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Has anyone had no guests?!

Due to having family complications on both sides of our family, we're planning to go abroad to marry, just us and our 2 children.

Not announced it yet to the family, just worried in case we offend by not inviting anybody.

Does anyone have any experience of this? If so, did you miss not having guests?

Also, destination advise welcome please!


  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    My h2b and I are going alone - just the 2 of next April to Barbados, been before and fell in love with the place x

  • I've been before too and agree it's lovely.

    will you have a do when you get back for everyone else?


  • Sometimes a do for just yourselves is the right option.

    My brother just got married - and only invited the two sets of parents. Their argument for it - He and his now wife were quite shy and didn't want to be centre of attention and also wanted to put the money of the wedding towards a super honeymoon instead. 

    To me and my other brothers it was exceptionally disappointing not to be there on the big day - but it was right for them. They had a super fancy meal (Raymond Blancs restaurant) and then last weekend when they'd got back from their honeymoon we all went out for lunch. My Grandma was also quite disappointed not to be there, but did come along for the lunch.

    Hope this helps - this is just it from the other view! 

  • AsherAsher Posts: 92


    yes we are having an evening reception at a hotel with a buffet, dj and a friend of mine will take photos, invited about 150 people and will also stay overnight.

    my reason for going away is my h2b is quite shy and does not like being centre of attention, so we have come to a compromise we go away, providing that we have a party after wedding/honeymoon - his actually more nervous about the party back home.

    the reason why we want to go away as his parents have split up, but the reason we are having no guests is because it wasn't fair on my mil and her husband as she won't fly and my parents will, but I thought it's our day and if we can't have both sets of parents with us then we will go alone.  After visiting Barbados for the first time we always said if we got married we go there to do it, we are then flying to New York after spending 8 nights in Barbados to celebrate my h2b 40th birthday! So instead of spending all that money on a weding do back home we get a decent holiday/ honeymoon.

    where are you thinking of getting married?


  • Hey Ruthw1uk,

    A main reason that couples want to marry abroad is that they want a small family ceremony to embrace family moment and create this magical experience for them. Remember, you are not doing it because you don't like your relatives so I am sure they will understand that you want to keep it a small family event for you, your partners and your little kids..There is no reason to feel bad about as it is your wedding and its your dream that has to come true..

    If you would like a beach wedding, Cyprus is a wonderful destination where you can have your beach ceremony followed by a small intimate dinner on the sand under the moon light..Check out some information here if you would like and if you fancy get in touch so we can provide you more information about our wedding packages:

    Remember that no matter how small or big your wedding is, it will still be special, unique and romantic because is your Big Day;)

    All the best



  • Hi Ruth,


    Have you decided on where you are going, we are thinking of doing the same thing just having a holidat the 4 of us getting married whilst we are away and then having a party when we get back for everyone.


  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    Jonny Wilkinson (England rugby player) and his now wife just got married with a random witness - no family and no guests. Do what is right for you! You can always have a celebration/party when you get home x

  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 125 admin

    Hi Ruth,

    If you're looking for inspiration for a small family celebration, check out the latest Y&YW real wedding:

    This couple had a guestlist of 6 (including their 3 children) and had a fabulous day!

    Hannah x

    Hannah Davies

    Senior Writer, You & Your Wedding magazine

  • Hello Ruth!!!

    sometimes it's better to avoid a bad moment especially when this is about YOUR big day!!the only thing you should think for that day is how you can enjoy the most !!there are many cases that no guests can participate....Santorini is one of top destinations in the world and many couples chose to get married there with a fantastic scenery that makes it even more amazing!!!you can see some photos of ceremonies and ask about details :

     this is your day and the best is what is the best for YOU!!

    i wish you to be happy!!!!



  • Hi, we're heading to the Dominican in July to get married. We have not told anyone except my parents and my sister. They have decided to come. I always said I would go away and do it. I'm having a surprise birthday party when we come back but the surprise will be on my 100 guests when I turn up in my wedding dress.

    Each to their own on how they want to get married. I just don't want to burden everyone with a huge expense of the trip but that's what we want to do, 

    good luck xc 



  • I have just got married just thebtwo of us and yes i did miss my friends and family but have no regrets as was right for us. I am glad we had a do at home to involve them in the celebrations.... Best of both worlds!!! Good luck with whatever you decide x
  • Friends of ours eloped in secret. They took a couple of close friends as witmesses, no one else. Everyone thought it was wonderful. (Including, apparently their families) 

  • Rcl-09Rcl-09 Posts: 49



  • I got married in Argentina. My husband had planned to surprise me and propose whilst we were there and after I said yes, we got married two weeks later. just us two and two random witnesses. I never like to be center of attention and my husband knew that if he proposed at home all the family would start putting there views into the wedding and we would get pushed into something big and scary... we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last month and i don't regret not having anyone at our wedding... it was the best thing for US.

  • I know this is a really old thread but wondering whether any of you went ahead and got married abroad just you and your children? X

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