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  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Happy anniversary ladies! Sorry I disappeared for a bit there we managed to get away for a few days for our anniversary, booked a last minute trip to Madeira in the end. Hubby was feeling poorly so we thought we would go somewhere was lovely! I would highly recommend it, perfect for families and couples, lots of outdoorsy type things (very steep hills  everywhere but it's perfectly doable) we loved it and considering going back next year with our little lady!

    inheritance is being paid this long last, and as for my secondment...well we are almost there, I'm being told I move over next week but given it's been almost 8 weeks I'll believe it when I see it!

    this will actually leave hubby no more reasons to put of baby making.... Annoyingly my body has chosen this month to ovulate at a normal time (or at least show signs of) but I've still got my mirena, but if I can convince hubby that it's ok to have it out now we may just be in time for an Xmas bfp....depending on what delightcul cycle length I get!

    hope you're both well and getting well prepared for Xmas!! image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Oooh Abi thats so exciting!! Fingers crossed for a BFP for you!! image

    We had an amazing anniversary in Amsterdam, I love that city so much I am always gutted to leave image  But no doubt we'll be back there next year!  I would love an Xmas BFP but I dont think it'll happen, my body seems to only just have started playing ball and I have only had one positive OPK since I started testing, so from next cycle I'll be temping as well, then in the new year I plan to see the doctor as I would have been off the pill since Feb.

    Christmas plans are coming along!  We have the first of many visitors arriving this weekend so no doubt we'll have a couple of drinkies in the spirit of Christmas, I have my family up the weekend after then we can finally get our tree!! I cant believe how quick this year is going!

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Thanks manfaw, I think both of us are more nervous this time round than first time it's tricky finding the right time to just go for it! The likelihood of getting a quick bops slim but I'm staying positive until proven otherwise! I'm starting the pre Xmas clear out properly this weekend to make space for presents and decorations...I so can't wait to feel festive....actually considering watching Christmas films every week until Christmas... Ive got love actually just begging to be watched though I don't think hubby will be too impressed!

    id love to travel more, especially around Europe, I do love German Xmas markets though! Thinking of taking a weekend trip next year with anyone that will come with me!

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756
    Lol dont need to ask me twice! I love an xmas market!

    Have you ever been to Manchester xmas market it's supposed to be fab, I only live down the road and still really wanna go!!
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Hey ladies, so glad everyone had great anniversaries! We had a lovely home cooked meal and chill out night last night and are going out to dinner and movie on sat. Nothing as exciting as holidays but still it was nice just to spend some time together!

    I,m with you on the can't believe how fast this years going, and i'm also a sucker for the Christmas markets! image

    Good luck ladies for your Christmas bfp, hope it comes quickly for you both - we're gonna start trying next August so fingers crossed!

    Off to visit my sis next weekend to help her with a Christmas craft market so hoping that'll make me feel all festive, then we're going to the coke cola truck in Dec! Its stupid but i'm so excited! Me and a friend have a competition every year for who's the 1st to see the Christmas coke truck ad - once its been seen its offically the countdown to Christmas! Then its off to pick our tree on there way home!!

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    LOL Mand the coke trusck is in Chester next week and I am trying to talk hubby in to coming along!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    We need a November 2012 Ladies coke truck picture board so you must convince him to take you!! image Xx

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Coke truck usually visits our tesco....I'll have to try and get a sneaky pic too!

    just had to take our doggy to the vets, hubby is convinced he's poorly because he keeps sneezing and snuffling, however as soon as we've gone out he's been right as rain but the vet still said probably kennel cough (and given he was actually in a kennel recently I guess it's likely) so I'm now £88 lighter! Ah well at least it might stop me getting covered in dog sneeze now lol!

    we are on Christmas countdown in our house now, there's lots going on over the next month so it's exciting! Our little girl has her part in the class Christmas show...she is a snow flake, apparently there is singing and dancing involved but no lines! Can't wait to see her in it!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah!!! Thats so cute!! 

    Poor puppy hope he's feeling better now! 


    I'm so excited about Christmas - it'll be our 1st in our new house and cannot wait to decorate - i've spent waaayyyy to much money on new decorations this year, and thats before we've even got the tree image but soooooo excited! image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    We're getting our tree this weekend I think! image I love the tree its the best bit!

    We bought some Delft decorations in Amsterdam image and I finished my bunting this weekend image


     Just need to finish my wreath now and I am all set to get the place glitzed up!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah!!! I love it!!!! I need to stretch my diy skills soon for Christmas!! Xx

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Oh my!! One of our friends have just posted pictures of their newborn little girl - she's so utterly beautiful!!!!! Can't wait till its finally our turn! I know I shouldnt but i'm wishing life away until we can start TTC in August!!!


  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Ah thats lovely Mand image  One of my friends had a boy this morning and he is so gorgeous!

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Well ladies I finally start my new job Monday!!!! Whoop! Taken forever but it's close now!

    also my cousin just message me to tell me she is expecting again (her first just turned 1).... She just found out yesterday but it turns out she's due in 2 weeks!!!!! I'm gobsmacked but so excited for her! Gutted she doesn't live closer so I can't pop in and see her but I'll have to post a little last minute baby gift package instead!

    still not been to the doctors to have my coil removed....annoyed because I definitely ovulated either today or yesterday for the first time in ages....I got all the signs complete with pain just no chance of a pregnancy! I'm hoping that if I get this coil out next week it will at least give me a good idea of where i am in my's hoping. There definitely does feel an influx of babies and baby news at the mo, really rather frustrating.... 

  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486

    Oh no manfaw LOVE the bunting! ;0)

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah manfaw that is lovely! But it don't half make me broody!! Tho chatting to the girl on my team at work (there's only 2 people per team) and we realised that we both plan to start trying next summer and another girl in our department is also trying - could be interesting next year if all goes to plan!! image

    Hi abi - that must have been a shock for your cousin! image Bet that wasn't quite the early Christmas prezzi they were expecting!

    Congrats that you finally have your new position!! Good luck for Monday!

    Off to my sisters this afternoon to help her with jewellery stand at a Christmas market! So excited - our neices are besides themselves, they keep counting down the days till we get there! They're so cute bless them! Xx 

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Argh I have stopped receiving notifications and your reply has just come through on my email!! 

    Anyways I hope you're both well and getting festive! image  We've still got no tree image this makes me sad!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah poor manfaw - we should be getting ours on the 15th after going to the Christmas coke truck!

    Getting a bit hairy with the weather again here! Bit worring, luckily we're on a hill so shouldn't flood, but have friends and family that might! image

    Are you still fasting? I started again for a few weeks before Christmas but am seriously struggling this week as battling a cold and i'm really feeling the chilly weather at the mo too - may have had a few extra calories in the form of cadburys heroes this evening! image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    The weather here was scary yesterday!  I am glad I am not on the Mersey coast at all it was really flooded there, but all the trains/buses and even the ferry were off!

    Still a bit windy today but hopefully our flooding has passed now.  Hope you guys are all ok.

    I got my tree last night image so its decorating night tonight!!

    Mand I am still trying to fast, only managed it once this week so I am determined to do 2 a week now as I have slipped so bad.  I'l never reach my target before xmas but at least if I keep it up the damage wont be so bad in the new year!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Yea that was my plan - do it now and it won't be such a task in the new year!!

    The girl I work with struggled to get to work this morning as the flooding is soooo bad this way. Luckily our town is fine, but 10 mins down the road where Hubby's gran and his uncle are they had evacuation notices!! Thankfully we didn't seem to get the second surge they expected so hopefully it'll get cleaned up over the weekend - Kinda put the kibosh on a lot of the Christmas late night shopping though!!  

    Have a good weekend!! And I wanna see a pic of ya fabulously decorated tree! image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Here we go!  Looks much better in real life..... Also I have to say this is the first year I have ever had a fake tree and I am really impressed with it!



  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ah soooo pretty!! Can't wait to get ours next week after the coke truck - but as we dont decorate till Christmas eve it'll be a 'big house plant' til then! Xx

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Hi manfaw just popped back for a look around the ole forum and saw your pregnant!! CONGRATS hon! Xx

    Hope its going well for you! When are you due? (Soz my maths is shocking so I'd prob get it wrong if I tried to work it out from your ticker!) image

    I only have one more pack of my pill then it's bye bye contraception hello TTC!! (Even Ben's dad asked last week when are we having kids - gigantic leap forward on the Me&FIL relationship front!)

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