fish and chips so never know??? lol

    what are you guys havin to eat? bridesmaids? dress? how many readings are ya havin? are ya gonna have a welcome speech by a guest?? oh my aisle runner came today!! flip i hope my friend doesn't use this site or she'll know all my plans ha ha!!

    i honestly might have to take a run down to lusty on the 26th june for fish and chips!! i've got to see this place all lit up, i'm sure it will be out of this world!! ;\)
  • Hey,

    I figure I'm just gonna go with the lanterns and hope for the best, if it rains, i'll return them and get a refund or keep them for special occasions.

    I think we are having the chicken with duxelle, although h2b fancies the turkey and ham. Caeser salad to start (as their caeser is amazing!) and assiette of desserts to finish. Yum! No buffet in the evening, as we have no evening guests just 150 day guests (!) so we are having wine and a cheeseboard medley instead (H2B and I are mad about cheese).

    Only having 1 BM, my little sister, who is not very helpful, but i love her! She is having her dress made by Alison Slanney in Ballynahinch, in dusky pink raw silk with pewter petticoat and pewter sash.

    We were having two readings, but think we are only having one now, as our second "reader" has sorted drifted away from us unfortunately, but these things happen. He may be replaced, or we may just have the one. I hadn't thought about a welcome speech, as we are only having a best mans speech and no other ones (mostly cos my dad is terrified of public speaking and we don't wanna put any pressure on him).

    Linea raff are fab! Where did you get it? I'm wearing Sophia Tolli from Isobel Love in Lisburn. I love it!

    It's in Ivory and Oyster (which has a pinky sheen off it).

    I'm stressing at the minute about accessories etc, cos i've looked at nothing yet! Think i'm gonna get them from Nina K in the Buttermarket in Enniskillen.

    I think you would be within your "rights" to ask Lusty to turn of the music in the bar and the TV's on mute if you want the harpist to play! You are paying them enough money!!

    How many guests have you coming? Are you staying on the Island the whole weekend? My parents have an apartment in Portora Wharf in the town, so the ladies are staying there the night before and the men on the Island. Then we are arriving by boat rather than car!

    Rachy xx

    p.s. I think you should DEF go for the fish and chips!! I love their fish and chips too! In fact, i'd be quite happy to eat one of their burgers for my wedding dinnerimageimage

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  • ha ha me eatin a burger on my wedding day!! now that is classy!!image

    okay well i'm gonna begin with your dress!!! stunning!! i totally love it!! i went to isobel love myself for the bm dresses!! seen the most gorgeous dress ever, £260 i would have easily paid for it but with four bridesmaids it was just working out too dear!! it was the cutest wee dress though!! i almost cried leaving it!!

    yeah never thought of asking them to turn the tvs off?? might just do that!! aww cant remember all your questions!! i'll post this have a quick look then come back in lol!!
  • we're staying thursday and friday. home saturday to fly out early on sunday??

    we're havin about 100, and i think maybe 20 for the evening but really cant see it?? i love the sound of your meal?? i really want something different. I was at 7 weddings last year and they were all turkey and ham bar one???

    got my dress in eden bridal, belfast!! bloody expensive!!! i feel sick when i think about it!! the h2b's said im not allowed to go out anymore until the wedding image boo!! lol

    just found out that half the flippin guests are stayin over the night before!! i hope i'm not still drunk when i go up the aisle!!

  • bsmrs2bbsmrs2b Posts: 2
    Hiya i'm a lusty beg bride too, delighted to find this thread! Michelle you must be so excited only 2 weeks 2 go!! Is anyone using the sea plane? Getting married in Enniskillen and tempted to get the sea plane from angelo airport - don't know will i just feel silly though!x
  • you better get the sea plane!!!! that would be class!! its actually becoming more popular now!!

    I'm on the island from the night before or else i would've went for it as well!! (cost permitting of course!!) ha ha!! when is your big day?

  • bsmrs2bbsmrs2b Posts: 2
    Not till Sept. Hope the good weather stays till next weekend for ya - let us know how it all goes!x
  • Hi Lusty Beg wedding ladies, i hope you still come onto this site and can reply to me. im a potential lusty beg bride and am dying to know how your days went and if they were as amazing as i am imagining please please let me know xxxxxxxx


  • We're booked for Jan 2015...been to 2 weddings there before and they were great. Did you book LB? x 

  • Jen26Jen26 Posts: 1

    Hey we are having 80 guest but. Little afraid that the room will be too big and people will be lost in the bar etc. do they only have one function room?

  • julie152julie152 Posts: 1

    hello ladies, I have booked to get married on the island next september.I am struggling to find a florist can i ask who you girls have used ?

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