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I can't decide whether to diy my makeup or have it done at hotel. I have ocd so I think getting it done by someone else may make me uncomfortable but I'm rubbish at doing it myself. I put very little on for my pre-shoot and once photos were touched up it looked fine. Did other brides find this when they got photos back? Anyone got any tips wud be appreciated too! 


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Could you have a trial first with someone to see how you feel about it? Or my make up artist does make up lessons so you could go down that route and then do it yourself on the day x 

  • If you have OCD and think you would feel uncomfortable I would definitely do it yourself as you do not want to feel stressed on your big day. That said, if you are not very good at makeup I would consider a makeup lesson as above, as you will have your photos forever so you want to be looking your best. You may even find during the lesson that you don't mind a MUA touching your face so then that gives you the option of having them for the day but you have also learned makeup skills for your honeymoon!


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